[PHOTO - SANTOS: ďLetís not abuse freedom.]

MANILA, OCTOBER 8, 2012 (INQUIRER) By Dolly Anne Carvajal - Itís ironic that the Internet, which was designed to make our lives simpler, is causing a lot of problems that has led to the enactment of the Cybercrime Prevention Law.

In this day and age, we canít help but be slaves to technology. But we should not allow ourselves to be stifled by some politicians, who are trying to delude us through this controversial law. If they could only hear what we have to say. They should streamline the new law. Thereís a thin line between protection and restriction. Somethingís gotta give.

Aber! or Walang Kiber sa Cyber?

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VILMA SANTOS: Itís only right that we take care of our freedom but this comes with a corresponding responsibility. Freedom should never be abused.

MARTIN NIEVERA: For me, it depends on what side you are on. Are you the basher or the bashee? Then again, I want to know who will be the master opinion taker. Believe me, I am all for friendlier communication with all the social networks. But if I am not hurting anyone I should have the freedom to give my opinion and speak my mind. So when in doubt, delete, blockóor how about just be nice to each other. Kaya níyo?

AIKO MELENDEZ: Iím against it plain and simple. What will happen to freedom of speech? How can we give our objective opinion on issues if we are prevented from doing so? And media will have a hard time letting the public know the real scenario through the Web, most especially the ordinary folk whose only means to be heard is via the Web.

ZOREN LEGASPI: Cybercrime law does not affect me in a negative way. People should understand that laws are passed to protect the government and the people. If the government uses his law to cover up their corruption or use it to bully bloggers, thatís when we should react. Edsa 4, 5, 6 lang katapat niyan! Letís give it a try. Peace!

MARK GIL: I am not really affected by it because I am not a user. This all came so suddenly. A reaction without a reason? Quite scary! Whatís next?

JED MADELA: It all seems so vague to me. It will all boil down to the proper implementation that would be fair to all sectors of society. Anything that protects the welfare of the people is good and anything that strips them off their rights is highly questionable.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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