MANILA, JANUARY 31, 2012 (STAR) CONVERSATIONS With Ricky Lo - They say that looking good is the best revenge.

Look at Jinkee Pacquiao.

Tired of the endless gossip linking her husband Manny Pacquiao to this woman and that woman, she decided to change her look by cutting her hair and eventually looking at life with a positive point of view — with the help of The Bible.

“When a woman cuts her hair,” she agreed, “it means na may malaking pagbabago sa buhay niya.”

But it didn’t stop people from talking about her. When Jinkee’s picture was (apparently) photoshopped for the cover of Mega magazine, making her look “very different,” tongues wagged. It didn’t bother her.

“Maganda naman, di ba?”

Even Manny liked it, no matter if he was surprised by the minor controversy that it generated.

During a pictorial for The Belo Medical Clinic of which she’s an endorser, Jinkee talked about her new look, how prayer helped make Manny change and how peace now reigns in their family that was almost wrecked by tsismis.

For the exclusive STAR pictorial, Jinkee wore a red dress, perhaps in keeping with the Chinese New Year (of the Water Dragon). Later in the afternoon, she changed into a yellow dress that showed some flesh, just a bit of it. When Manny dropped by, he frowned a bit and said, “Masyado naman yatang sexy ‘yan!” But he liked it just the same.

In the following candid Conversation, her first after her recent 33rd birthday, Jinkee fielded all questions with an easy smile, proving beyond any reasonable doubt that, indeed, she’s at peace with herself and with the world around her.

What animal are you?

“Sheep.” (Actually, born in 1979 she’s a Goat. — RFL)

‘I have finally found peace for myself and for my family. Manny and I have been Bible readers since late last year when he was training for his fight (with Juan Manuel Marquez).’ PHOTOS by VER PAULINO

What about Manny?

“He’s a Horse (1978).”

Are the Goat and the Horse compatible?

“Sa palagay ko.”

You’re glowing…blooming na blooming. Is it because you have inner peace?

“Answered prayer.”

What were you praying for?

“For me to have peace of mind, peace in our family…na ang mga anak ko ay laging masaya at maganda ang pangangatawan. But No. 1 talaga is for my peace of mind.”

Kay Manny, anong pini-pray mo?

“His work, ‘yung mga laban niya na sana hindi siya tamaan sa ulo, kawawa naman. When I see him in the ring, I pray that the fight will be short and fast, na sana sandali lang so he won’t get hurt too much.”

During our previous interview, you said that three weeks before a fight, you and Manny refrained from having sex. What else do you and Manny observe before a fight…no fight at home?

“I shouldn’t give him any problem that will bother his mind, so what I do is tell him positive stories…puro lang masasayang kuwento.”

No tsismis?

“Hmmmm, sometimes kasama ‘yon, that cannot be avoided. Pero alam na niya kung paano iha-handle ‘yon.”

Of course, you also owe your look to The Belo Medical Clinic. What treatment are you undergoing?

“A lot. I go to the Belo Clinic once a week for facial and other treatments.”

Including Smart Lipo?

“Once lang ‘yon…after I gave birth to Princess. Sa upper and lower abdomen.”

Do you work out?

“Not much; diet lang.”

Some people are saying that you look “different,” suspecting that you have undergone cosmetic surgery (facial enhancement).

(Laughs) “Nothing in my face; only parts of my body were touched.”

Your picture on the cover of a recent issue of Mega magazine was controversial. Hindi mo raw kamukha, masyado raw retokada (photoshopped).

“Nag-OK ako sa pictorial. I trusted the people at Mega magazine. I was happy with the result. I really appreciated their effort in making me look good.” (According to A-list make-up artist Kris Basuelo, it must be the make-up that made Jinkee’s face look thinner. — RFL) “I think it was my hair. I cut it short. For the longest time my hair was long. I guess baka nanibago lang ang mga tao at nasabi nilang parang hindi na ako ‘yon.”

Did Manny like it?

