[PHOTO - Matteo Guidicelli and Billy Crawford: The buddies show off their favorite Swatch models. What is yours?]

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By single, I mean of course that Matteo Guidicelli and Billy Crawford are still legally unattached and that’s what they write on the immigration departure and arrival cards under “status”…yes, SINGLE. Matteo has just broken up with Maja Salvador while Billy is still going steady with Nikki Gil.

The last time the buddies were featured together was for Buddy Talk on Sept. 10, 2010. It has been two years and well worth the wait. Billy, today, surprised everyone when he recently got back from France. He’s a new man. He got in touch with his old trainer-friend, Jean Christophe, a karate champion who has stood as bodyguard to the likes of Michael Jackson and Ashton Kutcher.

Matteo, the only confirmed unattached member of the Swatch team (which, aside from Billy, includes Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay, Chris Tiu, Christian Bautista, Luis Manzano and John Lloyd Cruz), has grown up and he’s definitely one of Manila’s most eligible bachelors.

Matteo and Billy share the same passion for excellence and are both now into expensive toys for big boys. Today, it’s all about the bike, the triathlon suit, the speed suit and the races. Matteo has been training for triathlon for eight months now. And Billy has just started. A final tip from Matteo: “Just enjoy your first race and remember, when we race, we have the number and the race belt. So we cover…you know, the number we put it in front. When the photographers are there, we make sure it’s there in front.”

What is sexy to you?

Billy: Sexy is when I wake up in the morning, get in front of a mirror and I say: “Wow, that’s sexy!” Okay, that’s just this month, ah, ‘coz about five months ago, when I said that it was, uh: “Take a look at that hefer!” But now, “Oh! That’s sexy!”

Matteo: What’s sexy? Uhm…girls that love tri-athletes.

When do you feel sexy?

Matteo: Teka muna, do I even feel sexy? Hahahaha! When do you feel sexy, bro?

Billy: Me? I feel sexy when I perform. When I’m dancing and singing, that’s when I feel sexy.

Matteo: Me, I feel sexy when I’m in my racing suit. You know those tight suits.

What part of your body do you consider sexiest?

Billy: Are we allowed to say “it”? Hahahaha! I’m just playing… Joke lang! What is the question? My state of Texas. It’s the biggest state in the United States. Texas, I call it Texas.

Matteo: Ano ba?

Billy: The Italian stallion, Matt!

What part of a woman’s body do you consider sexiest?

Matteo: Oooohh!

Billy: That was the greatest reaction ever!!! Sa kanya, “Ooohh!” Ako, “La-la!”

When did you lose your innocence?

Billy: I’m still innocent. I’m as innocent as my mom and my dad.

Matteo: You’re still innocent?

Billy: I’m innocent. I’m still innocent.

Matteo: I don’t know. I’ve always been innocent. Di ba?

To a younger woman, an older woman or a woman your age?

Matteo: Ako, to an older…Hahahaha!

Billy: Age doesn’t matter.

Sexiest book?

Billy: Any book can be sexy, since sexy can be defined as being cool.

Matteo: That’s cool, bro.

Sexiest movie?

Billly: There’s one blonde girl and one redhead girl. Oh that’s porn! No no, no, I’m just playing. What’s that Wild?

[PHOTO -Billy Crawford: What part of my body do I consider sexiest? Am I allowed to say ‘it’? Hahahaha! I’m just playing... joke only. What is the question? My state of Texas. It’s the biggest state in the US. Texas. I call it Texas.]

Matteo: Into the Blue?

Billy: I think it was Wild Things? The killer was the girl married to Charlie Sheen? But there’s also another one which was, ‘yung sa school. It’s all about a bet…Cruel Intentions.

Sexiest musical instrument?

Matteo: Piano.

Billy: Flute.

Matteo: Flute?

Billy: No. I’m just playing. Guitar... I can strum on my strings.

Matteo: Gusto mo piano, eh!

Billy: I like strumming. You’re just playing with keys, I’m sure!

Sexiest song?

Billy (Singing): Manila, Manila. I keep coming back to Manila.

Sexiest song? I Can Love You Better. By the girl…(Singing) I can love you better. Her name is really hard to pronounce.

Love You Better. It’s a really good song. (Checks his phone) No, sorry! It’s called Lose Myself (by Marsha Ambrosius).

Matteo: Ang layo!

Billy: It’s because I have to lose myself so I can love you better.

Matteo: Ako, di ko alam, eh.

Sexiest TV show?

Billy: Family Guy.

Matteo: That’s sexy, bro?

Billy: Yeah! Cartoons are sexy. It’s not real.

Matteo: Ako, Spongebob. Hahahaha!

Sexiest food?

Matteo: Ooohh! What’s yours, bro? Me, salmon sashimi. (Adding with a sexy voice) It’s slimy and sexy!

Billy: After that answer, can I say, “No comment”?

[PHOTO- Matteo Guidicelli: What is sexy to me? Uhm...Girls that love tri-athletes. When do I feel sexy? I feel sexy when I’m in a racing suit. You know, those tight suits.]

Sexiest car?

Billy: It wouldn’t be right if I say a hybrid, right? It’s good for the environment. I would have to say it’s either a Lamborghini or a Masserati.

