In his latest movie, Moron 5 and a Crying Lady (he’s ‘it’), Sweet plays not just a gay or a guy playing gay but a woman — yes, a ‘real’ one!]

MANILA, MARCH 31, 2012 (PHILSTAR) FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo - Of course, he doesn’t need any introduction.

If you don’t know who John “Sweet” Lapus is, then maybe you’ve been laughing at or with the wrong funny person.

I watch him Sundays on GMA’s Showbiz Central and I hold my breath every time he’s tossed by a bunch of sexy male dancers into the air when the star he’s grilling on the show’s Don’t Lie To Me segment commits a “lie” answers. Honestly? I’m waiting for the time when the dancers will “accidentally” drop Sweet to the floor. Imagine how “sweet” the fall would be!

In his latest movie, Moron 5 and a Crying Lady (he’s “it”), Sweet plays a woman (who wrongly accuses the five half-witted guys of killing “her” father), and not a gay or a guy pretending to be gay like he did in his previous screen outings. Co-produced by Viva Films and MVP Pictures, the wacky comedy is directed by certified hitmaker Wenn V. Deramas (from a screenplay by Mel del Rosario), co-starring (as the title roles) Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford, Marvin Agustin, DJ Durano and Martin Escudero.

What is sexy to you?

“Sexy is when someone (girl, boy, bakla, tomboy) is physically, sexually and emotionally attracted to you.”

When do you feel sexy?

“When a guy is attracted to me and not to my wallet, hahahaha!”

What part of your body is the sexiest?

“My legs. Guys are shocked every time they see them. Parang sa babae daw. While my girlfriends are envious kasi wala daw hair. The sexiness of my legs compensates for the bigness of my body, hahahaha! They are exposed in almost all my scenes in my new movie Moron 5 and a Crying Lady. See the movie on April 7 and be mesmerized.”

What part of a guy’s body do you find the sexiest?

“The height. I like tall guys because most of the time they have big feet. And according to some, the size of the feet divided by two, plus two inches is equivalent to the size of their (beep, beep).”

When did you lose your innocence?

“I was 10.”

To whom?

“My classmate in the elementary.”

Do you prefer older men, younger men or men your age?

“I like older guys but it seems younger guys are attracted to me. Might as well. Gay ‘cougar’ na yata ako.”

Sexiest book?

“My collection of X-Men comic books. Grabe ang mga outfits ng mga X-Men. Sexy to the highest level. ‘Ex-men’ din naman ako so might as well.”

Sexiest movie?

“Brokeback Mountain.”

Sexiest musical instrument?

“The saxophone. How talented are the guys who play them! How it touches their lips fascinates me.”

Sexiest song?

“Madonna’s Like a Virgin. Naka-relate ako.”

Sexiest TV show?

“Sex and The City. Feeling ko, ako si Samantha (Kim Catrall).”

Sexiest food?

“Eggplant, definitely! I even endorsed it in the book of the Department of Agriculture (Tita Girlie Rodis knows what the title is). No explanation needed. All gays might agree.”

Sexiest car?

“Porsche. Guma-guwapo ang mga pangit kapag ‘yon ang dina-drive.”

Sexiest perfume?

“A guy who has just showered is oh-so-sexy. Sana may pabangong ganun ang amoy.”

Sexiest time of day?

“1 a.m….kasi tulog na ang Nanay ko at puwede na ako tumanggap ng manliligaw.”

Sexiest part of the house?

“The kitchen. You know why? I’m sure…!”

Sexiest animal?

“The cat. Meow!!!”

Sexiest billboard?

“The Bench Underwear billboards featuring the Philippine Volcanoes. The best. Ang KJ (killjoy) n’ung nagpatanggal.”

Sexiest scene that you have seen in a movie?

“Jay Altarejo’s Lihim ni Antonio. The scene when actor Josh Ivan Morales is talking to his teen nephew Antonio (played by Kenji Garcia) in his white underwear.”

Sexiest scene that you have ever done?

“My bed scene with Andrew Wolfe in Moron 5 and a Crying Lady. Watch and see.”

Sexiest thing that you have ever done to yourself?

“Too naughty! Huwag na po!”

Sexiest thing that you have ever done to or with somebody?

“It was something that he would never forget all his life. Basta, nakakakiliti!”

Sexiest fantasy?

“Wearing my Bench undies while waiting for my new husband on our honeymoon night on the floor of our hotel room.”

Sexiest clothes?

“My Spanx male girdles. They make me feel very sexy, hahahaha!”

Sexiest concert?

“Madonna’s Virgin Tour that I watched on DVD. Bakla ako, babae si Madonna, pero na-sexy-han ako sa kanya. Bakit ganoon?”

Sexiest face?

“Dennis Trillo. Oh those eyes!”

Three men that you find sexy.

”Richard Gomez, when I was in high school. Dennis Trillo now and maybe forever. Luis Manzano; every time we talk, I find Luis’ sense of humor so sexy that I want to steal him from Jennylyn (Mercado).”

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi
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