[PHOTO -‘When do I feel sexy? When I’m alone and about to sleep at night. That’s when I feel more in touch with my body.’ ]

MANILA, JUNE 8, 2012 (PHILSTAR) FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo - The American Dream can prove to be very elusive for Hollywood-struck Filipino aspirants, never mind if they pursue it with unrelenting doggedness and determination. Many are mesmerized by the blinding Hollywood klieg lights, as moths are to a lamplight. But unfortunately only very few, if ever, really make it.

Ask Raymond Bagatsing who won a “screen test” in Hollywood in a talent search on a local TV station. He was a bankable action star when he dropped everything and flew to America where he stayed for several years and, sadly, he admitted not having realized his own American Dream.

Back to pick up where he has left off, Raymond has reinvented himself as a drama actor in GMA soaps, including Amaya (his comeback vehicle), The Good Daughter and Time of My Life, and a new one, One True Love, which premieres on Monday, June 11. In the teleplay directed by Andoy Ranay, Raymond plays Carlos, the generous husband of Leila (Agot Isidro in her “debut” as a Kapuso), in a sweeping love story about a boy (Alden Richards) raised in the streets of Manila’s port area and the girl (Louise delos Reyes) he falls in love with, the same girl raised by the boy’s real parents. Others in the cast are Jean Garcia, Lucho Ayala, Wynwyn Marquez, Carlene Aguilar and Bembol Roco.

Already a versatile actor (who can play bida and kontrabida, or a gay, with fluid facility), Raymond for sure brings into his acting the wealth of experiences he went through in America including a second failed marriage (to a journalist almost twice his age; his first marriage was to Lara Fabregas who is now living happily ever after in England with her foreigner-husband).

Mellowed by the hard knocks of life, Raymond has retained his brutal sexiness.

What is sexy to you?

“What’s sexy is trust. When you entrust yourself to someone, that is sexy, because you’re free, you’re comfortable, you can be yourself, hindi ka mahihiya. Kailangan you have to build that intimacy. And how do you do that? You converse. The other person gets to know who you are, you get to know the other person, you feel comfortable, you praise and you compliment each other.”

What’s the sexiest thing that you’ve done to a date?

“I love candle-lit dinners. It’s very cliché. I like a beautiful ambience, intimate conversation, intently looking into each other’s eyes, complimenting the woman, etc. I’m more into a good conversation. A good connection or a good exchange could lead to something sexy elegantly sexy. You can get wild later on but I think that’s what’s sexy is for me.”

When do you feel sexy?

“When I’m about to sleep at night, I feel very sexy. That’s when I feel more in touch with my body. It’s when you’re by yourself that you feel the desire to be with someone dahil nararamdaman mo ‘yung katawan mo, eh. And that’s when you feel the coldness at gusto mong may kasama sa ilalim ng kumot.” (Laughs).

What part of your body do you consider sexiest?

“It has to be my eyes. That’s what people say - you see a man’s soul through his eyes. When you look at a person straight in the eye, you see his soul, you can read his character. I think people will find that sexy dahil you give time and effort to really get to know who they are. When you disarm a girl and you make her laugh and you’re sincere, I think any girl will find you sexy. Words are very limited in expressing what you feel. And how do you understand a person’s feelings? By looking at them sincerely and directly into their soul.”

What part of a woman’s body do you consider sexiest?

“The neck, particularly the nape. Ang babae kapag itinaas ang hair at nakita ko ‘yun, wow, parang gusto kong kagatin. I love a woman who puts her hair up and displays her nape and her long neck. If they put their hair up, it only means that they’re not hiding something, they’re confident.”

Does that mean that a long-distance relationship won’t work for you?

“It hasn’t worked for me. (Laughs). It’s really hard. I tried it before pero hindi ko kinaya. I need someone here. Temporary one, two or three months is fine, but six months or more, that’s hard. But bilib ako sa mga OFW kasi nakakaya nila ‘yun.”

When did you lose your innocence?

“When I was 14. I grew up in Australia so I guess it’s more liberated there.”

