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MANILA, AUGUST 30, 2012 (PHILSTAR) FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo - Curtain-raiser:

• Here’s an update on Zsa Zsa Padilla, from her daughter Nicole sent yesterday: “At 10 p.m. Manila Time (7 a.m. L.A. Time, Monday), my mom underwent laparoscopy. Part of her kidney was removed. The procedure lasted for five and a half hours. Wala na po ’yung tumor sa kidney. The family is waiting for final tests to find out if she’s cancer-free.”


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First thing I’ll do tonight after work is rush to a theater near me to catch the last screening of Unitel Pictures’ I Do Bidoo Bidoo which opens today nationwide.

I missed the two previews (grrrrr!!!) and my friends who were there have been praising the movie, inspired by APO songs, to high heavens.

Tempo’s Ronald Constantino called it “the contemporary musical (film),” thanks to the brilliant mind of “ground-breaker/trail-blazer” producer Tony Gloria, director Chris Martinez and the equally brilliant cast led by Zsa Zsa Padilla, Gary Valenciano, Ogie Alcasid, Eugene Domingo, Sam Concepcion and newcomer Tippy dos Santos.

Like many people, I have my own “APO moments,” vicarious milestones in my life (actually those of some stars) indelibly etched in memory by APO songs.

• Nandyan ka na naman

Tinutukso-tukso ang aking puso.

Ilang ulit na bang

Iniiwasan ka di na natuto

My car was stuck in knee-high flood at the intersection of E. Rodriguez Avenue and Araneta Avenue in Quezon City back in 1987 and Di Na Natuto sung by Gary V. was playing on the radio. It reminded me of the sexy actress who got so enamored with an actor with a killer smile who milked her dry of her lifetime savings. He loved not her but her money. He ran for public office and lost, and left for abroad, with the actress na di na natuto holding an empty bag, leading an empty life. For a while, the actress stayed abroad and when she came back, she wasn’t in her right senses. I wonder where she is.

• Kaibigan, tila yata matamlay

Ang iyong pakiramdam

At ang ulo mo sa kaiisip

Ay tila naguguluhan

Have you ever met somebody who swore that he’s a friend (in front of you) but who stabs your back when (of course!) you’re not looking?

My friend “R” had one such friend whom he treated like a brother, a confidante and a shoulder to cry on. That friend was a wolf in sheep’s clothing — a cloaked traitor.

He was envious of my friend who woke up to painful reality before it was too late, but only after surviving a period the same as that described in the song Kaibigan.

Fast-forward: My friend became more successful (mabait kasi, eh!). The inggitero? Hmmmm, unheard of.

• Minsan kahit na pilitin mong

Uminit ang damdamin

Di siya susunod at di maglalambing

Minsan di mo na mapigil mapansin

Na talagang wala nang naiiwan na pagmamahal

Have you heard about the sultry singer who was maltreated by her singer-husband (whose first wife was also a singer)? The guy loved her so much but only when he saw her in the spotlight, dressed to the nines and all made up. After the show, he would pull her to bed still under her onstage “spell.”

But the morning after, minus her make-up and all, he would taunt her for being ugly (she definitely is not!) and wouldn’t touch her with the proverbial 10-foot pole. Worse, he beat her up.

As the song goes, wala nang naiwang pagmamahal, so the poor singer mustered enough guts and walked out of his life. She’s now happily married to a man who treats her like a princess.

I’m not sure if the three APO songs are featured in I Do Bidoo Bidoo and it doesn’t matter. I love the APO songs (in fact, I was playing The Best of APO Hiking Society CD while writing this piece).

Erik Santos: All set for his concert at Meralco Theater, Aug. 30 and 31

See all you APO “hikers” at the theaters.

[VIDEO:Published on Aug 4, 2012 by IDOBIDOOBIDOO True to the legacy of the love of her life, Zsa Zsa Padilla invites us all to celebrate life through the comedy musical movie event I Do Bidoo Bidoo --- Showing nationwide on August 29! Celebrate and watch with you family and friends!!! :)

Erik Santos’ favorite theme songs

[PHOTO -Erik Santos: All set for his concert at Meralco Theater, Aug. 30 and 31]

Because Erik Santos is having a concert tomorrow (Aug. 30) and Friday (Aug. 31) at the Meralco Theater, titled The Greatest Theme Songs, I asked him to furnish Funfare a list of his favorite theme songs. Here they are:

• Can You Read My Mind from the movie Superman: “This song transports me to my childhood.”

• Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka from the movie of the same title: “This is my ultimate favorite OPM song. The music and the lyrics are just so perfect.”

• Broken Vow from the TV series Meteor Garden: “I find the song very sincere.”

• Maging Sino Ka Man from the movie and teleserye of the same title: “For me, this song is immortal. I just love singing this song.”

• Come What May from the movie Moulin Rouge: “I love the words of this song. Talks about great love.”

• With You from Ghost The Musical: “This song makes me cry whenever I hear it.”

• Se from the movie Cinema Paradiso: “It tells a great story and presented with great melody.”

• Go The Distance from the animated movie Hercules and Colors of the Wind from the animated movie Pocahontas: “Two of my most favorite Disney songs. I just love the way these songs were written — very distinct.”

(Note: Erik’s concert is presented by Qualibet and Record Breaker Events in cooperation with Zenea Slimming and Body Sculpting and a production of Cornerstone Concerts. For tickets, call SM Tickets at 470-2222 or Ticketworld at 891-9999.)

Christian the kick-boxer?

In preparation for his 10th anniversary concert series X Class at the Meralco Theater, Christian Bautista is pulling all stops to offer something new and exciting to his audience.

Christian has recently enrolled in kickboxing training sessions to prepare him in some of the stunts he will do for the concert, which has the country’s finest concert directors Rowell Santiago and Louie Ocampo.

“This is a dream concert and it’s something like I’ve never done before, and I’m just excited to show the audience the new stuff we created to really make the audience have a great time!” says Christian. “I hope everyone joins me in this momentous event.”

X Class is a five-night concert series at the Meraclo Theater on Oct. 6, 7, 12, 13 and 14.

For tickets, call Ticketworld at 891-9999. — Reported by CARLO OROSA

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