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Lenten season is a special time to reflect on the suffering and death of Christ. This is a time to pray and to make sacrifices while we walk with Christ to Calvary. In this journey, Christ suffered, was humiliated, betrayed and crucified on the cross. He died for us to live.

The long holiday beginning today (Maundy Thursday) is a traditional break from our haywire schedules. Some of us will go to the province, to the beach, to other countries, while others will stay home.

Hereís hoping that even if we are on vacation, we do not forget to thank God for giving us His Son, Jesus Christ, the greatest sign of His love for mankind. Maya Angelou once said that ďThank youĒ is the language of the divine, because it is the line that you say in the presence of God.

I asked some stars what Holy Week means to them and how theyíre spending it this year. Here are their answers:

Sitti: Holy Week has always been a time for me to reflect on myself and my faith. It is also a time for me to serve in the church. Iíve always spent Holy Week at home with my family. We also attend church activities.

Tintin Bersola-Babao: The Holy Week reminds us of how our Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed and died for our sins. This Holy Week we will go on a Visita Iglesia. Dito lang kami sa bahay. Sa Maynila kasi walang trapik!

Amy Perez: Holy Week is my time to do my ď3RísĒ with my family and God. It is a time to Relax with my family.

It is also a time to Reflect and Renew my relationship with God. For people who are in my kind of work, itís the only time when we can take a long vacation with our families.

K-La Rivera: Holy Week for me is not only a time of resting physically and mentally but also a time to reflect on the Lordís sacrifices and great love for us.

I plan to go to our province in Pampanga and spend time with my family.

GB Sampedro: It is a time for reflection. I will just be at home.

Duncan Ramos: Holy Week is a spiritual renewal season for me. It is a sacred stop of the year reminding us how His sacrifice fulfilled His victory for humanity. Since itís also a day-off from work, I see to it that I spend it with my family at home, taking time to contemplate, meditate and internalize on my spiritual life.

Hansen Nichols: When I was a child, it meant nothing. But now, itís time for reflection and prayer. It is also a time for families to bond. Since my family doesnít live here, I will be going out of the country with my friends. I will reflect and pray in a different country this year.

A blessed Holy Week to all of us!

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