To a younger woman, older woman or a woman of your age?

“To an older woman. Maybe two or three years older. When I was 14 or 15, I fantasized over older women about 30. When you’re that young, it’s their confidence that you’re attracted to. When you’re confident, you’re sexy. When you are at an awkward age, you also act awkward. Older women can be fascinating because you learn a lot from them aside from the physical aspects of love.”

Sexiest book?

“I’m a book reader…nowadays mostly spiritual books. What I consider the sexiest book is Anne Rice’s Vampire Series. Erotic vampire books ‘yun, eh. When they bite you, it’s like they make love to you. When they taste your blood, the images of the life of that person will come to you, and you are exchanging your life with each other.”

Sexiest movie?

“I love Spanish films especially those by Pedro Almodovar like the Y Tu Mama Tambien and Hamon Hamon. I love open and liberated movies that deal with human desire.”

Sexiest musical instrument?

“My voice. Kasi I have a ‘rocker’ voice, alternative-rock ang genre. I had a band for three years called Bandidos. We were about to record an album but we didn’t push through with it because I left for the US. Do I use my sexy voice to woo a woman? It’s one of the things, I guess, that’s sexy about me. It helps that I come from a family of politicians ‘pag nagsalita may timbre. Do I modulate my voice? No, it’s natural. My father speaks like this, my uncle speaks like this. Nakasanayan na siguro.”

Sexiest song?

“Right Now by Akon (I wanna make love right now, right now). It’s literally sexy. On a poetic level, I also find very sexy the soundtrack of Il Postino, an Italian film about a postman falling in love with a woman. Pablo Neruda, one of the greatest Chilean poet-activists, was in one scene. The postman asks Neruda to put his (the postman’s) feelings in a poem and that’s what he gave to his woman. They made a soundtrack that included the love poetry in the movie and they asked Hollywood stars to read them.”

Sexiest car?


Sexiest perfume?

“Dupe, my cologne for the longest time. A lot of people really find it sexy. It’s sweet and I think it’s good for my body chemistry.

Sexiest time of the day?

“After midnight. I stay up late for ‘sexy things.’”

What’s your sexy/healthy lifestyle?

“I meditate, I do yoga. I meditate two to three hours in the morning when I wake up, and another hour at night. I’ve been doing it without fail for 13 years. I’m a vegetarian, I’m a yoga instructor and I study about the human mind, the human soul.”

Sexiest part of the house?

“The lanai. It feels semi-inside and at the same time semi-outside.”

Sexiest Animal?


Sexiest billboard?

“Guess billboards.”

Sexiest scene you have seen in a movie?

“The love scene in Meet Joe Black. It was elegantly shot.”

Sexiest scene you have done in a movie?

“The one in First Time by Viva Films. It was hardcore and very sexual.”

Sexiest thing that you’ve ever done to yourself?

“What sexier thing could one do to himself than to love himself? And how do you do that? You ‘touching’ yourself. (Laughs). That could be literal or it could also mean pampering yourself, getting a massage. If you ‘touch’ yourself, you love yourself. ‘Pag naliligo ka, sinasabon mo ang sarili mo, that’s touching yourself. Sometimes you massage yourself.”

Sexiest thing you have ever done to or with somebody?

“Wouldn’t you like to know? What do you think could be the sexiest thing that I could do to or with someone?” (Laughs).

Sexiest fantasy?

“There’s no specific choice except that if you’re with a willing partner, when there is love, respect and trust, then there are many sexual fantasies that you can both experience and fulfill together.”

Sexiest clothes?

“Boxers. Medyo fitting boxer briefs. I’ve tried sleeping naked. I think that’s the sexiest and most comfortable for me. Next are the boxers. Kasi baka sipunin ako, eh. (Laughs). If you catch cold and you sneeze, you need to have a partner para hindi masayang.” (Laughs)

Sexiest face of a woman?

“Nastassja Kinski.”

Name three women that you find sexy.

“Mila Kunis. Mila Kunis. Mila Kunis.”


Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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