MANILA, MARCH 18, 2013 (INQUIRER) By Dolly Anne Carvajal - As Catholics welcomed Pope Francis, I cornered some celebs and asked what they would ask the new Father of the Flock, given the opportunity.

Personally, if I got the chance, I would ask the Pope about his views on other religions. The way I see it, Catholics, Born-Again Christians, Moslems and Buddhists are just riding different boats but are all headed to the same destination: A place where they will find salvation the way they believe it should be. May Pope Francis lead the way and teach us to be more spiritual than just pious.

Vilma Santos: Pope Francis, how ready and willing are you to adjust to the computer age to strengthen and enhance the spiritual life of the youth who are all hooked on the Internet?

Ces Drilon: I would ask the Pope how he would deal with erring priests, and about the sex scandals that continue to hound the Catholic Church.

Martin Nievera: Pope Francis, in this new world of unfathomable questions, how do we get to Heaven? Do I still have a chance?

Derek Ramsay: Why does the Vatican have so many secrets?

Vicky Morales: I would just ask him to continue being a shining example to many—and show that one can actually live an ordinary life yet be an extraordinary inspiration to others.

Jessica Soho: Seriously, I would ask him to bless me first and then ask for a snapshot with him (he-he). But if I had to put on my journalist’s hat and ask a question, it would be: How would he make the Church connect better to today’s youth? If I might make a suggestion, our priests should be giving better homilies and our churches should be equipped with better sound systems.

Joey Reyes: Considering his history involving the Dirty Dictatorship in his native Argentina, what is his stand regarding the participation of the Church in the machinery of governments? Would his Church focus on evangelization or on active participation of the Church in matters of political governance?

Kim Atienza: I’d ask if he thought he’d go to heaven or hell. Seriously, the “fear hell” Catholic programming is embedded so strongly in my mind, having studied and grown up in Catholic schools, the seminary and a very Catholic family. I’d like to know if this programming is also embedded in the psyche of someone as lofty as the Pope.

Alice Dixson: Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio, why did you choose the name Francis? Was this a personal choice or voted on by the church for you?

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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