MANILA, AUGUST 25, 2011 (MANILA TIMES) Hotel heiress say her Philippine project is the one she is most proud of.

IN a recent television interview with Piers Morgan, hotel heiress Paris Hilton talked about “Brand Paris”—her impressive number of business ventures. These include 17 different product lines, from fragrances, handbags, clothing, shoes, sunglasses, to pet products, stationary and bedding—from which she admits earning over $10 million.

Besides her ventures, Paris has also starred in several TV shows, done a few movies, dabbled in a fairly successful music career, and become New York Times best-selling author.

But for all the success she has achieved, Paris says her project in the Philippines is the one she is definitely most proud about.

Paris was on a five-day visit to work with Century Properties in designing the Beach Club of Azure Urban Resort Residences.

Speaking before members of the local press at a media junket late Wednesday afternoon at The Peninsula Manila, the Hollywood socialite said she is proud of everything she has done because she has worked hard for all her amazing business.

“I have some proud moments, with my 17 product lines, my music albums, writing books to movies. I’ve really done it all. But this is probably the one thing that I am most proud about especially because my great grandfather started a hotel chain,” she related.

Her great grandfather Conrad Hilton (photo) is widely known as the founder of Hilton Hotels.

“Real estate is something that I really wanted to give all my time. That’s why this project is so important to me,” she stated.

Paris said she even received a call from her grandfather because of the project. “My grandfather called me a couple of days ago when he found out I’m in the Philippines and heard about this project.

“He said, ‘I’m so proud of you. You’re my only granddaughter who achieved so much success and to see you’re now on real estate is just amazing.’

“It just made me feel to get that call from my grandfather because I really look up to him as a businessman,” she concluded.

Will real estate be number 18 for “Brand Paris?”

Paris Beach Club

The Beach Club amenity of Azure is part of a six-hectare residential development in the southern part of Manila that features a resort-inspired theme complete with a sizeable man-made beach.

According to Robbie Antonio, managing director of Century Properties, they chose Paris because of her exposure to travel and her predisposition to many aspects of design—from fashion, beauty, lifestyle to world-class service.

“Deciding to work with her was the logical choice as we found no other personality more suited to embody the upscale fashionable beachgoer,” Robbie said.

He added “With her exposure to the best beaches around the world, coupled with her fun and sensible fashion sense, we believe that we’ve made the right choice in partnering with someone who appreciates urban resort style living and who can lend a world-class touch to Azure.”

“Her unparalleled style that made her a successful businesswoman and a style icon, as well as her zest for living the good life are the qualities that we would like to incorporate into our vacation-inspired residential property,” said Century Properties Chief Operating Officer and Azure Project head John Victor Antonio.

Antonio adds that they were pleasantly surprised with the very active involvement of Hilton during the discussion and planning meetings—personally deciding on the tiles to use, the designs and even the color schemes.

John Victor, who met Hilton and her family while he was staying in New York, praised Paris for her work ethic describing here as “a savvy businesswoman.”

Despite arriving late Sunday, Paris went straight to work early Monday morning for a meeting with Century Properties and for a photoshoot for the campaign. Paris will also serve as the endorser of Azure.

“From the time I picked her up at the airport Sunday night, she worked 10 straight hours the following day despite her jetlag,” said Robbie in a news report. “She even took a photo with everyone in the end to thank the crew,” he added.

Paris on her part said it was the country’s beaches that first attracted her to accept the project and visit the Philippines. “I was excited about going to the Philippines because the beaches here are so incredible.

“I was like, how cool would it be to have a man-made beach in the middle of the city that is so beautiful. It is so breathtaking that I want to live there. If I would live in the Philippines, I would definitely live in Azure.

“I’ve been to the most beautiful resorts and hotels and beach clubs all over the world. So, when people go to the Beach Club of Azure, they will know that it’s designed by me—it’s going to be very Paris, sexy, and beautiful. It’s going to be the best beach club,” she assured.

Meeting her fans During the press conference, Paris had the chance to meet her several of her Filipino fans, especially Isha Dinio whom Paris exchanged regular messages with on Twitter.

Dinio was not able to hold back her tears of joy as she and Hilton shared a tight embrace on stage and exchanged gifts. Dinio said she gave Paris a baro’t saya and a picture frame made from local seashells. Hilton, on the other hand, gave her a pink and gray “Paris Hilton” purse.

Another fan, Papz Apolinario, was among the six winners of the meet-and-greet Facebook contest sponsored by Century Properties. An avid collector of Paris’ merchandise, she admits to owning all of her fragrances, reading her book and purchasing five bags from Paris’ shops. She says she’s now also very interested with Azure, because of Paris’ involvement.

Paris also graced the opening of her shop in SM Megamall yesterday and held a similar meet-and-greet program with her loyal fans.

PH loves PH Just as her Filipino fans expressed their love for the Paris, the Hollywood celebrity was likewise very gracious in her complements to the country.

“I’m having the most wonderful time here in the Philippines,” she told reporters.

She also posted regular tweets of her Philippine experience—“I love the food in the Philippines! So delicious! Loves it :),” read one of her tweets.

She even praised the people she had worked with; “Love my stylist here @Bea_Constantino. She is putting me in the most beautiful dresses. Loving all the Filipino designers, so talented!”

It seemed the hotel heiress has enjoyed her stay very much that she’s already hinted coming back to the country for the opening of Azure.

“I’m so excited for the big opening party. It’s going be the best party so, hope to see you all there,” Paris said.


Hotel heiress Paris Hilton adds beach club designer to her resume

[PHOTO - CENTURY PHILIPPINES AZURE BEACH - the truly iconic and first of its kind man-made beach cove complete with fine beach sand, undulating waves, water slides and water cascades. It truly is a tropical vacation you can come home to every single day!]

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton adds beach club designer to her resume, hired by developers to create a resort venue in Manila

Millionaire hotel heiress and socialite Paris Hilton arrived in Manila to embark on her next project - a beach club at a resort in the Philippine capital.

Media and airline personnel at Ninoy Aquino airport went into a frenzy as the 30-year-old heiress strolled through the terminal into a vehicle waiting outside.

Local developer Century Properties approached Hilton to design the beach club for their six hectare residential resort.

They said in a statement that she was chosen because of her vast experience in international culture and high fashion.

Hilton broke the news via Twitter, tweeting that she would be flying to the Philippines to launch a partnership with a real estate developer.

She reportedly will also be touring her new boutique in Manila and meeting with fans during her five day visit. (Reuters)

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