Willie Revillame (left) and Birthday Boy Joey de Leon show one and all on Startalk that friendship is above the network ‘war’ ]

MANILA, OCTOBER 15, 2012 (PHILSTAR) FUNFARE UPDATE By Ricardo F. Lo - Curtain-raisers:

Does a certain actress notorious for her “love of the bottle” know that the lady reporters (actually, prettier than she is) at her home network can’t stand her and dismiss her as “the bitchiest actress around?” If the actress would (if she could) only learn to live up to her name, she would be less “nega.”

A certain actor (product of a talent search which puts premium on good looks) should win a special award as Mr. Vanidoso hands down. He spends hours in front of the mirror at the studio dressing room, fixing and re-fixing his hair, his make-up, the way his shirt is tucked in and whatnot.

A certain actor seems to be in need of money all the time. Is he really that big a spender? Why does he keep on borrowing money (the least amounts to hundreds of thousands and the most in millions) from friends?

* * *

This just in: Sen. Bong Revilla has been tapped to play the title role in the planned bioflick of Eduardo V. “Ka Ed” Manalo, current executive minister of Iglesia ni Kristo.

Since Bong is not running for re-election (he’s on his third and last term), the movie can be shown even during the campaign period — that is, if shooting reels off soon and finishes early next year.

Meanwhile, Sen. Bong is busy campaigning for members of his family who are running — his wife Cavite Rep. Lani Mercado for re-election, son Jolo Revilla for Cavite Vice Governor, brother Bacoor (Cavite) Mayor Strike Revilla for re-election and brother-in-law Rizal Gov. Jun Ynares for Mayor of Antipolo City.

* * *

Birthday Boy Joey de Leon thought that his co-host Lolit Solis was trying to pull his leg when she announced on Startalk last Saturday that Willie Revillame was making a “surprise” visit as a special gesture to make his (Joey’s) special day even more special.

Joey believed that it was true only when Willie, accompanied by his trusted man Jay Montelibano, did show up towards the end of the show and even made a special “guest” appearance. On air, the former “nemeses” teased each other like old friends and ended up hugging each other while those at the studio cheered them right on.

It was so magnanimous and so down-to-earth of Willie to dare step into “rival” territory.

The Birthday Boy was visibly touched.

By the way, Joey, what time do you have on your brand new gold Rolex?

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