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MANILA, APRIL 21, 2012 (BULLETIN) Moviegoer By NESTOR CUARTERO - JUST A THOUGHT: A sense of humor is the ability to understand a joke – and that the joke is oneself. – Clifton Paul Fadiman

HERE’S HAYDEN: A long, drawn out interview with Hayden Kho, former doctor and ex-leading man of a couple of sex video scandals, is among the main attractions of “Pare & Pare,” a new talk show to kick off soon on GMA-7.

Hayden made it to the taping of the show’s pilot episode on April 11, an appearance that delighted hosts Ogie Alcasid and Michael V.

The controversial Dr. Hayden has avoided interviews with media for the longest time, so that this new outing in public may reveal new insights from the once (and still is) controversial personality.

Insiders look at Hayden’s resurgence on TV by way of “Pare & Pare” as an indication that he’s seriously considering a showbiz career henceforth. Some seasons back, Hayden had started on such a career by taking part in “Celebrity Duets” and doing guest roles on TV shows. The stint was interrupted, however, by his involvement in that sex video scandal of 2010.

• • •

PARE & PARE: Set to premiere in early May, “Pare & Pare” was originally planned to be a late-night talk show in the tradition of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Late Show with David Letterman.” After careful study, network has opted to air it at an earlier timeslot, every Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

In an interview on their first taping day, Ogie said their new show is a composite of many late-night talk shows – with a big difference. There will be discussions of not only celebrity issues but also those that affect ordinary people, such as politics. Michael V. promises there will be lots of singing, considering that both Ogie and Michael are accomplished singers.

A 9-piece band, almost the size of a big band, shall accompany the performers under the musical direction of Mel Villena. The band, says Villena, is composed of regular members of Asosasyon ng Musikong Pilipino (AMPIL).

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PICKING UP SOLENN: GMA Films has picked up sultry lady Solenn Heussaff (photo) as leading lady to Ogie Alcasid in the big screen debut of “Boy Pick Up,” a character the singer actor originated on the long running gag show, “Bubble Gang.”

Solenn follows up her roles on the TV series “Legacy” and the movies “Temptation Island” and “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,” with a high-profile role in the comedy film directed by Dominic Zapata.

“Boy Pick Up,” which marks the first time in a long time that a comedy film is titled after a male character, opens in June.

• • •

PINOY SUMMER: Nothing beats a Pinoy summer. Despite the intense heat – some days, we have it at 38 degrees centigrade – who can say no to the fruits of the season, the Maytime processions, the regional festivals, the clear blue skies and the sparkling waters of our oceans?

All these and more are showcased in ABS-CBN’s summer ID dubbed as “Pinoy Summer is da Best Forever.” Premiered on ASAP 2012 last April 15, the summer ID gathers most of the kapamilya artists in different locations. Anne Curtis, Vice Ganda, Billy Crawford and the “It’s Showtime” cast in Guimaras, famous for its sweetest mangoes and lovely beaches; Piolo Pascual on a cliff, contemplating a fall; Ai Ai de las Alas on a floral float reminiscent of Baguio’s Panagbenga Festival, etc.

The network’s summer station ID is definitely in support of the DOT’s “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign.

Stars and sun, and that hospitable spirit everywhere in these 7,000 islands, what could be a better combination?


OMG! Exclusive - Vicki after Hayden: I’m praying for strength By Maridol Rañoa-Bismark | Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom – Wed, Apr 4, 2012 11:58 AM PHT

Months after they broke up, memories of former boyfriend Hayden Kho still haunt Dra. Vicki Belo. She still misses him a lot and is surprised why she’s fine “when I thought I would be a lot worse than I am.”

Vicki recalls how devastated she felt after the break-up (she tweeted that she was letting Hayden date Nancy Castiglione openly).

“I said, 'God, take me na. I’ve done a lot already',” Vicki relates.

Despite everything, Vicki only has good words for Hayden. She’s proud of what he has made of himself now that he is slowly weaning himself away from her.

“He’s training with Ana Valdes-Lim, a graduate of Juilliard (School of Music in New York). He acts so well. Ang dami na niyang pinaghuhugutan. He is now being managed by Carlo (Orosa’s) group (Stages),”relates Vicki.

The last time they saw each other, her ex told Vicki outright that he doesn’t want any help from her, something which impressed her all the more.

Vicki admits not understanding why, but she knows her world will crumble if she sees Hayden with his girlfriend or learns that he will get married one day.

“It will hurt me very much,” she admits.

But the doctor to the stars realizes that it’s over, and she has to move on.

“I’m praying for strength. I’m trying to be self-sufficient,”she reveals.


Vicki owns up to mistakes she inadvertently made because she let her head rule over her heart.

“I break up with someone, then I go to the next one so I won’t get hurt,” she admits.

Vicki also thinks her tendency to mother her boyfriend has led to the breakup of her relationships and the beginning of many heart aches.

“I can never ever be the mother of my boyfriend,” she says

And since she has been so supportive, so predictable, and, as she herself relates, boring, Vicki wants to change her ways the next time around.

“I want to be the princess next time,” she declares. “When I was younger, I was the princess. All the guys loved me so much. Then I changed. I became mabait. Marriage (to Atom Henares, with whom she is divorced) changed me. I’ve been so patient, so kind, so everything because I wanted to make it work. But it didn’t.”

Guys, she concluded, “want to have a hard time.” They want challenge.

So Vicki now wants to bring out the Bella Swan (of "Twilight" fame) out in her, the one with the fangs hiding beneath the sweet, smiling face.

“I even bought a book called 'Finding the Bitch in You’ because I’m tired of playing games.”

She just wants to be herself, because “it’s so nice to be with someone you can be yourself with, no pretensions, since the whole day you have to make PR.”

She adds wistfully, “I hope there will be someone who will appreciate me. I’m praying for someone who can provide companionship.”

Vicki’s eyes twinkle when she asks the man of her dreams, “Where are you? I hope you’re reading this and you come to get me.”

Coping tactics

Meanwhile, Vicki goes out with daughter Cristalle, her boyfriend and their friends. Sometimes, Atom would join them.

“Cristalle’s barkada invites me to their parties. I look like a fool,” she sighs.

But Vicki doesn’t want the setup to last forever.

“I can’t be like this for a long time. I have to find my life.”

She has not dismissed the possibility of reconciling with Atom, father of Cristalle and her son Quark Henares.

“He’s one person who makes me feel that I’m in the safest place. He’s older than me. He babies Cristalle and me.”

Now that they’re seeing each other again like one happy family, Vicki says she and the now-single Atom struck a deal.

“If he doesn’t have anyone by the time he’s 70, we’ll reconcile. So may fallback position ako.”

With or without a fallback position, one thing’s sure: Vicki will always want to love and be loved in return. Let’s just hope it will be for keeps the next time around.

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