Regine Velasquez-Alcasid (left) and Jennylyn Mercado will present all sides of issues and tsismis on GMA 7’s latest showbiz news magazine program H.O.T. TV - ENIE REYES]

MANILA, AUGUST 2, 2012 (PHILSTAR) By Jerry Donato  -Being on the hot seat is not just a rite of passage for celebrities. It is also part of their Technicolor showbiz life. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Jennylyn Mercado have been there many times before and done it with grace.

Beginning today after Together Forever, the tables will be turned as the showbiz moms will host GMA 7’s H.O.T. TV (Hindi Ordinaryong Tsismis). They will present all sides of issues and tsismis to weigh whether there’s truth in them. Also fishing out for hindi ordinaryong tsismis are Roderick Paulate and Raymond Gutierrez.

“Yes, likas. (I’m naturally curious),” replies Regine in jest when asked if she’s a tsismosa. “You ask some reporters and they will tell you that I’m known for being one. Kasi pagkaupo ko pa lang imbes na ako ang tanungin, tinatanong ko sila, ‘Ano ang bagong tsismis?’ But (honestly), I’m the type of person who just listens to gossips. Hindi naman ako makiki-tsismis. Besides after I hear it, I forget about it.”

Like Regine, Jennylyn is fond of asking people about “what happened (between this person and that person) and why?”

Where do Regine and Jennylyn get the hottest news on local tinsel town?

“When I’m busy, I don’t really get to read (the papers),” answers Regine. “I also don’t get to watch TV. So, I simply ask people about the latest goings-on inside showbiz.”

“I have to be updated, especially now (that I’m part of the show),” adds Jennylyn. “When I entered Showbiz Central, I started checking (what’s going on on) Twitter and reading tweets (of celebrities). I also follow GMA News online and other news sources to make myself aware (of things).”

H.O.T. TV is a far cry from its predecessor Showbiz Central and other talk shows that comprise everyone’s Sunday TV afternoon viewing habit. It’s not just about showbiz luminaries and their latest adventures. “There will also be human interest stories and survival stories,” Regine says. “Each (host) has his own assignment.”

“There will be more bits of information and new things (which the show will present) that people don’t know yet like the lifestyles of stars and lives of personalities around the world.”

According to Regine, H.O.T. TV has a wider scope in terms of stories. If ever the hosts will talk about the personal and professional lives of fellow stars, they will try not to make them sound like gossiping.

The celebrity-hosts should be objective in circumstances in which they can’t help but be subjective. The show will also invite experts to explain phenomena and give light on supernatural occurrences.

Hosting H.O.T. TV is challenging for both Regine and Jennylyn. They are working mothers with sons to take care of. Regine is also back in her best singing element in Party Pilipinas. Jennylyn also hosts Protégé and stars in Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa.

“I just go home to rest and sleep,” says Jennylyn. “I bring Jazz (who is turning four) in my tapings and on the studio set Sundays. But I can’t bring him to shooting locations like the market place. I bring him to the set of Party Pilipinas. I have (to find) time to bond with him.”

“I will only work Sundays,” says Regine. “For me, it’s a very challenging show. I’ve hosted shows that are related to what I do (which is singing like S.O.P., Star For A Night, Search For A Star, Pinoy Pop Superstar, Celebrity Duets and Are You the Next Big Star?). This is my first time that I’ll be talking (about issues) and not singing. I will not talk about singing and I’m not going to perform. To tell you the truth, I’m nervous. This is not my forte (or my cup of tea).”

First-time jitters come and go. What will challenge the hosting ability of Regine and Jennylyn, however, is when H.O.T. TV asks them to present issues that involve them.

“Respeto naman nila sa akin,” says Jennylyn. “They should ask me if I’m willing to do it.”

“Most of the time I don’t say anything about an issue (and I prefer to remain quiet),” adds Regine. “There are instances when I feel the need to speak up. There are also issues that I’m not the only one being affected but also my loved ones. Sometimes, I’m forced to talk about the issue or clarify it for their sake. I don’t know what I will do (if the show will present an issue concerning me) and how I will handle it. Probably, I will cross the bridge when I get there. Sometimes, it depends on my mood whether I want to talk about an issue or not. I think the show will respect me (and whatever position I may take).”

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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