(MALAYA) MARIO BAUTISTA (‘Who else would be the suspect but her husband since only she and Raymart are authorized to withdraw it?’ )

Most folks do not believe the official statement of Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto that they’ve not split. We know that whatever they’re going through right now is not easy, but they should have been more cautious in handling their own problems. That footage shown on national TV of Claudine complaining about the money in their joint account going missing is certainly very messy. Who else would be the suspect but her husband since only she and Raymart are authorized to withdraw it?

The fact that she went there with her lawyer and the media was called to record it only aggravated the situation. She could have done this in private. In their statement, they deplored "the glare and glee of media speculation that only hurt us and those we love." But the media wouldn’t have suspected anything if not for Claudine’s scene at the bank, so they should blame themselves first. And also Claudine’s lawyer whose parting shot about what’s happening is "Draw your own conclusions." That’s exactly what the public is doing now: drawing their own conclusions about what really happened.

FORMER Miss International Precious Lara Quigaman is into horror these days. She stars in two scary flicks that are now showing, Regal’s "Aswang" that’s a big hit and the indie film, "Babang Luksa." She’s also in TV5’s horror anthology, "Regal Shockers," this Saturday. We’ve seen "Aswang" and she does well as Lovi Poe’s elder sister who’s married to Joem Bascon. She wants Lovi to marry their mysterious chief, Bembol Roco (who’s made up to look so old and deformed), as this will bring power to their race of "abwaks" or taong bayawak. In "Regal Shockers," she plays a ghost in the episode, "Red Shoes." She haunts the pair of red shoes that Ruffa Gutierrez stole from an ukay-ukay store.

It’s common knowledge she is now officially engaged to Marco Alcaraz. Have they set their wedding date? "Our plan is to have it in October 2012, a year from now, so we’d have enough time to prepare. We want it to be a beach wedding, but we’re still looking for the perfect place."

Will she still go on with her showbiz career even after she’s married?

"Yes, tuloy-tuloy lang. Pareho kami ni Marco. Later on, we plan to put up our own business."


Vhong Navarro felt flattered when Robin Padilla chose him to be his co-star in ABS-CBN’s new sitcom, "Toda Max." "Matagal ng walang sitcom sa ABS at malaking karangalan talagang akong pinili ni Idol na makasama siya rito," he says. "First time ko siya nakasama sa ‘Puedeng-Puede ‘ in 1998, bumilib na ko sa kanya sa galing niya hindi lang sa action kundi pati sa comedy."

He welcomes acting again as he’s been doing nothing lately but hosting in "Showtime." "And proud kami kasi ang ‘Toda Max’ hindi lang nagpapatawa kundi naghahatid din ng good values about family, friendship and life."

Both he and Robin are known for being "chickboys." When he loves someone, is it "todo max" also?

"Siempre, dapat lang. Ako, never na naging two-timer. Isa-isa lang at lagi, I give my todo max. Pinaka-todong binigay ko, 100%, kaya lang hindi ako sinuklian ng 100% din. Twenty percent lang niya ang binigay sa’kin. Dun ko natutuhan na kapag nagbigay ka ng todo max na pagmamahal, dapat magtira ka pa rin ng konti para sa sarili mo at nang hindi ka lubhang masaktan."

So who among the past girls linked to him (Bianca Lapuz, Desiree del Valle and Diana Zubiri) did this to him?

"Secret. Sinulat ko ‘yan sa slumbook ko para ‘di ko malimutan."

Congratulations to director Jeffrey Jeturian. His movie, "Bisperas (Trespassers)," best picture winner in the Cinemalaya Director’s Showcase category, won again in the Tokyo International FIlmfest held from Oct. 22 to 30. It was named best Asian-Middle Eastern Film in the Winds of Asia-Middle East section with a cash prize of $10,000. It’s the first Filipino film to win this. Jeturian attended the affair with scriptwriter Paul Sta. Ana but he returned to Manila before the festival ended. The organizers later notified him to return to Japan but his visa was just for a single entry so he didn’t make it to the awards night anymore. "Bisperas" was produced by Atty. Joji Alonso’s Quantum Films and also won the Cinemalaya best actress award for Raquel Villavicencio and best supporting actress award for Julia Clarete.


Ruffa Gutierrez was interviewed by her own brother Raymond in "Showbiz Central" and she said her involvement in John Lloyd-Shaina split issue is "ka-cheapan. Hindi siya nakakahaba ng hair kundi nakakakalbo siya. Hindi siya nakakaganda sa’kin."

She said the whole evening at Vina Morales’ anniversary show, "walang gulong nangyari, ang saya-saya. Then ten minutes later, I got a text from his phone saying ‘Shut up.’ Sabi ko, bakit kaya ako tinetext ni John Lloyd ng ‘shut up?’ And then patuloy na dumadating ‘yung messages na hindi maganda from JL’s number. I found out later it’s Shaina who’s texting."

That’s when she twitted her now famous "no cure for the insecure" message. "But after a while, I understood Shaina, na nagseselos lang siya, but I hope she leaves me out of it as John Lloyd already cleared my name."

Raymond himself said Ruffa showed him the text from John Lloyd’s phone that night. "It really came from John Lloyd’s phone," he says. "Now if Shaina is saying that si Ate ang unang nag-text, well I guess she’s a liar then."

Ruffa just returned from the Middle East to promote TV5’s international arm with Aga Muhlach and Shalala.


We always feel excited when we see the good work of a new director. That’s how we felt when we saw Jerrold Tarog’s debut film, "Confessional," that won most of the awards in the 2008 Cinema One filmfest and also won best film and other honors at the Star Awards, Cinemanila and Cinefan festival of Asian and Arab Cinema. Jerrold himself co-wrote the script, directed, edited and scored it.

His second work, "Mangatyanan," about a female photographer troubled by her being a victim of incest, was made for Che Ramos, a theater actress who really did well in the lead role. His third full length film, "Senior Year," about high school life, got an A from the Cinema Evaluation Board and also several nominations from various award-giving bodies.

Born on May 30, 1977, he’s an only child born and raised in Canlubang, Laguna. He finished high school at UP Rural High and took up music, major in composition, at UP Diliman. "I was never really a film buff," he says. "Musician talaga ako. I took up piano lessons as a child and in college, I was the drummer of a band. But the UP conservatory of music was just a stone’s throw away sa masscomm in UP and I took film classes. That’s where I got exposed to the works of Akira Kurosawa, Martin Scorcese and Woody Allen."

He went mainstream last year with the "Funeraria" episode in "Shake, Rattle & Roll 12" that got rave reviews and won two acting awards for lead actress Carla Abellana.

How did Regal get him?

"I really don’t know. Basta one day, they called me to direct an episode of ‘Shake.’ I no longer asked why they’re getting me. Basta thankful na lang ako. I accepted it right away even if I’m not really a fan of horror films."

He now directs his first full-length mainstream film, "Aswang." "When they gave me the script, it’s based on the first ‘Aswang’ film of Peque Gallaga. I said I’ll change the story so I wrote a new script with Aloy Adlawan, who also worked with me in ‘Funeraria.’ This has a more modern sensibility, hindi basta nanggugulat lang but more of a suspense thriller about two kids, Albie Casino and Jillian Ward, who are escaping from hired killers and hide in this town populated by a clan of man-eaters called abwaks who live in their own sugar plantation, with Bembol Roco as the mysterious leader. This is also a forbidden love story between an abwak, Lovi Poe, and a human, Paulo Avelino."

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