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MANILA, JANUARY 2i, 2012 (STAR) By Nathalie Tomada - Is a wedding finally in the works for Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villarroel?

Zoren revealed that they’ve been mulling over a possible date at the altar despite some past pronouncements that getting married wasn’t something they talked about.

“Yes (we’re getting there). You’ll just be surprised. Mayroon na kaming sini-set na date eh. Kasi papeles nga yan eh, ang hirap pala ayusin ng mga papeles na yan. It should be (this year)… Now, we’re trying to put it together,” the Kapatid star said in a recent interview with The STAR when TV5 flew him, along with some of TV5’s biggest names, to Cebu City to grace the network’s pre-Sinulog show.

Zoren admitted that they never really discussed it before, but “recently, we’ve been talking about it. That’s why our target (for the wedding) is hopefully this year.”

In a previous interview, Carmina had said that the stalling or non-action on the matter is not because of any legal impediment (she being formerly married) because there’s none.

It’s also not because their kids, 11-year-old twins Mavey and Cassy, are asking for it. “Hindi nagtanong ang kids. Di pa nila alam. This year, before we get married, we’ll explain to them.”

Zoren, nevertheless, said that it’s long overdue. “I even told (Carmina), ‘Why not this Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14)?’ I don’t know if she took me seriously. Maybe I should ask her again later. Pwede pa namang humabol di ba?”

Asked on what kind of wedding he envisions it to be, Zoren said, “I’m sure it’s a small gathering. Maybe a simple garden wedding (with family and close friends) ... I don’t really know what Carmina wants.” He also said they are born-again Christians.

Zoren also related how their love story unfolded. “We were neighbors,” he said. At that time, Carmina just came out of a failed marriage and was far from entertaining thoughts of getting into another relationship.

But he said there was a ghost in her house that caused her nightmares. Since she was alone, he would sometimes visit her and took it upon himself to look after her. While he was already very interested in her, Carmina simply treated him as a friend and had many other suitors. But it reached the point, according to him, “na hinahanap-hanap na niya ako.”

“Actually, I already courted her before, but I stopped because she was very young then,” he said. They’ve been together for more than a decade now.

Meanwhile, Carmina has returned to ABS-CBN and has been given a showbiz-oriented talk show, but it’s not directly competing with Zoren’s Sunday show Paparazzi, contrary to rumors.

He also shared that Carmina did ask him to be prudent with his comments on Paparazzi. “My personality is that, while I do care, you don’t scare me that easily. The problem is when you become too fearless and you say what you wanna say, there’ll be reactions even if what you’re saying is true. In fairness to me, everything that I’ve said on the show, I picked it up from the interview with the artists. That’s my style. Although nag-re-react si Carmina ng ‘Ha, sinabi mo yun?’ (Sabi ko) di ko sinabi yun, sinabi nila, inulit ko lang.”

Why the talk show format, nevertheless, appeals to him is because he enjoys studying the background of the personalities he interviews and listening to their stories.

Zoren, who can also be seen on the TV5 primetime teleserye Glamorosa, has been doing Paparazzi for roughly four months now, and he admitted that there was a time that he felt like quitting. “Because I can’t stop myself from saying something on issues, especially yung dine-deny, dun talaga ako naiinis. You know, Filipino fans are forgiving. You just apologize and they’ll accept you.”

Carmina once told The STAR that Zoren is the type who speaks his mind out. “Zoren is very transparent. He says what’s in his heart, without any malice,” she said in a previous interview.

Zoren, however, said he has learned to keep his lips sealed if he feels he’s not in the position to comment. “I’m just quiet on issues that I feel uncomfortable with.”

“I know it’s difficult,” Zoren said, “as you’ll be walking on a thin line, especially if your friends are involved. Basta ang rules kasi dyan, if you have skeletons in your closet, make sure your closet is closed. Kasi pag nag-pakawala ka, sorry ka, kasi pag-pipiyestahan yan.

“Ako di naman pikon. Pikon lang pag-di-totoo yung sinasabi mo sa akin. Pag totoo, kahit sinong artista, walang karapatan mapikon.

“But that’s the nature of life. Whatever you do, wherever you work, there’ll always be intrigue. It’s just that with celebrities, parang ang sarap pag-usapan, kasi parang kilala mo eh, nakikita mo siya sa TV, nakaka-relate ka.

“But I’ve always known I’ll be comfortable with the format and one reason is because I have no skeletons in my closet. They can dig all they want, and they won’t find a thing, but if they do, I’ll readily admit it.”

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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