MANILA, OCTOBER 16, 2011 (BULLETIN) By NESTOR CUARTERO (PHOTO - Lovi Poe) — Just a thought: While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. – Angela Schwindt

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Daldalita, not daldakina: In decades past, a child who talked too much was often compared to a machine gun.

Parents probably got that impression while reading “Daldakina,” a popular komiks serial at the time. “Daldakina’s” etymology must have come from two root words, daldal (talkative) and makina (machine).

Now comes GMA’s new family serial, “Daldalita,” the story of a much too talkative little girl who lives among ducks and other animals on a farm. Jillian Ward as “Daldalita” is pictured in scenes together with ducks, although I think it would have made more sense if she had hens for company. Hens definitely make more noise than ducks.

At one point, GMA was tempted to call its new early evening series “Daldakina,” but backed off upon learning that a komiks serial by that name once flourished, a creation of artist Francisco V. Coching.

Production executive Reggie Magno says they conveniently chose “Daldalita” instead as the title hewed closer to the name of the lead character, Lolita.

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Farmville musical: Airing on Oct. 17 before “24 Oras,” “Daldalita” is a family-oriented program with breaks in song and dance.

It gathers a cast of actors who are also singers (and vice-versa), including Ogie Alcasid, Manilyn Reynes, Julie Ann San Jose, Elmo Magalona, Marc Abaya, Timmy Cruz, and Arnold Reyes.

’90s singing sweetheart Donna Cruz makes a special one-day appearance as “Daldalita’s” mother who dies in childbirth.

“Daldalita” tells the same old story. A baby is stolen or lost, lands on a farm, her original family searches three months (a season’s worth of episodes) for her.

Series director Don Michael Perez says “Daldalita” is his fitting follow-up to two other child-oriented programs he directed recently one after the other. The first was “Trudis Liit,” which launched Jillian Ward as a TV star. The second was the just-finished “Bantatay.”

Like “Bantatay,” which barked good ratings throughout its run, “Daldalita” also features talking animals.

They include Daisy The Duck, who is voiced by Candy Pangilinan, Bobby The Pig (Wally Bayola), and Kirat the Mouse (Pekto).

Executive producer Lani Sandoval says voice actors are paid less than their normal rates. They work only once a week in the studio for a few hours to dub their parts.

Human characters shoot their scenes mostly in a duck farm in Taal, Batangas. It was also where Donna Cruz was whisked off straight from the airport upon her arrival in Manila from Cebu, where she is based.

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Star news: A spray of bullets once rained on Jake Cuenca’s car while it was parked in front of his condo building in Mandaluyong. Now comes news that the drama actor reportedly got warned to keep off a popular young actress through a surprise present sent to his address, a box of ... bullets?

Both Jake and rumored girlfriend, Lovi Poe, have denied the rumor. Lovi spoke in defense of her politician boyfriend who has been unfairly credited with such bad tidings.

Speaking of Lovi, FPJ’s daughter is on a roll. She has been starring in a series of movies, from “My Valentine Girls” to “Temptation Island” to “My Neighbor’s Wife,” all shown within months of each other. Lovi’s biggest challenge is the film, “Aswang,” where she goes solo. The film, directed by Jerrold Tarog, combines sex with horror.

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