MANILA, JULY 25, 2011 (STAR)
FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo (PHOTO - Ruffa Gutierrez with Yilmaz Bektas at their wedding on March 25, 2003 and (right) with Eduardo Puertas whom she describes as ‘my special someone’)

I don’t know if Funfare’s story about Ruffa Gutierrez’s “special someone” has something to do with it. The “special someone” is Eduardo Puertas who was among Ruffa’s 30 special guests in her birthday (June 24) celebration in Singapore. Three days after the Funfare story came out Saturday last week, Ruffa’s “ex,” Yilmaz Bektas, e-mailed me items that he said he wanted to talk to me about, among them the custody of their daughters Lorin and Venice who are with Ruffa.

On Wednesday, Ruffa tweeted this: Just received a shocking phone call. The storm I was anticipating is coming, SOON. Pls pray for me as I fight the biggest battle of my life.

Hmmmm, alarming, isn’t it?

Ruffa didn’t say who called but it was obvious that she was referring to Yilmaz.

Then, barely 24 hours later, Ruffa again tweeted this: Lies, lies, lies! (referring, without saying what, to what she said Yilmaz had e-mailed to her.)

I forgot to e-mail an answer to Yilmaz but yesterday I texted him on his old celfone number, asking if it was still active. Yes, it is, Yilmaz texted back. I texted him back, “If there’s something that you want to talk to me about, call my landline now.”

Ruffa with daughters Lorin and Venice He did.

He said that he was in the South of France, on his way to the airport to catch a flight to Istanbul, “in 20 minutes.” But could I ask him a few questions? Yes, he said.

Anyway, Yilmaz talked about so many things but limited to the 10 items he mentioned in his e-mail. He requested me to keep the “crucial ones” off the record since he said he would call me again today for “a clearer conversation” and I said, “Okay.” I texted him, though, that I was writing a story to clear certain issues since the other night he was on the GMA late-night newscast Saksi (and, I presumed, maybe in last night’s ABS-CBN newscast TV Patrol).

On the phone (I could hear the sound of other cars that were perhaps also rushing to the airport), Yilmaz was cool and collected, he was neither angry nor in a combative mood, very calm, and he kept on calling me “Tito Ricky.”

Yes, he said, he wanted custody of their daughters.

Yes, he said, he was donating a certain amount “in the name of my daughters,” and his sister, who might come to the Philippines soon, will take care of that.

Yes, he said, he talks to his daughters regularly and to Ruffa (every now and then, I guess).

Yilmaz talked lengthily about “the divorce” but asked that that part of our phone conversation be kept off the record for the meantime.

I mentioned in passing that Ruffa has been vocal about her not having a boyfriend although she admitted having a “special someone.” No comment from Yilmaz.

Asked about his love life, Yilmaz also made no comment. But I got it from a reliable source that he broke up with Zuleyka Rivera, the former Miss Universe from Puerto Rico, last December. They were reported to have gone steady for a while. According to reports, Zuleyka is now dating an NBA player.

“I don’t have any problem with Ruffa and Annabelle (Rama, Ruffa’s mom),” Yilmaz clarified, but only with certain “legalities.”

Asked what he wanted to tell Ruffa, Yilmaz said, “Good luck!”

Yesterday, Ruffa tweeted the following after what she said was a false tabloid headline: To clear false reports and to pacify my loved ones who are worried: The Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 107 issued a decision last March 11, 2010, signed by presiding Judge Jose L. Bautista Jr. that I, Ruffa Gutierrez, won SOLE CUSTODY of my two daughters while their father, Yilmaz Bektas, was granted visitation rights.

We haven’t heard the end of this broken real-life teleserye yet, have we?

Stay tuned for further development.

What’s up?

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