MANILA, SEPTEMBER 30, 2011 (STAR) By Nathalie Tomada - Star Cinema/Viva Films’ No Other Woman stars (from left) Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay and Cristine Reyes. |

The thorny issue of infidelity gets explored in the film No Other Woman, a co-production of Star Cinema and Viva Films. It may be a recurring theme in the movies, but No Other Woman is not just another infidelity story, according to its cast and director.

Derek Ramsay takes the leading man role as the husband caught between the already ideal wife (Cristine Reyes) and the other woman (Anne Curtis) who just won’t back down. The wife doesn’t play martyr and meek, but neither is the mistress.

No Other Woman director Ruel Bayani said in a presscon, “It’s a modern story. The wife is already perfect and yet, the cheating still happened. We’re not delivering the film’s message from some intellectual or moral high horse. Hindi kami pwede magmarunong. The film is open to interpretation and insight.”

But what would the cast do if and when thrown into the same situation? How would they deal with cheating — not necessarily in marriage, but in their romantic relationships?

Derek said that, while he doesn’t know what he’s capable of doing when he finds out, he shares the opinion of Cristine that the cheating partner would have to be asked to make a choice.

Said Cristine, “Papipili-in ko siya, kung di ikaw ang pinili, then you’re not meant to be. “

But, of course, it’s easier said than done. Explained Anne, “If that happens, you’d immediately think, it cannot be. Better separate. But the thing is, when you’re put in that position, you just can’t do it; you have to be sure that it’s going to be you (who’s chosen).”

Did they ever experience being cheated on?

Anne, without naming names, said, “Yes and masakit. It gets to the point when you don’t know yourself anymore. But it becomes part of growing up because it teaches you to be mature and how to handle relationships better.”

A lot has been said about men being “polygamous” by nature. But Derek, who claimed that he’s never been unfaithful to long-time girlfriend Angelica Panganiban, begged to disagree, “Are all men wired the same? I don’t think so. I have my parents as an example. They have been married for 38 years, and they had their problems, but not once it was because of a third party. It really depends on the relationship, that’s why ayoko magmadali. Get to know each other because if you’re not ready and you go through rough water, you’ll drown.”

So, how does a hunk like Derek resist temptation? “Just work.”

Meanwhile, there’s a perceived trend that local moviegoers go for comedy-themed films. While the film’s emotionally charged scenes are interspersed with some light hearted moments courtesy of Carmi Martin, who plays the mother of Cristine’s character, how are they taking the pressure of making a hit out of this film given its genre?

Cristine said, “No pressure, I feel confident (of the film).”

“The pressure is always going to be there. Based on feedback from my Twitter, they liked it that it’s a more adult -themed movie, and it’s been a while since nagkaroon ng ganitong set-up,” Anne said. “I think people are excited to see that kasi sa panahon natin ngayon, maraming nakaka-relate to it. And that’s what makes us even more nervous, that is hopefully we can live up to expectations.”

Derek, for his part, said, “The pressure is there everytime na gumagawa ako ng project. But that’s side of it, which I throw over my shoulders. I’m there to give my 100 percent work. Pagkatapos lumabas yung pelikula that’s when I start worrying about it. Actually, people tend to watch comedy, sa dami ng problema natin sa Pilipinas. But watch this film and you can learn a lot of things. There are films which you cannot apply in real life. But you can grab a lot of lessons here.”

And what are the lessons to be gleaned from No Other Woman?

“If you know from the very beginning it was wrong, don’t do it. You’ll know it from your gut feel if it’s right or wrong. From the bottom of your heart, you’ll know,” said Anne.

Derek said, “Life is full of temptations. But whatever decision you make in whatever situation in life, what’s important is how you deal with the consequences of your actions.”

Rated A by the Cinema Evaluation Board, No Other Woman opens today in theaters nationwide.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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