PBA superstar James Yap fights for his rights to spend time with his son Bimby to his ex-wife Kris Aquino (inset). File Photo]

MANILA, MARCH 25, 2013 (PHILSTAR) By Alder Almo - It was a double whammy for PBA superstar James Yap yesterday.

Yap shot a miserable 6-of-19 from the field in San Mig Coffee Mixers’ 82-87 loss to the streaking Air21 Express.

But the pain of that loss is nothing compared to what he absorbed earlier when a Makati City Court granted the request of his ex-wife Kris Aquino to release a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) against him.

The court ordered Yap to keep a distance of at least 100 meters from her, their son Bimby and any household member.

Yap, who was picture of a distraught father on a TV Patrol interview yesterday, denied the accusations of Aquino.

“Nasasaktan ako kasi 'yung anak ko sobrang sama na ng tingin sa akin (I’m hurt because my son already looks at me as a bad person),” said Yap, who failed to fight back his tears.

“As a father, sobrang nasasaktan ako, sinasabihan akong ‘I don’t like you, you’re a liar. Iniisip ko ano bang ginawa ko? Wala naman akong ginawa. Tinanong ko, ‘Sinong natuturo sa ’yo niyan?’ ‘Mama, mama.’ Ang ginagawa ko na lang kapag sinasabihan ako ng masama, sinasabi ko na lang, ‘Bimb tingin ka sa mata ni Papa. Love na love ka ni Papa.’

(As a father, I’m deeply hurt when my son tells me ‘I don’t like you, you’re a liar. I was thinking what did I do wrong? I’m not doing anything wrong. I asked him, ‘Who taught you that?’ ‘Mama, mama.’ What I do whenever he keeps on saying bad things about me, I tell him, ‘Bimb look at Papa’s eyes. Papa loves you very much),
” he added.

Yap is facing raps filed by Aquino that he made “overt sexual advances” which she vigorously resisted. Aquino said in her plea that his former husband tried to ''seduce'' her in full view of their son last Dec. 3.

The two-time PBA MVP recounted his version of what transpired in that Dec. 3 visit to his son in his ex-wife’s house.

“Magpapaalam na sana akong umalis. Sabi ko ‘Bimb kiss mo na si Papa kasi aalis na.’ Nandoon si Kris, nandoon ang bata. Sabi ni Bimb ‘I don’t like.’ Ako naman, ‘Bimb kapag hindi mo i-kiss si Papa, iki-kiss ko si Mama.’ Tapos ang reaction ni Kris, ‘Yuck, yuck, yuck.’

(I was about to ask to leave already when I told my son, “Bimb, kiss Papa because he’s about to go. Kris was there. Bimb replied, ‘I don’t like.’ I answered back, ‘If you don’t kiss Papa, I’ll kiss Mama.’ Then Kris reacted, , ‘Yuck, yuck, yuck’),” he said.

“Ako naman, ayaw talaga ako i-kiss ni Bimby so lumapit ako kay Kris, hinawakan ko siya [sa braso]. Paghawak ko, sabi ko ‘Bimb look o, iki-kiss ko na si Mama mo.’ Tapos biglang si Kris nagsabi na ‘Sinasaktan mo ako, you’re hurting me.’ Parang sinasabi niya kay Bimb ‘Sinaktan ako ng Papa mo.’ Tapos siyempre 'yung bata akala talaga sinsaktan siya

(Bimby really did not want to kiss me so I went to Kris, held her arm. Upon holding her I told my son, ‘Bimb look o, I’ll kiss Mama now.’ Then Kris suddenly reacted, 'You’re hurting me, you’re hurting me.' She was like telling Bimby, ‘Your Papa is hurting me.’ Of course my son was made to believe that I’m hurting her.),” he added.

