MANILA, MAY 18, 2012 (BULLETINR) Moviegoer By NESTOR CUARTERO - JUST A THOUGHT: I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much. – Mother Teresa)

LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL: After spending 56 days in jail – 21 days in Camp Crame and 35 days at the Trece Martirez provincial jail in Cavite –medical doctor-turned-talent manager Rommel Ramilo believes there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark or hopeless it can get.

Sounding philosophical despite his harrowing experience, Ramilo says he found his relationship with God strengthened furthermore by his accidental incarceration.

On the day Ramilo was released from jail, he sent us the following declaration: “God taught me so many valuable lessons while in jail. Instead of blaming Him for what happened, I was humbled to listen to Him.”

Ramilo says that on April 16, a Monday, Judge Cesar Mangroba of Branch 22 of Imus Regional Trial Court dismissed a kidnapping case filed against him for lack of probable cause. The dismissal facilitated Ramilo’s release, much to his relief, on the same day.

While he considers those 56 days as the darkest and loneliest period in his life, Ramilo says he’s generally thankful for the experience. He puts it this way,

“God wanted my full attention so He had to put me in a place where He could talk to me 24/7. I now have to be very careful in my dealings with other people; not to be too trusting. Not to be too personal in dealing with fans.”

Ramilo shares more of his personal discoveries from that sad chapter in his life.

I value my freedom more. I have to be more appreciative of the little things that we enjoy in life. Prison is hell for the living.

I value my loved ones even more. You’ll never know when you’ll be gone.

I value the truth even more. No matter how others may twist the truth, the truth shall prevail and it shall set you free!

I value my friends even more. In times of desperate need, your relatives can only do so much. It’s your true friends who will see you through your darkest days.

I love God even more!!! He is our Father who knows what’s really best for us!! My faith in God has grown stronger.

• • •

FLASHBACK: Sometime in 2011, Rommel Ramilo, talent manager to “Pinakahihintay” singer Gerald Santos, was approached by two female fans of the singer.

The tandem introduced Ramilo to a young girl, literally a child, who dreamt of becoming a singer. They wanted Ramilo to manage the young girl.

Ramilo turned them down, professing that his focus was on Gerald. He offered, instead to give vocal training lessons to the child.

Being fans of Gerald’s, the two fans tailed the singer and his manager everywhere. They always tagged along the little girl.

By some twist of fate and to cut a long story short, such constant get-togethers led to a kidnapping case filed by the child’s parents against the two female fans and Ramilo himself.

Least prepared for such an eventuality, Ramilo found himself “exposed” on an investigative TV program and later, horror of horrors, handcuffed to jail.

His artist, Gerald Santos, blames their being too trusting and kind as the root of it all. Santos says he was present in everything that transpired between the two fans, the young girl, and his manager.

The so-called kidnapping incident is farthest from the truth, swears the singer. He shares Ramilo’s sentiment that this too shall pass and that they are moving on with the grace of God.

Santos says Ramilo’s release from jail is his best birthday gift in time for the celebration of a birthday concert, “Gerald Santos: Isang Pasasalamat,” on May 18 at the PETA Theater in New Manila, Quezon City.

The 2006 “Pinoy Pop Superstar” grand champion appears regularly on “Sunday Funday,” aired every Sunday at 11 a.m. on TV5. He’s also recording a third album consisting of previous OPM hits.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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