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Televiewers especially the Noranians have more reasons to stay glued on TV5 in the coming weeks. Aside from topbilling the mini-series Sa Ngalan ng Ina, which will air beginning Oct. 3, Nora Aunor will be doing more shows as she is set to formally sign a three-year contract with the Kapatid Network probably by next week.

“TV5 is very supportive and truly shows its respect and love to me. That’s why, I’d like to show how thankful I am by working (with them),” Nora said in the vernacular after the advance screening of Sa Ngalan ng Ina’s pilot episode at the Cinema 2 of SM City The Block last Thursday.

According to Nora, it was only last week when TV5 made the offer and without second thoughts, she gave her nod to officially become the latest addition to the network’s growing number of talents. The TV5 contract she signed right after she flew in from the US was good for one TV mini-series only.

“It’s different when you know that you’re working with people who care about you, walang problema at walang mga intriga, lahat masaya. So after this mini-series, there’s another TV soap for me.”

Still, Nora has to go back to the US for her green card. She’ll be staying for a month and while there, Nora plans to go to Boston to have her throat checked. Her vocal cords were reportedly damaged due to a cosmetic surgery. She hopes to regain her voice as she wishes to revive her singing career and do a concert in the future.

[PHOTO - With Sa Ngalan ng Ina co-star Christopher de Leon . — Photo by ENIE REYES]

But for now, the superstar is concentrating on the mini-series that will run for a month. The drama show also reunites her with Christopher “Boyet” de Leon and son Ian. Location shoots take them to Batangas most of the time.

Asked how does she feel acting in front of the cameras again after an eight-year absence from showbiz, Nora replied, “I’m happy because it is only now that I get to see myself acting onscreen again and I’m glad with the outcome of our hard work.”

How about working with Boyet whom she had worked and fallen in love with in the past?

“My respect for him is still there, magaling talaga at s’yempre may pitik pa din,” Nora replied.

The mini-series also inspired her to give her best every time director Mario O’Hara shouts “Action!” But believe it or not, according to Nora, she still gets nervous during tapings. “Kahit naman noong araw pa ninenerbyos talaga ako.”

Sa Ngalan ng Ina tells the story of Elena Deogracias (Nora), a quiet but intelligent and strong-willed woman who is elected as governor of Salvacion. She never dreamt of entering politics but due to her husband Armando’s (Bembol Roco) sudden death, Elena is convinced by the townspeople to take his place in the gubernatorial race.

The cast also includes Edgar Allan Guzman, Nadine Samonte, Alwyn Uytingco, Rosanna Roces, Karel Marquez, Jay Aquitania, Joross Gamboa, Eula Caballero, and with the special participation of Eugene Domingo. It is directed by Mario O’ Hara and Jon Red.

Fans will also see Nora on the big screen via the Emilio Aguinaldo biopic El Presidente with Laguna Gov. ER Ejercito. She, too, is set to star in Ho To Tay, Regal Films’ entry to this year’s Metro Manila Filmfest.

(Sa Ngalan ng Ina will air weeknights after Wil Time Bigtime.)

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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