“Nag-react ang bata gumitna sa amin tapos hinug siya. Pag-hug niya sabi ‘No no I don’t like you… Ang mukha ni Kris [nang-aasar pa]. Kaya sabi ko, ‘Ikaw talaga!’ Sinusumbong ko kay Bimb. ‘Bimb look at your mama’s face oh, she’s smiling.’ Tapos pagtingin ni Bimby, galit-galitan na naman siya

(My son reacted and went in between me and Kris and hugged her. My son told me, ‘No no I don’t like you… Kris was making faces. That’s why I told her, ‘You made me look bad again.’ I tried to get my son’s attention, ‘Bimb look at your mama’s face oh, she’s smiling.’ When Bimby looked at her, she acted being angry again.),” he said.

‘I’m not a rapist’

Yap said he no longer cares about his ex-wife. All he wants now is to win back his rights to spend time with his son.

“Wala naman na akong pakialam kay Kris eh. Ang gusto ko lang makasama ang anak ko. Bakit ako sinisiraan sa anak ko? Para ano? Ano bang gusto niya? Tapos ngayon ina-accuse niya ako na rapist ako? Grabe naman iyon. Itong lumalabas ngayon sinasabi ni Kris rapist ako or kung ano man ang nakalagay diyan, walang katotohanan iyan

(I no longer care about Kris. All I want is to spend time with my son. Why is she trying to paint a bad image of me to my son? For what? What does she really want? Then she’s accusing me that I’m a rapist? That’s too much. All these things that are coming out in the news that I’m a rapist or whatever is there, that’s not true.),” he said.

“Never ko siyang sinaktan, never ko siyang ginamitan ng kung ano man. Takot ko lang kasi siyempre alam ko naman kung nasaan sila ngayon, nasa power sila. Hindi naman ako tanga na gagawin ko iyon.

(I never hurt her, never did I use anything against her. I’m afraid because of their family status, they are in power now. I'm not stupid to do that.),” he added.

Yap also recounted during the TV interview that he was able to talk to Aquino after the Dec. 3 incident.

“The next day, tinawagan niya ako. ‘Binabastos mo yata ako’. Sabi ko, ‘Anong binabastos? Hinawakan ka lang, binibiro ko lang para i-kiss ako ng anak ko tapos binabastos?’ Doon ko na binuhos sa kanya lahat ng hinanakit ko.

(The next day, she called me up and told me, ‘It looks like you’re disrespecting me.’ I answered, ‘What do you mean by disrespecting? I just jokingly held your arm to get my son’s kiss. I poured out my frustrations on her)," he said.

“Sabi ko ‘Hindi mo ba alam na tuwing sinasabihan mo si Bimby ng masama about sa akin, sinasabi sa akin ni Bimby? Kapag tinatanong ko sinong nagsasabi, ikaw ang tinuturo. Sa tingin mo ba hindi ako nasasaktan sa ginagawa mo? Tatay ako ng anak mo. Baka nakakalimutan mo, gusto lang kita i-remind.’

(I told her, ‘Are you not aware that Bimby tells me everytime you teach him bad things about me? Everytime I ask him, he always points at you. Don’t you think I’m not hurt with what you’re doing? I’m the father of your son. Maybe, you're forgetting it, I just want to remind you.)

Yap said Aquino was speechless and then she ended the call.

“Tumawag ako ulit tapos sabi niya sa akin ‘Baka nakalimutan mo, may three years pa ang brother ko.’ Sabi ko, ‘Grabe ka naman ang yabang mo naman. Ang yabang yabang mo naman.’

(I called her back then she answered, ‘Maybe you’re forgetting it too that my brother has still three years [in the office]. Then I replied, ‘You’re too much, you’re arrogant. You’re very arrogant.)

The PBA superstar wants to have a dialogue with his former wife as his camp sought a hold departure order from the court before Aquino leaves the country with his son.

Kris vs James: Just stay away By Mike Frialde (The Philippine Star) | Updated March 21, 2013 - 12:00am

Photo from a 2007 issue of The Kris Aquino Magazine shows then happy couple Kris Aquino and James Yap in Boracay.]

