MANILA, AUGUST 27, 2011 (STAR) FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo -Fr. Fernando Suarez

When Fr. Fernando Suarez said a healing Mass followed by a healing session in Catarman, Northern Samar, two of my townmates from Las Navas claimed that they were healed.

One was suffering from prostate cancer and the other myoma. Magic? They believed it was a miracle.

My doctor-friend was downhearted when his wife was diagnosed with cancer of the ovary. In addition to the medical treatment, he sought out Fr. Joey Faller to pray over his wife.

Soon, the cancer was gone. Magic? The couple believed it was a miracle.

Somebody I know was into tube-feeding after suffering from a stroke. His relative requested Fr. Corsie Legaspi to pray over him over the phone. In an instant, the patient could swallow solid food and did away with the tube.

[PHOTO - The Monte Maria Shrine of Fr. Fernando Suarez in Alfonso, Cavite, where a ground-breaking ceremony and Mass were held last Monday, Aug. 22.

On a recent working trip to Bangkok to interview Thai pop star Mario Maurer, my friend Raoul Tidalgo and I paid Fr. Corsie a visit at a room where he conducts healing sessions once a month.

Fr. Corsie looked at Raoulís arms and said, ďRaise them.Ē The left arm was five inches shorter than the right. Whereupon, Fr. Corsie prayed over Raoulís arms and then asked him again to raise them. The two arms were equal in length.

Magic? It could be a miracle.

There are non-believers and then again there are hundreds who believe and so they flock to the healing Masses/sessions of these three healing priests, who are among the most popular in the country. Thatís the key word ó believe. Faith can move mountains, canít it?

Iíve been wondering if a healer can heal himself, so I asked Fr. Suarez and Fr. Faller (Fr. Corsie couldnít text or e-mail his answers from Bangkok) about it. Hereís what they said:

[PHOTO - Fr. Corsie Legaspi during a healing session]

Do you feel the symptoms of the sick after a healing session?

Fr. Suarez: Iím just a plain conduit, so itís one way. The power comes from God and is coursed through me to the people, so walang bumabalik sa akin. After a healing session, I donít get tired, I donít feel drained, siguro nangangalay lang ang paa ko which is normal kasi most of the time I am on my feet.

Fr. Faller: Every time I touch people I can feel their sickness in the form of heaviness in my heartÖ and pain in my head if the sickness is great. In a way, I absorb negative energy.

Can a healer heal himself?

Fr. Suarez: No. This gift is not for me; it is for the people. Siguro other healers can heal themselves. When I get sick, I have to consult another healer. I have chronic pains and migraine but I canít heal them while with other people, one touch from me and they say that those pains are gone.

PHOTO - Fr. Joey Faller says regular Masses on Mondays and healing sessions at his Kamay ni Hesus Shrine in Lucban, Quezon

Fr. Faller: I believe that a healer canít heal himself. As a charismatic gift, it is to be used on other people and not on myself, for the building up of the church. Normally, I would ask somebody who has the gift of healing to pray over me.

Have you ever been ill and how did you recover?

Fr. Suarez: Common colds, flu and sinus, yes, but nothing more serious than that.

Fr. Faller: Yes, I get sick, too. Prayers, medication, rest, diet and exercise are my means of recovery.

Last Monday, Aug. 22, Fr. Suarez led the ground-breaking of his Monte Maria (ďMother of the PoorĒ) Shrine in Alfonso, Cavite, which has a large auditorium where he says Mass. Sunday nights, from 6 to 8 p.m., he hosts a program on Radio Veritas after which he gathers street-children (more than a hundred when we were there) and treat them to dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Fr. Faller has been expanding his Kamay ni Hesus Shrine in Lucban, Quezon, which is dominated by a huge statue of The Risen Christ on top of a mountain, said to be the third largest such religious statue (after those in Brazil as the first and Bolivia as second).

Kamay ni Hesus now includes a dormitory and retreat house built like Noahís Ark.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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