Actress Andi Eigenmann tearfully admitted that she and Jake Ejercito have broken up amid reports that his parents are against her for their son.]

MANILA, NOVEMBER 12 2012 (ABS-CBN) Actress Andi Eigenmann tearfully admits that her "relationship" with Jake Ejercito is now over. “Hindi po. Wala na po. Opo [break na],” she said in an interview with "The Buzz" that was aired on Sunday. “Hindi po ako sigurado [kung dahil lang doon]. Siguro po, baka. Kasi dahil mahirap, I’m in showbiz, may anak na ako, baka nahihirapan siya, baka nagiging pabigat na sa kanya to be with someone like me.”

The revelation comes after Eigenmann’s mother Jaclyn Jose revealed that Ejercito’s parents, former President Joseph Estrada and former movie star Laarni Enriquez, do not seem to approve of her daughter for their son because she has a child out of wedlock.


With all the intrigues that have hounded them in the past week, she said she agreed to the interview because it is the only way that she could think of to reach out to Ejercito’s parents and apologize.

“Hindi naman po talaga ako papayag sa interview. Hiyang hiya po talaga ako kasi nasasama sila, they’re private people. Pero alam ko rin po kasi na walang ibang way para makapag-sorry. I don’t naman expect acceptance. I just hope na I’d be forgiven,” she said, adding that she was hoping to talk to Ejercito’s mom personally.

Meanwhile, the actress said she was really caught off guard when her mom talked about Ejercito’s parents last week. She, however, stressed that she understands why Jose did that.

“At first po siyempre nasaktan talaga ako kung bakit ginawa 'yun ng mommy ko kasi kung mahal niya kami ni Jake or mahal niya ako, sana hindi na lang niya 'yun ginawa kasi alam naman niyang maa-affect ako doon. Pero I’m not mad at her or anything kasi alam ko naman na she’s just being a mom, she’s just looking after me,” she said.

[PHOTO -Jake Ejercito, the son of former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada to actress Laarni Enriquez, is rumored to be the new boyfriend of young Kapamilya actress Andi Eigenmann.]

For Eigenmann, it was just unfortunate that the people interpreted her mom's words the wrong way.

“Naiintindihan ko naman po kung bakit 'yun nasabi ng mommy ko, it’s just that mali lang 'yung pagkakaintindi ng tao. They made it seem like my mom is putting Jake’s parents, Jake’s mom, in a bad light. Hindi naman po ganun 'yun eh. Wala naman pong masama. Gusto lang po nila 'yung best for their son and if they don’t think that I’m what’s best for him, the only thing that I can do is respect it,” she said.

Eigenmann said she doesn't know if Ejercito’s parents really disapprove of her.

[FROM A VERY OLD PHOTO - Laarni Enriquez (C), the mistress of deposed Philippine president Joseph Estrada, speaks at a press conference in Manila, 11 August 2003, accompanied by her daughter with Estrada, Jerica Ejercito (R), and lawyer Rufus Rodriguez (L). The 40-year-old former movie starlet Enriquez has accused the government of President Gloria Arroyo of harrassing her and denied any involvement in 27 July failed military rebellion. The government had earlier filed a 'rebellion complaint' against Enriquez. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

“In all honesty, I never knew kung ayaw sa akin nung mom ni Jake. I just know na Jake has always been so obedient to his parents. With me naman, kasi may anak na po ako and I’m only 22 -- same with Jake, he’s still 22 and he’s studying -- so kung tingin ng mga tao na hindi po puwede, hindi muna -- hindi ko po alam talaga kung hindi puwede forever or sa ngayon lang. Wala po kaming magagawa kundi sumunod po doon,” she said.

But whether Ejercito’s parents like her or not, Eigenamann said she wants to prove to them that she also deserves to be loved.

“Masakit po iyon na parang hindi ako 'yung ideal person na ipapakilala sa mga magulang. Hindi ko alam kung dahil may anak na ako or dahil meron lang talagang mali sa akin na hindi gusto ng parents. Ipapakita ko po sa kanila na I deserve naman po to be loved. Siguro po nasaktan ko po si Jake dati kaya ayaw lang siguro ng mom niya na maulit yun. Naiintindihan ko po iyon. Sa tignin ko naman po I still deserve a chance and hindi naman po yata ako bad person just because nagkamali ako dati,” she said.

The actress, however, said she still wants to be with Ejercito.

“Sa dreams ko, sana mangyari na sana siya talaga 'yung para sa akin. Pero kung ayaw niya wala naman po tayong magagawa. Hindi naman po ako puwedeng mamilit,” she said.


Laarni on Andi: Not true! November 10, 2012 | 6:31 pm


“It’s not true that I disapprove of Andi (Eigenmann) for my son (Jake Ejercito) because she’s a single mom,” former actress Laarni Enriquez told columnist Jobert Sucaldito of Inquirer tabloid Bandera:

“I have never projected myself as spotless; I have no pretensions, and Jaclyn Jose (photo at right), (Andi’s mom) knows that.”


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