MANILA, Philippines - Complaining of “overt sexual advances,” television talk show host Kris Aquino wants her estranged husband James Yap to be permanently barred from seeing her, their son and household members.

Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 144 granted the request of Aquino for a temporary protection order (TPO) against Yap on the same day she filed her petition on March 15.

Sought for comment by The STAR, Kris said she preferred to have her lawyer do the talking.

In an interview with Yahoo! Philippines OMG!, Yap said he couldn’t accept being portrayed as a rapist and uncaring father.

“We will be presenting evidence to make the TPO permanent,” said Kris’ lawyer, former solicitor general Frank Chavez. The 30-day TPO expires on April 13. He said he may submit the evidence when the court hears their petition on April 8 and 10.

Protection orders are issued by the courts to protect victims of domestic violence – particularly women and children – from further harassment or harm by their spouses or partners.

Chavez said that with a TPO – or hopefully a permanent protection order – in effect, Yap is not allowed to even get near Kris, their son or any members of her household.

Chavez said if Yap would insist, “the court may order his arrest in exercise of its control.”

In her petition for a TPO, Kris asked the court to order Yap to keep a distance of at least 100 meters, and to stay away from her residence, school, place of employment or any place frequented by her and her son.

In her petition, Kris said Yap visited her condominium unit last December to pick up their son as part of his twice-weekly visitation.

In her petition, Kris said Yap entered her bedroom and made “overt sexual advances,” which she vigorously resisted, provoking Yap to “utter mean and malicious statements” in the face of rejection.

“The physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and moral harm and injury foisted was occasioned by the unfettered access of respondent Yap on the household and persons of the petitioners,” the petition read.

The seven-year marriage of Kris and Yap was annulled last year, with the basketball superstar receiving millions of pesos from Kris as part of a settlement of assets. Kris had expressed regret over the settlement.

In the Yahoo interview at the office of his lawyer Lorna Kapunan, Yap said he was shocked to learn of Kris’ accusations contained in her petition for TPO.

He said he is determined to clear his name and fight for his right as father to their son Bimby.

He belied Kris’ accusation that he had been remiss in his duties to their son, saying it was she who was keeping Bimby away from him.

Yap said he felt indignant at being accused by his former wife of trying to make sexual advances. He said the alleged “overt sexual advances” being claimed by Kris happened in December when he was about to leave Kris’ home.

Yap said that when Bimby hesitated to kiss him, he jokingly made a threat to kiss Kris instead. Yap said he touched Kris’ shoulder as he gestured to kiss her.

This made Kris shout “Ay sinasaktan mo ako (Hey you’re hurting me)!” while trying to appear that she was indeed hurt.

Yap said he was wondering why Kris was making a big issue out of the incident, which happened months ago.

Kris Aquino must fulfill commitments, says TV exec By Allan Policarpio Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines – In an emotional interview on “TV Patrol” on Thursday night, beleaguered television host-actress Kris Aquino announced that she was quitting show biz and “giving up my shows” for the sake of her five-year-old son James Jr. or “Bimby,” who’s caught in the middle of a spat between his mom and dad James Yap.

But she’s not quitting anytime soon, it turned out.

In a statement sent to the Philippine Daily Inquirer by Bong R. Osorio, head of ABS-CBN Integrated Corporate Communications, he said that Kris would fulfill her commitments to her three shows, “Kris TV,” “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw” and “Pilipinas Got Talent 4,” upon her return from her planned vacation with her sons, Bimby and Joshua, in France scheduled today, Saturday.

“She will have to stay as a judge in “PGT 4″ till its end in June. Being a foreign franchise, there are commitments we have to fulfill and rules we need to abide by,” Osorio said. The “Got Talent” franchise is produced by Freemantle Media.

Osorio added that Aquino would likewise finish her soap opera “Kailangan,” which is nearing its end. A network insider told the Inquirer yesterday (Friday) that the production staff behind the drama series might ask Aquino for two to three more taping days.

