, JULY 27,
By NR RAMOS - Tongues are wagging that the burgeoning romance between two of Tinseltown's hottest celebrities has fizzled out.

Apparently, the buzz was ignited on Twitter, following several posts by columnist and part time actor Ogie Diaz about a certain "G" having given up his pursuit of a certain "S" all because of the latter's mother.

Though Diaz never actually mentioned any names in any of his posts, this did nothing to deter several of his followers to assume that he was talking about Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo.

Diaz posted, “Sinabi daw ni G ke S after a live show, "Im ready, but i think ur not. Ur mom doesnt like me."

Not a few deem this as a telling anecdote relating to a recent TV appearance of the two, where Anderson waxed poetic seemingly urging Geronimo to give love a try before time runs out.

"Kasi ang bilis ng oras 'di ba? Kaya kung may gusto kang gawin, may gusto kang sabihin, sabihin mo na, gawin mo na. Sinasabi ko lang kasi, time lost may never be found again," said Anderson.

Another post of Diaz read, “Tumimbre na si Madir Dear sa produ na wag ng ituloy ang movie ng anak na si S with G dhl ang sey ni madir, "Wag na, nahuhulog na anak ko!"

According to several kibitzers, this relates to a report of a planned third movie pairing Geronimo and Anderson being canned upon the urging of the Geronimo matriarch.

Diaz also posted several other tweets seemingly pointing towards other, more obvious facets of the Anderson-Geronimo romance.

“Sinabihan daw ng fadir si G na umakyat ng ligaw sa bahay. Ginawa naman daw ni G. Pero pag andun daw si G, iniirapan sya ng madir ni S," one post went.

Earlier, Anderson admitted in an interview that he has been courting Geronimo for six months now. Then recently, Anderson revealed that he doesn't get to visit Geronimo at home as often as he used to.

"Sa ABS-CBN [Studios] minsan, pero sa bahay hindi," said he.

Another post of Diaz read, “Dapat daw, me duet sina S at G sa concert ni S. Pero si Mother Dear daw ang umayaw."

Anderson had admitted that he was present during Geronimo's recent birthday concert but only as spectator.

"Oo, I was there to support her," he said.

If the tweets prove to refer to the two lovebirds, it is not going to be much of a surprise to most.

Last year, it was revealed that Geronimo had a short lived romance with actor-dancer Rayver Cruz that was aborted after the former's mother made clear her stance on the matter by allegedly confronting the latter asking him to cease and desist.

But it is not as if Divine Geronimo hides the fact that she doesn't quite agree for her daughter to engage in the frivolities of romance as yet.

Said she in an earlier Yes! magazine interview, "Vocal naman ako na hindi ko naman pinagbabawalan ang anak ko totally.

"Ang sa akin lang po, ang palagi kong 'pinapakiusap sa kanila, kung magkagusto kayo, sana hindi ngayon. Sa tamang edad na o sa tamang panahon.

"For now, sabi ko, hindi pa dapat.

"Iba siya sa mga kaedad niya na talagang exposed, na alam nila kung paano paikot-ikot, kung paano sumuong sa ganoong relasyon at kung paano lumabas. 'Yong anak ko, hindi, e.

"Kilala ko siya. Ang buhay niya, trabaho, school, bahay, kami, family. Hindi siya exposed sa labas.

"So parang alam ko kung mapapahamak ang anak ko, at alam kong base sa mga taong nagbibigay ng warning sa akin na mapapahamak siya kung pababayaan ko siya. Hindi po ako nanghuhusga. Kumbaga, kung ano lang 'yong nararamdaman ko."

Although seemingly submissive, Geronimo was a picture of defiance during her last concert, making obvious her wish for "freedom."

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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