MANILA, JULY 3, 2012 (MALAYA) Written by ETHEL RAMOS . (‘I cannot imagine myself not facing the cameras for tv and the movies. Maski na sabihing paminsan-minsan na lang. – Vilma Santos’ )

[PHOTO - CHIZ & KRIS; CHIZ & HEART] Kris Aquino and young actress Heart Evangelista both mark their birthdays on the same date: February 14.

And guess what, too? They are currently being linked to the same person, Chiz Escudero.

Kris and Senator Chiz are both estranged from their spouses. Unlike Kris, though, whose marriage to cager James Yap has been annulled, Senator Chiz has yet to have his marriage with the wife of more than 10 years, the former Tintin Flores, declared null and void.

Heart, on the other hand, has just broken off from her Brazilian hunk-boyfriend, Daniel Matsunaga.

With James, Kris has five year-old Bimby. She has an elder son, Joashua, now 16 with actor-politician Phillip Salvador.

Senator Chiz has twins with Tintin.

By the way, when Kris marked her first anniversary for her talk show, Kris TV, on ABS CBN, she had Senator Chiz for special guest.

Senator Chiz was also Kris guest celebrity when Kris TV debuted last year.


Another celebrator is Batangas Governor Vilma Santos (photo), who will likewise, observe this year her 50th anniversary in showbiz.

She was nine years old, Governor Vi recalled, when she first appeared in her first movie, Trudis Liit, which Sampaguita Pictures produced and where she was assigned to play the title role.

Henceforth, she, likewise, said that she has been working non-stop in showbiz. “Maski, naman involved na ako sa pulitika,” she related. “Ewan, ha, but I cannot imagine myself not facing the cameras, for tv and the movies. Maski na sabihing paminsan-minsan na lang.

“For always, I make it a point to call up Malou (Santos, managing director, Star Cinema), once I feel na malilibre ako for a certain number of days in a particular year of month, so she can prepare a project for me.

“And always, too, mas gusto niyang pelikula ang gawin ko.”

“The story of The Healing,” said director Chito Rono, “a horror-suspense flick has been written for sometime.

“When Star Cinema requested me to direct it, I told them, I’d do it kung si Governor Vi ang bida.

“It was a coincidence that they were looking for a project for her for her anniversary showbiz offering. Hayan at pinabasa kaagad ni Malou kay Governor Vi ang script ng The Healing.

“Before I knew it, we were shooting na for the movie.”


Governor Vi describes The Healing as a totally new brand of horror-suspense, as although it touches on the Filipino tradition of going to faith healers for guidance and treatment of ailments and what have you, it is dealt with a new approach and treatment by direk Chito.

“I have seen a number of movies of this genre handled as a director Chito, pero, iba ang atake niya dito.

“After watching the rushes of the The Healing, I challenged anyone who will watch it kung hindi siya maho-horrify. While at the same time, one is convinced kung bakit ang faith healing is part of our culture and will remain so in the many years to come,” Governor Vi added.


Governor Vi is glad as well that she requested for young actress Kim Chiu to be part of The Healing.

“Ang galling niya sa pelikula,” Governor Vi said of Kim. “At napakabait pang bata.

“Tinutukso ko nga siya na sana naging anak ko siya.”

While she is grateful, Governor Vi specified, “for having two wonderful sons, Luis and Ryan Christian, playing Mom to a daughter would have been an entirely different journey. She believes, too, that both her boys would welcome having a sister.

Kim, on her part, confessed that she felt uneasy, if not apprehensive, the first time the two of them had to face the movie cameras together for the first time. But both Governor Via and direk Chito both went out of their way to calm her down, so she could do her part as naturally as possible.

To both Governor Vi and direk Chito, Kim said she cannot thank them enough.

Earmarked for a July 25 release in more than 100 theaters, The Healing also stars Janice de Belen, Robert Arevalo, Mark Gil, Martin del Rosario, Allan Paula, Cris Villanueva, Daria Ramirez, Ces Quesada, Ynes Veneracion, Carmi Martin, and Pokwang.


Escudero confirms annulment of marriage By Maila Ager 8:45 am | Monday

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero admitted for the first time that his marriage with estranged wife, Christine, has been annulled.

Escudero categorically said ‘yes’ when asked by popular TV host Kris Aquino during the latter’s morning show aired over ABS-CBN on Monday if his marriage had been annulled.

It was his ex-wife, who first spoke of the annulment in a column that appeared in a broadsheet paper also on the same day.

The senator gave no further details about the annulment.

Escudero, still responding to Aquino’s queries, admitted going out twice with actress Heart Evangelista .

“We saw each other twice,” he said but refused to call it a date as he preferred to call it a ‘meeting.’

Aquino said Escudero will be her co-host for the whole month of July.


Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero Dating, Details Revealed By Heart

Heart Evangelista is truly so over Daniel Matsunaga. But does it mean she already finds a way-better replacement in the arms of Senator Chiz Escudero who has recently separated with wife Christine Elizabeth “Tintin” Flores?

The answer was revealed by Kapuso actress herself in her interview with columnist Wilson Lee Flores which was published in The Philippine Star today, June 3.

Although rumor has it that Heart and the Senator were seen going out on a date right after the former's publicized separation with Brazilian model Daniel Matsunaga, Heart was quick to deny that she is in a romantic relationship with the Escudero.

“Our going to dinner doesn’t mean we’re romantically involved,” she said.

Asked what they talked about over dinner, the actress said, “My God, nothing…anything and everything under the sun.”

Heart also pointed out that she’s not yet interested to get into another relationship right after his separation with Daniel.

“I don’t want to think that way pa with anybody. At this point of my life, I’d like to give myself a chance to be alone, to be independent.”

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