Aquino’s daily morning talk show “Kris TV” had “taped advanced episodes in anticipation of her long planned vacation,” Osorio added. In an interview with the Inquirer yesterday (Friday), “Kris TV” production manager Jasmin Pallera said that she’s still unsure how much longer the show would remain on air.

Meanwhile, Aquino and the ABS-CBN management are also scheduled for a meeting when she comes back to Manila.

“We wish Kris and her sons a peaceful and restful vacation. We respect her need for privacy at this difficult time,” Osorio said.

Kris Aquino quits showbiz

MANILA, Philippines—Kris Aquino announced her resignation from show business on Thursday.

“I have to make a sacrifice. I don’t want to be selfish,” she said in an interview with TV anchor Ted Failon.

She said she’s doing this for the sake of Bimby, her one and only son with ex-husband James Yap. Bimby’s real name is James Yap Jr.

“I am sacrificing my career and work for a simple and quiet life with him (Bimby),” she added.

Yap and Aquino are in the middle of a legal skirmish involving an incident on December 3 last year. Aquino accused Yap of making sexual advances on her inside her room, which she refused. She said Yap threatened her in the presence of Bimby, who was traumatized of the said incident.

“Pinagtangkaan nya akong saktan, ginawa nya yun Ted (Failon) sa harap ng anak ko (He [Yap] tried to harm me. He did that Ted in front of my son,” Aquino said.

Matalino ang anak ko, alam nya kung ano ang tama sa mali (My son is intelligent, he knows what’s right from wrong),” she said.

“In my mind and my heart, it’s not about the December 3 incident but the effect,” she said.

“We don’t deserve this kind of suffering,” she added.

After announcing her resignation, Aquino apologized to her workmates and bosses in ABS-CBN, wherein she’s hosting a daily morning show.

“I hope you understand me, I just want the best for my son.”

She added she is hoping that when her son grows up, she wants him to know that she gave up everything for him.

Failon asked Aquino why he and the Filipino people should believe her.

“You don’t have to believe me, you just have to believe my son,” Aquino said.

Aquino was interviewed in the presence of her older sisters Ballsy Cruz, Pinky Abellada and Viel Dee.

At the end of the interview, Ballsy said though this is not a national issue, she is making an appeal to the Filipino people to pray for Kris and Bimby.

Aquino has another son, Joshua, who is older than Bimby. Joshua’s father is actor Phillip Salvador. During the interview, there was no mention of Joshua.

Once more with feeling: Kris to quit show biz March

[KRIS Aquino: ‘You don’t have to believe me’ ]

IT WAS A case of déjà vu: Kris Aquino on nationwide television, tearfully but lucidly telling her side of a headline-grabbing spat with a man who had shared her home, this last one long enough for them to have a child.

Last night as in September 2003, the broadcast was well mounted, the interview conducted with dispatch and precision and filled with personal details. And behind Kris both times, solid and unassailable family support.

Less than 10 years ago, it was her mother, former President Corazon C. Aquino. On ABS-CBN’s “TV Patrol” last night with political commentator Ted Failon, the TV personality was accompanied by her three elder sisters Ballsy, Pinky and Viel.

Wednesday night on prime time news programs, Kris’ estranged husband James Yap said she had threatened to do this exactly: Make sure no one believed anything he could possibly say about the incident simply by shedding tears on-cam.

(She is seeking a court order for Yap to stay away from her, their child and her entire household, after allegedly trying to seduce her in her condo unit.)

But for everyone who might accuse her of merely drumming up interest in her and her television shows, Kris had the ultimate surprise: She resigned from all three shows— saying, while sobbing, but still emphatically, that James Jr. or “Bimby,” 5, came first.

The TV host has a daily morning lifestyle/talk show, “Kris TV,” the weekly reality talent search “Pilipinas Got Talent” where she sits as judge, and the evening teleserye “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw.”

