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 FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo- Marian Rivera: Is she the victim, or the ‘victimizer’?

If she were stranded on an island, not really a temptation island but any god-forsaken island, what do you think Regal Matriarch Mother Lily would do…write post-dated checks?

Guess again.

“If I were in my 20s,” said Mother Lily, “I would like to be with a hunk like Piolo Pascual.”

But I’m sure that Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista, two of the stars of Regal Films’ remake of the Joey Gosiengfiao’s campy classic Temptation Island, wouldn’t be caught dead together on a deserted island — that is, if we were to take seriously the “issue” that they are feuding.

Believe it or not but poor Marian is clueless about the whole mess, she’s the last to know that she’s “quarreling” with Heart.

“As far as I know,” said a tearful Marian at the presscon the other day, “wala kaming away ni Heart; walang issue between us. We’re friends, or so I thought.”

Imagine how shocked Marian was when, upon arriving at the NAIA from Ilocos after the shoot, she was, according to reports, met by Heart’s irate mom, accompanied by 15 (“Only five,” said the two’s co-star Rufa Mae Quinto), who warned Marian to stay away from Heart.

Scary, isn’t it? How can anyone not be scared if confronted by an angry mother who seemed to be so influential that she could tag along cops to “warn” somebody against whom not a case (of what???) has been filed, not even if there was.

“Ang lakas sa pulis ng Nanay ni Heart,” commented a tab columnist.

That’s why I’m careful not to offend Heart even unwittingly lest I incur the wrath of her cop-escorted mom.

[The other stars of Temptation Island (from left): Rufa Mae Quinto, Solenn Heussaff, Lovi Poe. — Photos by ENIE REYES]

Marian, who is obviously the victim in this case, had to single-handedly defend herself at the presscon because her co-stars were either giving conflicting accounts or opting to keep mum. Unless they know what the real score is.

Anyway, here’s the official joint statement of Regal Films and GMA Films, producers of Temptation Island:

GMA Films and Regal Entertainment acknowledge that there was a recent incident involving Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista that happened during the shooting of Temptation Island in Laoag, Ilocos Norte. This unfortunate matter caused stress to both Marian and Heart and Heart made this known to her parents. However, the production team intervened and was able to put the issue behind them.

The producers would like to assure the fans that this minor incident did not in any way affect the shooting of Temptation Island and also request all their supporters and followers to put a closure to this episode.

We are excited for the showing of the movie and we encourage all the fans and moviegoers to watch the film on July 6.

[Mikael Daez and Tom Rodriguez. — Photos by ENIE REYES]

Heart was absent from the presscon. She and her boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga are visiting Daniel’s folks in Brazil.

Anyway, back to the original question for the Temptation stars: Who would you want to be stranded on an island with and what would you do?

• John “Sweet” Lapus: I would love to be with Mikael Daez, my boyfriend in the movie. I would take his pictures naked so he doesn’t have to do it himself. Hahaha!

• Solenn Heussaff: I would want to be with Michael Jackson and rewrite history.

• Marian Rivera: Tinatanong pa ba ‘yan? Siempre, si Dingdong (Dantes). Maglalabing-labing kami buong araw at buong magdamag. Hahahaha!

• Rufa Mae Quinto: Si Solenn, kasi okey kami together. Nag-bonding kami sa set. Survivor siya at ganoon din ako.

• Tom Rodriguez: Si Sweet. Marami siyang baong sandwich. Kakain kami nang kakain.

• Lovi Poe: Nobody in particular. I’ll just do my best to survive.

• Mikael Daez: Si Solenn. She’s cool, wala siyang paki, she’s one of the boys.

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