[PHOTO - Hayden Kho and Nancy Castiliogne. File Photo/Composite]

MANILA, FEBRUARY 23 2012 (ABS-CBN) Two witnesses claimed to have caught Hayden Kho and actress-singer Nancy Castiliogne kissing.

The witnesses told ABS-CBN News that Kho frequently visited Castiliogne at her office in Makati.

On several occasions, the witnesses said the two were seen hiding in the fire escape.

“Nakita ko si Hayden Kho at saka si Nancy, Na-shock sila na ‘di mo malaman. Gulat na gulat sila,” the witness said. “Sabi ko doon sa kasama ko, tingnan nyo sina Hayden at Nancy… Noong bumaba yung kasama ko tinanong ko kung ano nakita niya. Sabi ng kasama ko naghahalikan daw.”

Another employee in the building confirmed the statement.

“Dalawa ang nakakita, actual nila nakita naghahalikan,” the other witness said.

The witnesses declined to appear for the camera for fear that they may lose their jobs.

Kho and Castiliogne have both denied that they are having an affair.

“And about Nancy, it’s also not true that we were dating or were having an affair. I hope this clears her name and my name as well,” Kho said on Twitter before deciding to quit the microblogging site.

But celebrity doctor Vicki Belo had said she believes the rumors of Kho’s affair with the actress are true. Belo denies she is dating again-- Report from Marie Lozano, ABS-CBN News

Hayden goes ballistic on Twitter ABS-CBNnews.com Posted at 02/21/2012 2:43 AM | Updated as of 02/21/2012 9:45 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Controversial celebrity Hayden Kho has let it all out on Twitter, even as he denied anew that he cheated on celebrity dermatologist Dr. Vicky Belo.

In a series of posts on social media site Twitter, Kho said he and Nancy Castiliogne did not cheat on Belo.

He also said Belo did not cheat on him before they broke up.

"I hope that this ends it all," he said. "First, that letter was real. But Vicki and I spoke about it already and I believe her. Vicki DID NOT have an affair with that guy."

He later said that he regrets raising some issues, perhaps referring to tweets where he said he has evidence about one man writing a love letter to a woman.

Kho did not name Belo in the tweet and later erased it.

"In the height of my anger, I tweeted those things and now I regret it," Kho said.

He also announced that he will be leaving Twitter.

Belo returned to the Philippines on Monday after spending Valentine's Day by her lonesome in the United States.

"I'm not okay!" she replied, when asked about how she is faring after her break-up with Kho.

"It's nothing naman dramatic, its just the break-up of two people who tried really hard it just didn't work," she said.

Belo also closed the door on reuniting with Kho.

"Moving forward, trying to be strong. Hopefully I'll be able to make it. I think I'll be strong naman. I think it's really the end so it should be fine," she said. "The end na so tigilan niyo ako. The end na 'to."

Belo denied that she has a new man in her life.

"Not true, not true at all. I guess binabaliktad lang ako. I gave everything I had, I have nothing left to give so, I'll just go on. I'll just move on with my life and I hope he moves on with his," she said.

Meet the man Hayden referred to in his angry tweets ABS-CBNnews.com Posted at 02/21/2012 4:35 PM | Updated as of 02/21/2012 6:17 PM

[PHOTO - Al Galang is the owner and director of Sundar Bikram Yoga in Greenhills, San Juan. Photo from the Bikram Yoga Greenhills Facebook Page]

MANILA, Philippines - Following Hayden Kho's allegations (which he later retracted) that a man named Aljarreau "Al" Galang is the "other man" in his failed relationship with celebrity doctor Vicki Belo, many eyes are now on the 28-year-old hunk.

Galang, who bears a resemblance to Kho, is Belo's Bikram yoga instructor. He is the owner and director of Sundar Bikram Yoga in Greenhills, San Juan.

According to a report by Yahoo! Southeast Asia, Galang is also a close friend of Belo's family.

"As a close friend of Vicki's family, I will continue to offer my full support in what has become quite an ordeal. She is an amazing woman that has been through much worse than this. I have no doubt in my mind she'll be okay. But no matter who you are, any breakup is bound to be a painful one," he was quoted as saying.

The supposed private matter between the couple became a public controversy when Belo herself announced on Twitter that Kho can now openly date actress-singer Nancy Castiglione, which the celebrity doctor said is the reason behind their split.

Castiglione, however, denied that she caused the breakup of 56-year-old Belo and 31-year-old Kho.

Galang's name was dragged into the issue after Kho posted a photo of him and a handwritten letter which he allegedly wrote for Belo, as his way of fighting back. The letter was dated October 16, 2011.

[Kho posted this handwritten letter to Belo, which was allegedly written by Galang, on Twitter. He later deleted the letter and maintained that Belo did not have an affair with Galang. Photo from Twitter]

Kho said in a tweet, which he later deleted: "You (Belo) accuse me of infidelity and barrage the public with the accusations as if it's really true. Proof? C'mon show me."

Moments later, Kho said he has forgiven Galang, who, for his part, said he is glad that the "miscommunication" has been cleared up.

"I hope that this ends it all," Kho said on Twitter. "First, that letter was real. But Vicki and I spoke about it already and I believe her. Vicki DID NOT have an affair with that guy (Galang)."

"Al and Nancy have got nothing to do with this," he added.

Model, hunk

Before he was linked to Belo, Galang has been recognized mainly for his good looks and well-sculpted physique.

He won second runner-up at the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit. In March 2009, he was chosen as Cosmopolitan magazine's "Hunk of the Month."

His profile on the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit website linked to a MySpace page, which included some of his personal details. It said his hometown is in San Diego, California, and that he took up Political Science and Art History at the University of California-Los Angeles. He graduated in 2004.

Aside from being a yoga instructor, Galang also worked as a disc jockey at MAX FM 103.5.

He was previously linked to Korean television host Sam Oh.

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