Failon managed to sneak in what he acknowledged as widespread public sentiment, that the whole thing was “just drama.” His interviewee, just a little indignant, replied, “You know my family, we do not do drama.”

Just believe my son

Reminded that some people were not entirely disposed to take her side, Kris said, looking straight into the camera, “You don’t have to believe me; just believe my son.”

It was no joke, how the situation was affecting James Jr., Kris said, adding it was bad enough that part of what rightfully belonged to her older son Josh (with actor Philip Salvador) had gone into the settlement that Yap received when their marriage was annulled.

She vowed that nothing of the sort would ever happen again.

Was she leaving show business for good? Failon asked. At this point, Kris demurred and said something to the effect that “forever” was too big a word.

Failon ended the interview by asking Ballsy what she wished for Kris. All that the elder sister requested “those who love Kris” was for them to “pray for her and Bimby, because of everything they’re going through.”

Within minutes—maybe one of the interviews was taped—Kris and sisters were seen on rival channel GMA 7 with Jessica Soho on the news program “24 Oras” and then, when they ran out of time, on Soho’s GMA News TV show, “State of the Nation.”

Kris cried again as she defended herself against Yap’s previous statements, and cried some more as she professed her love for James Jr. who, she said was the one most affected by the situation.

“If we were ordinary people,” she said, “they would not feast on us this way. This is not about money. This is about staying strong for my children through this storm.”

Big sister Ballsy again defended Kris against Yap’s accusation that she was brainwashing their son. “I was witness to the times when Kris stopped Bimby from saying that he hated his father.”

James' lawyer to ask for gag order

In a phone interview with Inquirer, Lorna Kapunan, Yap’s lawyer, called for an end to all the mud-slinging. “The country has more pressing problems,” Kapunan said. “A domestic dispute should [stay] between the estranged couple and should not be discussed in media.” She said she was appearing in court today precisely to ask for a gag order. Meanwhile, she pleaded, “Let’s respect the privacy of the family and let James and Kris thresh out their problems on their own, especially since a child is caught in the middle.”

As for Aquino’s announcement that she would quit from show biz, Kapunan said: “Since the mother has decided to prioritize the best interest of her child, I am certain that she would also understand how a father feels when he is deprived of the chance to see his child.”

She would rather that her client kept mum on the entire scandal but, she said, since the news hit the front page of the Inquirer on Wednesday, she had to call an impromptu presscon that same day. “James asked me what he should tell the press. I told him that he should just tell the truth,” Kapunan said, adding that her client was standing by everything he said about Aquino.

Simple but not stupid

In that press con, Yap said Aquino had bragged that her brother had three more years as President and that all her past boyfriends’ careers had been ruined. “He may be simple, but he is not stupid so as to expose himself …by telling lies,” Kapunan said. He is not that creative… to have made up those statements.”

She took exception with the “money” issue raised by Aquino: “James is not bleeding Kris for money… he is only asking for what is due him, half of the conjugal property (One Roxas Place. He even refused share from her inheritance.” Kapunan pointed out, “James was the ‘Kris Aquino’ of the basketball world when they got married in 2005.”

He was a top earner in sports, she said, and made significant contributions to the conjugal earnings. She couldn’t understand, she said, why Aquino was being portrayed as an underdog when she had initiated this latest case. “She was the one who brought this upon her family.”

Still, Kapunan maintained it was best for the parties not to discuss details in public, the better for Yap and Aquino to decide what’s best for their son. “I don’t want to fan the flames. I don’t want to engage in a pissing match with (Aquino’s lawyer) Frank Chavez,” she said. “Things are being blown out of proportion.

This domestic matter should remain private— especially since Filipinos are being shot in Sabah and a UP student had to commit suicide because of unpaid tuition. Again, I say, our nation has bigger problems.”— Reports from Bayani San Diego, Marinel Cruz, Allan Policarpio

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