MANILA, FEBRUARY 21 2012 (ABS-CBN) Dr. Vicki Belo is now back in the Philippines. She arrived earlier this morning in Manila today, Monday, February 20, 2012 and she immediately Tweeted to tell her followers that she has landed.

"Hi twerps I'm baaack. Thank you for all your prayers and support . It really helped me not to be so sad and kept me strong."

The controversial doctor created a funny scene at the airport when she tried to avoid the press by using a wheelchair and covered herself with a pashmina.

She related the story with the following messages:

"Comedy at the airport. I tried to avoid the press by riding a wheelchair and covering myself with a pashmina . It was almost perfect. But my Driver was not where he was supposed to be. The. 3 minute wait seemed like an eternity then someone shouted . Nandyan si Dr. Belo Naka wheelchair . Luckily only a few got to me . My departure was much better and seamless . No one saw me talaga . To all those who care I'm doing ok. I'm still sad of course but it would be weird if I wasn't since in 3 months we would have been together 7 years. Im trying to figure out what lesson I'm supposed to learn from this."

Dr. Vicki Belo went to LA last week to celebrate her first Valentine's Day alone.

She was supposed to be with Hayden Kho on that trip but she decided to leave the country alone after that controversial tweet she made that involved Nancy Castiglione.

While Vicky Belo was out of the country, news broke out that she has finally called it quits with Hayden.

It was confirmed by Butch Francisco, one of Vicki's closest friends whom she called before leaving for LA.


Butch Francisco and Lolit Solis on Vicki-Hayden split By ALEX VALENTIN BROSAS February 20, 2012, 10:32am

[PHOTO - Lolit feels Vicki would only leave Hayden if she didn’t love him anymore]

MANILA, Philippines - Showbiz authorities and “Startalk” hosts Butch Francisco and Lolit Solis tried to analyze what really broke the camel’s back in the controversial breakup between Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho, Jr.

“Ito ‘yung story niya, ‘yung version niya na as far as she’s concerned tapos na. It’s over, I hope, ang dinugtong niya. Hindi ko alam ‘yung pinanghahawakang iPhone,” Butch shared on “Showbiz Central” on Feb. 19.

Dr. Belo shocked Twitter denizens when she posted this message a few weeks ago: “nancycastilogne you can now openly date @haydenjr . You have my blessings . Hope you'll both be happy."

This came after rumors surfaced that Hayden and TV star Nancy Castiglione were reportedly caught smooching in a bar.

Immediately, Hayden admitted that he and Vicki were going through a rough patch in their relationship.

"Before things go out of hand: Vicki and I are just having a misunderstanding. Don't make conclusions. There's infidelity issue here," Hayden tweeted, then corrected himself by saying, "I meant NO infidelity issue," he quickly cleared.

Nancy has since denied any involvement in the issue and said she was not a third wheel in the breakup.

Butch, however, believes that the Doctor to the Stars was already exasperated over the relationship. “Siguro napagod na rin si Vicki,” her said, adding that the doctor is such a peace-loving person.

“Hindi naman ‘yan mahilig makipag-away. I think in the end everything boils down to good breeding at saka kind soul pa rin si Vicky kasi nagpaparehas kung talagang ano. Naiintindihan niya.”

He said that Hayden must have been in a quandary when Vicko left for the States on Feb. 12 for Los Angeles.

“Ewan ko kung ano ang gagawin ni Hayden kasi si Hayden may ticket na rin. May ticket na siya. Ngayon, ang kapal na lang niya siguro kung sumunod siya.”

Dr. Belo confirmed via Twitter that she left for the US.

“On my way to Los Angeles for my first Valentine alone. Maybe I’ll learn to love myself,” she tweeted on Feb. 12.

And on Valentine’s Day, the cosmetic surgeon posted this message of love to her followers: “Belo beauty tip: spend today counting your blessings. Thank you God for my twitter friends who have cheered me on and made me stronger.”

Hayden, on Feb. 17, kind of revealed the state of his heart after the breakup.

“Forgiveness is selective remembering. Choosing to only remember the love that was received and given for only those were real.”

Lolit Solis feels that it would take some serious thought for Belo to leave Hayden as she was so madly in love with him.

“The way I see it, si Vicki talaga hindi makikipaghiwalay ‘yan kay Hayden. Sobra ang love niya kay Hayden para hiwalayan niya,” Lolit shared.

“Kung magkakahiwalay man ‘yan talaga kung talagang wala nang love na nasa puso niya itong si doktora,” she added.

She shared how disgusted she was when she learned about the breakup.

“Si Dr. Belo ang sobra ang love kay Hayden. Kaya kung minsan naiinis ako, ‘pag nagkakaroon ng ganyan at nagkakaroon ako ng malisya. Sabagay, biro lang ito, Vicki, kaya ‘wag ka nang magalit kasi biro lang ‘to… Naku, siguro may gusto na namang magandang regalo si Hayden kaya nakikipag-away na naman.”

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