by Joseph Peter R. Conzalez - According to Oyo Sotto, he prefers a girl for his first baby with wife Kristine Hermosa.

“We already have an adopted son, Kiel, who is now three years old. A baby girl will be ideal this time. We’ll just try to have another boy after that. But we still can’t determine the child’s gender until the fifth month so let’s just wait and see,” he says.

Many ask if he’s already prepared to take care of his forthcoming child.

“Of course I am! I have considerable background, when Kiel was already a tot. It won’t be difficult for me anymore!”

Now that he is already an expectant father, Oyo admits he became more mature.

“Definitely, my viewpoints in life have changed. My main concern now is my family. Before, I was only thinking of myself. The money I earn, I spend generously.

“But now, it’s not like that anymore. I want to save a lot for the future of my family. Tin, Kiel and the upcoming baby (sic) is my top priority. I want to give them a comfortable life,” adds Oyo.

The public is curious how Kristine handles her pregnancy.

“There are also lots of changes in her at this point. For one, she doesn’t go out that often anymore. She would rather sleep. She eats a lot, too! But one good thing with my wife, she didn’t put on much weight.

“Her vomiting had become lesser. She doesn’t experience too much headache lately, unlike (in) the initial days. We still do workouts together. The exercises given to her are just light, no running.”

How many kids do they want to have?

“As long as we’re capable, go! Ha-ha-ha! Even if it reaches a dozen, it’s just fine!”

Oyo sheds light on the issue that he wants Kristine to totally turn her back on showbiz and just concentrate on being a homemaker.

“On the contrary, it’s just fine with me if she still wants to continue acting. I don’t prohibit her (from it). Tin still wants to work. We agreed that she can make a comeback eventually on the condition that the work schedule won’t be that hectic anymore. Of course, we still want to have quality time with each other and the children,” he explains.

How happy is he now being a family man?

“It’s immeasurable! I’m really so happy. That’s why I feel very inspired to work.”

Speaking of work, he headlines TV5’s latest prime time offering titled Bangis.

“Yes! It’s a Carlo J. Caparas original. I’m a hunter in the story who will face a prehistoric crocodile which looks menacing but is actually kind. This will surely click with the younger crop of viewers since apart from its touching story we’re also using special effects here. There are lots of action sequences as well.

“I’m so positive about the project. I thank God that after Midnight DJ which lasted for almost three years, the management of TV5 gave me Bangis. I consider this a blessing especially now that I already have a family. To have more work is my foremost goal as of the moment,” ends Oyo.

Ruffa Mae unaffected by comments

Rufa Mae Quinto isn’t affected with the observation that Jennylyn Mercado is a better host than her. The latter took on the former’s role in GMA’s top-rating weekly showbiz gabfest Showbiz Central when she flew to the States for a short vacation and when she got busy filming Temptation Island.

Jen received positive feedbacks on her hosting style. Many say she has more depth than Rufa Mae and that it would be better if she totally replaces the screen bombshell on the said program.

“I’m already used to be(ing) compared with a lot of people. Over the years, the public always pits me with another gal. I just don’t get bothered. It’s not my problem anyway!” avers Rufa Mae.

According to the sexy comedienne, she doesn’t want to compete with fellow stars.

“It’s not my cup of tea. Besides, nothing compares to me! Ha-ha-ha! Joke! Kidding aside, I don’t want to waste my time and energy on things like that!”

So, there will be no problem with her in case management decides to get Jennylyn as a new co-host in Showbiz Central anytime soon?

‘That’s fine with me. At least, if ever it pushes through, someone will be added. It’s better than someone will be axed, right?

“You know, I hope this issue between me and Jennylyn stops. There should really be no competition. We’re under one home studio. If in this way, we could help propel the program’s ratings into greater heights, then go! That’s what’s important,” Rufa Mae states.

Lovi laughs about kissing Aljur

Asked regarding her kissing scenes with Aljur Abrenica in the currently showing Temptation Island, Lovi Poe reveals, “Well, it was long! Ha-ha-ha! But it’s not the kiss itself but the scenes. We did various angle shots. Generally, it was okay!”

Reports have it that Aljur was nervous before the actual take.

“That’s true! Actually, both of us since it was our first time to do something intimate like that on screen. I was tense because there’s that feeling of awkwardness. I guess it’s understandable for any girl like me to do a scene like that with a guy like Aljur. Imagine I was seducing him in that particular scene!”

It’s good that Aljur was a gentleman.

“Oh yes! I only have good words for him. We talked first on how to execute the scene. It helped that we already felt comfortable with each other before the take.”

It’s obvious that she went a bit sexy in her latest potboiler.

“Actually, all of us in the cast have our own share of sexy scenes in the film. I don’t see anything wrong with that. The material is campy and doesn’t bank on the sexy scenes to make money. There’s a lot of humor in the story and that’s what will make it click!

“One thing more, it is part of my job as an actress. I also have to grow with the roles I play. It’s part of maturity. As long as you know your limits, and I assure that I perfectly know mine,” says Lovi.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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