- Cuneta even reached out to her close friend Anna Perez, asking her to comfort her.]

MANILA, JULY 23, 2012 (ABS-CBN) Megastar Sharon Cuneta once again turned to microblogging site Twitter to vent her anger over a family dispute.

In her last tweet, Cuneta even reached out to her close friend Anna Perez, asking her to comfort her.

"Wish you were here to comfort me, hold me back when I see nothing but red and pull my gun out," the actress said.

In a series of tweets, Cuneta vented her anger stemming from the ongoing dispute over the estate of her late father, former Pasay mayor Pablo Cuneta.

"Wow. Sorry to vent. High na my BP. Feeding frenzy going on. Buhay pa my mommy, dami nang vultures! Iba talaga ibang tao pag-dating sa pera. Lumalabas ang kakapalan ng mukha ng mga tao. Kahit pa -- o lalo pa -- 'pag kadugo mo. Wala na nga kami minana, inuubos pa mama ko. BAHALA NA ANG DIYOS SA INYO!," she said.

"My only concern is my mother. Period. Basta ako, CUNETA and apellido ko. Actually, I am MY FATHER'S DAUGHTER. And at this very moment I am feeling like Michael Corleone of The Godfather! Grrr! Although I love u all dearly and will forever be grateful, one day I will run away. Perhaps when my kids are old enough. I am tired," she said.

"Besides, I know you know me to be makuwento (iba yun sa chismosa), but I WAS BORN A LONER & I STILL ENJOY BEING ALONE. Or with at least a very small group. How nice to someday also experience real FREEDOM," she said. "

KC supports mom

Cuneta's eldest daughter, actress and host KC Concepcion (photo), also took to Twitter to offer her support for her mother.

"Aww di mo na napigilan sarili mo mommeyh ko.. Everything will be okay. Lift it up & smile because you're not alone!" Concepcion said.

"I love you mommeyh... Tough times... True so true... Please don't forget you can count on me. I'll take care of u + Mita! ❤," she added.

In 2009, Cuneta said she and her family failed to receive any inheritance from the estate of her late father.

“Hanggang ngayon galit ako, masakit ang kalooban ko… marami akong kapatid na dine-deserve sana nila. I’m sure pinag-ipunan at pinaghirapan ng Tatay ko ‘yon para sa aming lahat. Ang nagyari iba ang yumaman,” Cuneta told “The Buzz” at that time.

When asked what happened, she merely said: “Magaling siya, so siyempre wala kaming ebidensya. Siya ang pinagkatiwalaan. Bahala na si Lord, hindi naman natutulog ang Diyos.”

Cuneta, however, maintained that the issue is not about money, pointing out that her earnings had probably surpassed that of her father's when he was still alive. She also said "it is not something that consumes me."

She said at the time that she is only fighting for what is right and what she and her family deserve.

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