[PHOTO - Zia Quizon with Zsa Zsa Padilla]

LOS ANGELESA, AUGUST 21, 2012 (ABS-CBN) Singer-actress Zsa Zsa Padilla, who has been diagnosed with stage one cancer in the kidneys, admitted that she is worried for her daughter Zia Quizon.

"Kawawa si Zia kasi both sides na siya may cancer ang family. There is a test pala to see if you will get it. The test is called genetic testing and molecular biomarkers," she said through her good friend Kris Aquino.

"She is strong like me. She doesn't cry. She said she still feels kinda numb because of her Papa's death so she thinks it came at a right time pa rin," she added.

Padilla also shared more details about her health condition, saying she had been told that she wouldn't need to undergo chemotherapy after her surgery slated next week at the Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Padilla also said it was good that the cancer was detected early.

"Actually, first check up pa lang, when they saw my old films from Manila, Dr. Fuchs told me it's malignant. I had blood works and a CT scan yesterday with and without the dye and it still showed the same thing. Almost three-centimeter tumor. He wants to take it out. After surgery, I was told I wouldn't need anything else -- no chemo or radition since stage one pa lang. Thank God, naagapan," Padilla said.

The singer said she will undergo laparoscopic surgery.

"Laparoscopic surgery will be performed -- four holes. Two days sa hospital then follow up. After a week I can fly out na. I can work after four weeks, faster recovery. At least I can go back to work," she added.

"After six months follow up, unless the pathologist says otherwise -- meaning if it isn't stage one after biopsy -- then every year check-up na ako. What I have is T1A, it's a low for of stage one cancer, unless the pathologist says otherwise after surgery."


Padilla's doctor is the same one who performed lithotripsy on her long-time partner Dolphy in the 1990s.

"I have trust and faith in him because Dolphy was his patient when he was still practicing in UCLA until the time he moved to Cedar Sinai," she said.

Meanwhile, Padilla thanked all the Filipinos who are praying for her recovery.

"I'm happy people are praying for me. I really need it. When I get home, I no longer want to say I have cancer. After surgery, I want to be able to say I am a cancer survivor. Thanks for being strong for me," Padilla said.

Aquino said she will bring Padilla to the Holy Land next year to thank God for her successful battle against Cancer.

"Sabi ko magho-Holy land tayo next year kapag nalagpasan ito. Kailangan tayong pumunta doon at magpapasalamat tayo ng bonggang bongga," Aquino said.

"So sa lahat ng mga nagaalala kay Zsa Zsa, let's continue to pray," she added.

Zsa Zsa's dad calls daughter 'wonder woman' By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau Posted at 08/20/2012 3:11 PM | Updated as of 08/20/2012

[PHOTO -ZSA ZSA's DAD, CARLOS PADILLA: Former boxing referee and judge from the 1970s, until 2001. Originally began working as an official in his native Philippines. Was perhaps best known for working the 3rd Muhammad Ali - Joe Frazier match. He later relocated to Nevada during the mid-1980s, where he continued to work as a boxing official.]

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Zsa zsa’s Padilla’s father, retired boxing referee Carlos “Sonny” Padilla, calls her daughter a “wonder woman” with all the challenges she is currently facing.

Singer Zsa Zsa Padilla diagnosed with kidney cancer “Sa lahat ng anak ko, 'yan ang pet ko, mahal ko sa lahat 'yan, alam ng mga anak ko,” he said.

Padilla said he was saddened with the news about his daughter’s current battle with kidney cancer.

“Si Zsa Zsa (photo) sa lahat ng anak ko, isa na 'yan sa pinakamatapang sa mga sugat, operasyon. Ganun yan, 'yung likod niya may bakal na, 'yung dibdib niya ‘di ba pinaayos na niya noon. Marami na, ceasarian 'yan dalawang beses na. Matapang 'yan sa mga ganyan. Itong si Zsa Zsa parang wonder woman na ito. Ngayon, ang reaction ni Zsa Zsa kung iba lang mag-iiyak iiyak na,” Padilla said.

Padilla said he talks to Zsa Zsa everyday over the phone while she is staying in Los Angeles with daughter Zia Quizon.

The majority of the Padilla siblings live in Las Vegas.

“Walang drama si Zsa Zsa. Matapang 'yan, pagkatapos nung pre op, kunwari na find out na puwede siyang operahan, ayun i-schedule na dahil 'yung doctor niya doctor ni Dolphy 'yun,” he said.

Padilla confirmed that his wife was with Zsa Zsa the whole time while Dolphy was in the hospital up until the time the veteran actor was buried.

She is scheduled to fly back to the U.S and will be joining Zsa Zsa in Los Angeles.

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