[PHOTO- Kho and Halili met when he performed a liposuction procedure on her in 2007 (Promotional Photo)]

MANILA, JULY 6, 2012 (BULLETIN) By MAUREEN MARIE BELMONTE - Controversial personality Hayden Kho, Jr. has had to deal with a definitive blow in his career as the Court of Appeals (CA) affirmed the revocation of his professional license by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

In a 17-page resolution authored by Associate Justice Edwin Sorongon dated June 29, quoted on Wednesday that the appellate court’s eighth division has scrapped Kho’s appeal to reverse the PRC decision on Aug. 22, 2011 regarding his license, following the administrative case lodged against him.

The case against Kho was filed by Kapuso actress Katrina Halili in 2009 following the circulation of their sex video. Contrary to Kho’s argument, Halili claimed that she did not consent to the recording of the same.

PRC then ruled that Kho was guilty of “immorality, dishonorable and/or unethical conduct,” which affirmed the previous decision rendered by the Board of Medicine dated Nov. 20, 2009 and Feb. 8, 2010 (denial of motion for reconsideration).

In the CA decision that came out recently, the appellate court maintained that the PRC, as the organization with the power to suspend or revoke a certificate of registration and professional license of an erring professional, “rightly exercised its discretion" in imposing the severe penalty of the revocation of Kho’s license.

Furthermore, the court underscored that the “standard of morality” expected of medical professionals, in particular, is especially high because the State recognizes that physicians should, ideally, be responsible in “protecting the health, safety and well-being of the public.”

Citing the Basics of Philippine Medical Jurisprudence and Ethics, the appellate court said in the decision that "(t)he practice of medicine is not a natural right but a privilege bestowed by the State on those who show that they possess, and continue to possess, the qualifications required by the conferment of such privilege."

"(A) relation between the complained act constituting immorality or dishonorable conduct to the practice of medicine need not exist. It may pertain to life in general as there can be no dichotomy to separate a physician's existence into his professional and personal being," the decision read.


Vicki Belo sets new age requirement for suitors By Jeff Fernando, News5 · Friday, June 29, 2012 · 11:27 pm

Cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo (photo) is giving her heart a rest after her tumultuous relationship with longtime partner Hayden Kho.

She is not actively looking for a new boyfriend, but she said on Friday that she has a new age requirement for prospective suitors. They should not be significantly younger than her.

“Ayoko na ng young kasi nahihirapan talaga ako. Gusto kong mag-apply, mga 35, 45…50 puwede,” she said.

In other words, they should be older than Hayden, who is 32, but still younger than her. She is 56.

Dr. Belo denied the rumor that she and Hayden have reconciled yet again.

The on-again, off-again couple separated in January, just one month after announcing their engagement in December 2011.

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