[PHOTO -The ever-controversial presidential sister has remained single since the annulment of her tumultuous marriage with James Yap early this year (FILE PHOTO

MANILA, SEPTEMBER 2, 2012 (BULLETIN) By NR RAMOS -Kris Aquino has once again landed in a bit of a mess for her apparent loquaciousness.

Just recently, the actress-TV host had to retract a statement she made on "KrisTV" about having dated Makati Mayor Jun Jun Binay.

"Oh my- I read na people interpreted that I confirmed having dated Mayor Jun Binay. Shucks, not him... Naku Jason hindi sya," she tweeted to "Kris TV" guest co-host Jason Francisco.

It was Francisco and former girlfriend Melai Cantiveros who insisted that Aquino answers the same questions she asked them, including whom she had dated most recently.

"Ang daya mo di ka sumagot sa amin. Ikaw? You have dated, Ms. Kris?" Cantiveros prodded Aquino on the show.

"Feeling ko si Binay yung last na ano ni Ms. Kris," Francisco jumped in.

Cantiveros then asked, "Kay Mr. Binay, Ms. Kris nag-GO ka or nag NO?"

"Ano, Have we dated? Yes. Pero, did it go further than that? No. So OK?" Aquino answered.

Ever as glib, Aquino even added, "Will I date again? Yes, soon."

However, just a few hours after the show, Aquino was already flip-flopping on the matter via Twitter saying that her statement was "misinterpreted."

Aquino related via several Twitter posts how she had to talk to Binay about it.

"Poor him- nananahimik na ang life," she said.

The presidential sister went on to relate how the vice president's son quizzed her about the identity of the person she was referring to but that she told him, "Jun at least I'm not as madaldal as every1 assumes. May capability ako to keep things quiet & private."

She then vowed, "no more na. We all deserve some measure of privacy."

Rumors about an alleged Aquino-Binay romance have been circulating as early as three years ago.

In 2010, they were caught on camera in a mall as documented in a mobile phone-video by a papparazo for the show “Tweetbiz.”

Last year, they were also seen watching pop star Justin Bieber's concert together.

But both Aquino and Binay denied any romance between them.

Binay, a widower, earlier said that getting into a relationship was “premature.”

“It’s too early. For me it’s premature to even start talking about that,” said he.

Though Aquino had admitted that Binay is a close friend and that the latter “possesses all the qualities” she is looking for in a man, she is yet to move on from the heartache caused by the dissolution of her marriage to Yap.

“Laughable how many men got linked to me since separating [with Yap]. The truth is I'm not ready to trust again,” said she.

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