Sarah Geronimo in tears while singing Forever’s Not Enough: What was she thinking at that moment? — Photo by BRADFORD ADKINS]

MANILA, SEPTEMBER 6, 2012 (PHILSTAR) FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo - Curtain-raisers:

• Could it be true that Charice and her mom Raquel “conspired” in dropping Grace Mendoza as Charice’s manager? Grace has served and stood by Charice since the start. Has Grace been replaced by a certain Courtney Blooding (is she Canadian or American?) who has been Charice’s constant companion since last year as her personal assistant? Now, will Grace finally answer these intriguing questions: 1) What really happened (or what did Charice really do) in Singapore last year?, 2) Was Charice really “dropped” by David Foster and why?, and 3) Why did Charice make that 180-degree change that has been turning off a lot of people?

• “Cultural differences” was cited by Ruffa Gutierrez as cause of her and ex-husband Yilmaz Bektas’ break-up. It’s also the reason why a top-rated TV host and his “sosyal” wife split up. According to somebody close to the un-couple, the wife was a nitpicker who corrected the husband’s table manners and little things like that, even including what he should wear in bed (pajamas, yes). She could also be violent. Didn’t she hurl a telephone at him during a petty squabble? The TV host was relieved when they broke up even if it cost him a fortune.

• Solar big boss Wilson Tieng celebrated his 60th birthday en grande last night at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Guest performers (as listed in the invitation) were the Berni Pasamba String Ensemble, John Lesaca, Tots Tolentino, Faith Cuneta, Claire dela Fuente, Jessa Zaragoza, Dingdong Avanzado, Nonoy Zuńiga, Ramon Jacinto and Band, Christopher Yu and Arlan Cabrera. Host was Jojo Alejar. At stake in the raffle was a three-day/two-night all-expenses-paid trip for two to Hong Kong Disneyland.

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[PHOTO -BEVERLY HILLS, California - Pop Princess Sarah]

Those who watched Sarah Geronimo’s concert last week in Cache Creek Casino Resort, two hours drive from San Francisco, were puzzled why Sarah cried while singing Forever’s Not Enough, one of her hit songs.

According to Funfare’s Northern California DPA “BA,” Sarah was already choking with emotion even before she launched into the song, shedding quiet tears as she sang on, especially when she reached this stanza: They say tomorrow seems so far away/And now we see that everything can change/My love for you gets stronger as tomorrow comes/I know this love will stand/In the test of time.

Was Sarah, in a $15,000 gown by Dubai-based Amato Haute Couture’s Furne One, thinking of someone (whose initials are GA, hehehe!) at that moment, pining for a love nipped in the bud by parental objection? Or was it because Jonathan Aligada, VP for Special Projects of Viva Concerts & Events, is reportedly leaving her (and is joining ABS-CBN Global as VP & Head of Special Events effective Oct. 1)? It’s Jonathan who has been with Sarah in all her shows here and abroad.

During Sarah’s birthday concert last July at the Big Dome, her rumored suitor Gerald Anderson joined Sarah onstage as, kilig na kilig, she sang It Might Be You. That scene, applauded by the SRO audience, reportedly infuriated Sarah’s over-protective mom Divine because it was not in the script and Divine picked a fight with Jonathan backstage. A week later during the repeat of the concert, Gerald was nowhere to be found. Order ni mader? So they said.

Already 24, Sarah is not completely allowed by her mom to be courted. Hmmm, kailan pa, kapag tumanda na siyang dalaga? Showbiz-observers (this one included) said that Sarah is missing a great part of her teenage years and she just might end up “a rebel with a cause.” She has fallen (secretly) in love twice (with Rayver Cruz and Gerald), both thwarted by her mom. Will she still be an obedient and submissive daughter the third time around?

Anyway, after her two concerts (Sept. 1 and 2) at Cache Creek, Sarah did another one in San Diego, California, and then she’ll proceed to Hawaii for another concert.

Oh my. Wouldn’t all work and no play make Sarah a dull (and bitter) girl?

Poor girl…watching the world go by and at risk of being left out and left behind.

Why Sarah cried at her Cache Creek concert is still a mystery.

“I guess her unhappy love life has something to do with it,” surmised DPA “BA.”

Bea enjoying the best of both worlds

[PHOTO -Bea Alonzo: Happy with her real love (Zanjoe Marudo) and reel love (John Lloyd Cruz) — Photo by VER PAULINO]

In contrast to Sarah Geronimo, Bea Alonzo is enjoying the best of both worlds, happy with her real-life boyfriend Zanjoe Marudo and her reel-life sweetheart John Lloyd Cruz with whom she’s celebrating their 10th-anniversary as a love team in Star Cinema’s The Mistress, showing nationwide starting on Wednesday, Sept. 12, directed by Olive Lamasan and also starring Ronaldo Valdez (as Bea’s benefactor) and Hilda Koronel (as JLC’s mom).

Funfare let Bea play the “complete the sentence game.” Here’s how she fared:

I hate people… who are judgmental.

I avoid people… who are backstabbers.

My greatest pleasure… is traveling the world.

My worst moment was… when I slipped on the runway.

My biggest fear… is being betrayed.

I pray for… my mom’s health.

The most important person in my life is… my mom.

If I were to be reincarnated as an animal… I would be a cat.

My most traumatic experience was… when I got trapped inside a dog house.

I deal with gossips… by ignoring them.

• The one thing I can’t do without is… not spending time with my boyfriend.

Am I afraid of growing old? No.

The type of guys who turns me on… are guys who don’t know they are attractive.

The type of guys who turns me off... are those feeling guwapo.

My philosophy in life is… give love and you will be loved back.

I lose my temper when… I can’t find my things.

When I’m alone in my room, I fantasize… about having a house in the US.

If I were somebody else I would be… Meryl Streep.

I am happiest when… I was able to achieve what I planned for the entire day.

I am saddest when… I don’t get to spend time with my loved ones.

My ultimate goal is… to put up a good business.

What I like about myself is…my being optimistic.

What I don’t like about myself is… caring too much about what other people would say.

Face to face with God I would tell Him… thank you for making my life wonderful.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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