“Yes. Nagandahan naman siya, happy naman siya. Nagulat lang siya kung bakit may intriga.”

New year, new life. Is it true that Manny has also changed his ways?

“Yes, he has really changed. No more party-party; noon, halos gabi-gabi nagpa-party siya. No more drinking.”

Milk na lang?

“No more hard drinks. Bawal malasing. Maski wine, ayaw na niya.”

Good news.

“At wala na ring casino-casino.”

Was gambling only a hobby for Manny?

“Hmmmm…..I think it’s like that in the beginning when you’re earning big money, kapag sikat ka na at malaki ang kinikita mo. You don’t know what to do with your money.”

Saan madalas manalo si Manny, sa casino o sa boxing?

“Of course, sa boxing!”

Nasanay ka na rin ba sa mga tsismis tungkol kay Manny and other women?

“I don’t mind them anymore. I told him, ‘Hindi naman dapat maging okey lang ako lagi, na hanggang sa pagtanda ko ganoon ang ginagawa mo, hindi puwede sa akin ‘yon.’ I don’t want that to happen to our children. When the time comes that they get married, siguro mapi-feel nila kung ano ang sa kanila ng tatay nila, and I don’t think they will like it. So I told Manny, ‘Stop na!’”

What if, just IF, he wouldn’t stop?

“Eh, di mag-isa na lang siya sa buhay niya.”

Do you allow Manny to still look at other women?

“Puwede naman, as long as he should know what The Bible says…na kung paano magkasala ang isang may-asawang tao, at kung ano ang mga hindi dapat gawin.”

Oo nga pala, Bible readers na pala kayo…since when?

“When we were in the States practicing for his fight (with Juan Manuel Marquez in December last year).”

[PHOTO - Peace in the family. Says Jinkee, ‘Even the children notice the change in Manny. He now stays at home and spends more time with the children.’

Is it true that the Team Pacquiao has been trimmed down, nabawasan ng maraming miyembro?

“Medyo dumi-distansya na sila. Before, they were always with me, nag-iinuman. Parang bad influence kay Manny.”

Is it true that you were the one who made them stay away?

“Hindi na sila nagpapakita. I think nahihiya na sila siguro because Manny is a changed man now. Homebody na siya. Palaging taong-bahay.”

What does he do at home?

“He reads The Bible.”

Doesn’t he get bored?

“I don’t think so. Sana hindi, kasi desisyon niya ‘yon, eh, para sa katahimikan namin at ng aming pamilya.”

Good for this year, next year and the next few years?


According to a US sports magazine, you were instrumental in the big change in Manny.

“Well, it has to start with me kasi ako ang palagi niyang kasama. He has to be a role model to other families na kailangan hindi mag-hiwalay ang mag-asawa.”

Have you reached a point when you almost separated?

“Hmmmm, yes, we did. That was the time when I wanted to give up na. But I kept on praying…asking The Lord to show me a way to make Manny change. My prayer was answered.”

Do your children notice the change in their father?

“Yes, kasi Manny has more time with the children. He’s always at home, playing with the kids.”

By the way, belated happy birthday. Manny gave you an island (worth P25M daw) as a gift. Was it a peace offering?

“Hindi naman. The TV news was exaggerated. That island is part of Sarangani. We stayed there n’ung New Year. We’re renting it from the government, P100,000 a year. We can rent it for 25 years, it depends.”

[PHOTO - With Cristalle Henares of The Belo Medical Clinic]

If ever you decide to buy it, what would you do with it?

“We can turn it into a resort.”

It’s almost sure that Manny will fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. middle of this year. What support are you giving Manny?

“The usual…Give him no problem, pray for him…”

…and no sex three weeks before the fight.

(Laughs) “…yes, kasama na rin ‘yon.”

Are you planning to go on vacation before the fight?

“Maybe in July…for two months, with the kids.”

Anything you want to tell women having “intentions” for Manny?

“God bless you! Kung may balak kayo, I will pray for you! God will punish you!”

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi
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