MANILA, JANUARY 26, 2012 (MALAYA) ETHEL RAMOS - ‘To those in the know, Oyo, if possible, would want Vic to marry again. But to someone a bit older (than Pauleen, perhaps).’

IT looks like Oyo Sotto is unconvinced that Pauleen Luna, rumored to be the current love of his Dad Vic Sotto, is the right girl for him. As it is, he is said to be open about his dislike for Pauleen.

This fact reportedly doesn’t bother Pauleen a bit. Did we hear it right that she doesn’t even care to know what Oyo has got against her?

To those in the know, Oyo would want Vic to marry again. But to someone a bit older (than Pauleen, perhaps), so Vic can start having a family again. Just like Oyo.

Oyo, as a family man, describes his life now as simply amazing. It’s great to be both a husband and father to his newborn daughter whom he and his wife Kristine Hermosa named Ondrea Bliss.


In Oyo’s upcoming series, "Valiente," he is reunited with former girlfriend Nadine Samonte.

But no need for Kristine to worry, Nadine says, as she herself is back in the arms of Emerson Chua, a businessman whose family owns the famous Ping Ping Lechon.

Nadine admits that for a time, she and Emerson broke up. And this happened when she signed with TV5.

As we all know, for her first project with the Kapatid network, she was assigned a series which paired her with Leandro Munoz, who came back from the US where he’s based.

In any case, TV5 convinced Leandro to stage a comeback and do the series with Nadine. And, as expected, a romance of sorts developed between the two.

Their relationship, though, didn’t last long.

If Emerson would have his way, according to Nadine, he wants the two of them to get married this year. But she says she wants to take advantage of all the good opportunities coming her way in showbiz these days.

Says a kibitzer: "Obvious na gusto ni Nadine na ready na talaga siya for married life, before she plunges into it."


Dawn Zulueta finally left with Coco Martin for Milan, Italy, where they will shoot some scenes for their ongoing series together, "Walang Hanggan," on ABS-CBN. They are to shoot scenes at a vineyard, where Dawn helps Coco get work.

"Protégé ko kasi siya supposedly, when I learned that he is into wine making. Agriculturist kasi si Coco and has had the experience in working in a farm as Pilipinas, na ang tanim ay grapes.

"With encouragement from the owner of the farm (played by Joel Torre), he experiments on producing wines from the grapes they produce.

"Ako naman sa kuwento ng ‘Walang Hanggan’ supposedly grew up in a farm which also produced grapes.

"Kaya, ito ang one thing in common ni Coco and me. In ‘Walang Hanggan, after leading a miserable life, I suddenly became rich.

"How this happens, well, you have to follow every night the series on ABS CBN," says Dawn with a laugh.

"Walang Hanggan" boasts of a powerhouse cast. Aside from Dawn and Coco, also in the series are Susan Roces, Helen Gamboa, Eddie Gutierrez and young stars Julia Vargas, Paulo Avelino and Melissa Ricks. Direction is by Jerry Lopez Seneneng and Trina Dayrit.


In town is Cloie Skarne, Gabby Concepcion’s daughter with his former wife, Jenny Syquia.

Why Cloie is sporting a different surname, unlike his half-sisters, KC and Gabrielle (who are both using Concepcion), is a long story, Suffice to say that Skarne is the surname of her Swedish stepfather.

Cloie was only two years old when she and her mom left the country. She lived in Sweden but studied in China.

Cloie has a half-sister. She’s seven years old and is with them on their current visit to the country.

Although Cloie reportedly has yet to meet her biological dad, she has had the chance to meet and bond with KC and Gabrielle.

While her stepdad and half-sister are soon going back to Sweden, mother and daughter, according to Lolit Solis, Jenny’s former talent manager, are staying will be around till March.

Did we hear it right that if a right offer comes her way, Cloie might be convinced to be left behind, as she wants to try showbiz like her two sisters?

Cloie reportedly is 18 years old.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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