Matteo: Masserati, yeah. Or a Ferrari.

Sexiest perfume?

Matteo: Ako, Chanel Allure.

Billy: Ah…Baka ma-hurt si Nikki. Sige, sige, sabihin ko na lang …Clean. That was the one she wore when I met her.

Matteo: Awww!

Billy: Ay naku, Matt. I’ve been around much longer than you. And we guys just keep messing up. So it’s really all about finding the right girl.

Sexiest time of day?

Billy: In the morning when I know I’m gonna work out.

Matteo: Me, same, same, morning…training time.

Sexiest part of the house?

Matteo: The gym.

Billy: Bedroom? The sexiest part of my house will probably be my studio.

Sexiest animal?

Matteo: Jaguar.

Billy: Your sexiest animal is a jaguar? Dude, a jaguar? You are gay! Sexiest animal? I’ll have to say dog. I have two dogs.

Are you crazy, bro? You walk in Fort with a little puppy, look how many people will go up to you...not because you’re Matteo but because of your dog.

Sexiest billboard?

Billy: My old Swatch billboard in Glorietta — the big, big one! And they better bring it back! And then now a standee in front of every Swatch store, because I’m payat na! Kasya na ako sa standee.

Matteo: Ako, I want a standee, too! I’ve never had a standee.

Billy: Stop copying me, Matt.

Matteo: Oh, okay. Ako, I don’t know if it’s the sexiest, but it’s my first Swatch billboard with my straight hair.

Billy: When was that?

Matteo: Our first billboard. I was 14 then.

Billy: I remember that you had one and you were in a go-kart and you looked like Gabby Concepcion.

Sexiest scene you have seen in a movie?

Billy: I don’t watch movies unless it’s PG-13.

Matteo: Me, too!

Sexiest scene you have ever done?

Billy: I don’t do sexy scenes.

Matteo: Watch Isla (upcoming teleserye of Matteo with Jessy Mendiola on ABS-CBN).

Sexiest thing you have ever done to yourself?

Matteo: Ooohh! Secret!

Billy: Try to lose weight. I lost 40 pounds in four months. It can be done! (Billy gets up and acts like an online weight counselor in an inspiring mode.) It took me 2 ½ months at least to get passed the 30-35 pound mark. Which is pretty quick. Among the perks of losing weight, of course, is you feel healthier…you wanna live healthier because you don’t wanna go back to your old habits. I wasted three years of my life, let’s say, with just eating and drinking and gaining all the weight. When you get rid of it, you’re a little cautious. But the problem is that you gotta get rid of half of your wardrobe. My pants were size 38, now it’s 30, di ba? So that, I think, is the greatest part about losing weight. You get new clothes. I love clothes!

Matteo (Pulls out a tri-suit from his bag): Try this, bro.

Billy: What size are you?

Matteo: I’m a medium, bro. I’m sure it will fit you.

Billy: What? If you’re a medium, I’m a large. (Tries on Matt’s tri-suit and triumphantly fits into it perfectly.)

Matteo: Wow, bro! See, bro! We’re the same size now.

Sexiest thing you have ever done to or with somebody?

Matteo and Billy: Secret!

Sexiest fantasy?

Billy: Secret! Hahahaha!

Sexiest clothes?

Matteo: Billy’s tri-suit. Hahahaha!

Billy: Matt’s tri-suit.

Sexiest concert you have ever seen?

Billy: That’s a good one! Mine would probably be Stevie Wonder. That show was amazing! Grabe’ yon! He comes in. His daughter walks him in ‘coz his daughter is a back-up singer. Goes, stays there doing this, waving to everyone else. He sits down on the keyboard. From then on, he has a keyboard, piano, organ. Then he has all his percussion. He has his flute instruments, saxophone, it just goes all the way around and the freakin’ songs! It’s just…! If I was a girl, I’d be like (In high voice), “Aaaah!” It was nuts! Nuts! I wish he could do one here.

Matteo: Does he talk?

Billy: He’s blind. He ain’t deaf.

Matteo: I know, I know! But like after a song, does he talk?

Billy: That is the weirdest question I have ever been asked. He sings, you know. Of course, he talks!

Matteo: Because you know some artists just sing, sing, sing!

Billy: No, no. He talks.

Matteo: Ako…

Billy: I would say Spice Girls for you.

Matteo: The only thing I remember is Vina Morales. She had a Kama Sutra something-something. Ah no, not Kama Sutra. Show girl something in Araneta where she had like a bed.

Billy: I’m gonna tell her you saw her Kama Sutra.

Sexiest face of a woman?

Billy: Miss Nikki Gil. Are you gonna say, “Miss Maja Salvador, bro?”

Matteo: I was, but not anymore. Sexiest face? My mom’s!

Name three women that you find sexy.

Billy: Tita Virgie (Ramos), my mom, Nikki. (Looks at Matteo.) Top that!

Matteo: I was gonna say the same thing. But…sino ba? Can it be Hollywood actresses?

Billy: Of course!

Matteo: Jessica Alba. What’s her name? Yes, Eva Mendes. And uh…Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend…Jessica Biel.

Billy: Aha! You’re an ass-boy, pala!

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