MANILA, APRIL 30, 2012 (STANDARD) by Joseph Peter R. Gonzales - AFTER the drama series Sa Ngalan ng Ina, many of Nora Aunor’s fans wonder what their idol’s next official project will be. There were talks of a movie and a regular soap plus a birthday concert. It will be to their delight that the Superstar is presently busy doing a film with internationally acclaimed director Brillante “Dante” Mendoza.

“That’s right!” says Guy. “The movie is titled Thy Womb. I’m with Lovi Poe and Bembol Rocco here. It’s exciting because we’re using Tawi-Tawi as backdrop. Viewers will see its beauty in the movie. I believe this will be fielded in various international film festivals.”

The showbiz icon (who many believe is qualified to be the country’s next National Artist considering her long list of accomplishments) is keen on doing movies rather than soap operas at this point.

“Actually, TV 5 is preparing a grand soap for me which will have a normal run unlike Sa Ngalan ng Ina’s one month. But I prefer to do movies this time since it’s not that rigid. Soaps can be very taxing and draining, both physically and emotionally. Everyone knows my medical condition. My throat problem is not yet totally cured.”

Nora is also concerned with her screen registry.

“That’s another thing! When you’re doing TV, viewers can get critical when it comes to your appearance. And I’m aware of the general observation that I look a bit plump on screen in Sa Ngalan ng Ina. I need to trim down. So while doing that, I would rather make movies to still become productive!”

Her avid supporters can no longer wait for her comeback concert. Originally, the plan was to stage one on her birthday this coming May.

“That’s not possible right now. I still have to fly back to America to have my throat examined so that my voice will be normal again. As I’ve said in my previous interviews, I really miss singing. But I’m positive that eventually, the quality of my voice will be restored. As for the concert, I guess, October is a more realistic target date,” says Guy.

Daniel speaks up

Daniel Matsunaga says his break-up with Heart Evangelista happened when he was vacationing in Brazil.

“Before that, we were okay. In fact, she even visited me before my departure. But when I was already there, that’s when things started to get complicated. It was a case of poor communication. Ours was greatly affected as soon as I arrived in Brazil,” he states.

Many want to know the reason behind their falling out considering that they used to be one of the sweetest pairs in showbiz.

“Lots and majority of these are personal stuff so I just can’t divulge that easy. It’s hard. I know that in a relationship, there are the highs and lows. This is something I couldn’t control. I had to accept that ours just didn’t work out!”

As mature individuals, he and Heart parted ways talking.

“We agreed on it mutually. On my part, it was hurtful but I had to let go. Until now, it still pains me, but life has to go on, right?”

Some quarters are of the opinion that Heart’s parents have something to do with what happened to their relationship. The grapevine has it that they don’t approve of him for their daughter.

“Honestly, that’s very unfair to them. When Heart and I were still together, I was okay with them. They’ve shown me only good things so I couldn’t believe that they are the cause of our break-up. As I’ve said, this just happened. It just didn’t work, period!” ends Daniel.

(Published in the Manila Standard Today newspaper on /2012/April/30)

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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