MANILA, JUNE 24, 2011 (STANDARD)  by Joseph Peter R. Gonzalez - According to Rayver Cruz, the happiness he feels with his present relationship with Cristine Reyes is inexplicable.

“Words aren’t enough to describe it,” he says. “I’m so much happy with her. For one, we’re getting to know each other further as days go by. We’re doing very well and I hope it will always stay that way!”

Normally, lack of time for each other is the foremost problem for showbiz couples like them. Many are curious how they deal with it.

“Actually, that doesn’t affect our relationship, or we don’t allow it to. Even if we’re very busy with work, we always make it a point to spend quality time together. We squeeze it in our hectic schedules. Like after Asap on Sundays, we watch a movie and eat out.

“If for example I’m not doing something, I visit AA (his pet name for Cristine) in their house. That is, if she’s not busy. If she is, I don’t bother her. I have the permission to visit her on the set, too but most of the time, I don’t because I know the importance of professionalism.”

Cristine’s mom was quoted as saying that among the guys who were romantically linked to the voluptuous star, he’s the best.

“That’s flattering to hear! Of course it feels nice. I only have good words for Cristine’s family. They’re supportive of us.”

“Actually, there would be instances when Tita (Cristine’s mother) would side with me when AA and I have little arguments. The same goes with her siblings. Ha-ha-ha! That’s how close I am to her family.

“When it comes to Cristine’s relationship with my family, it’s also smooth-sailing. They love her and vice-versa. It’s simply relieving that both sides are happy. There are no contradictions whatsoever,” adds Rayver.

Asked what qualities endear Cristine to her, the good-looking young actor reveals:

“Well, she’s very caring and kind. She’s always there for me come hell or high waters. And yes, she’s a good cook! She prepares the best pasta which is my favorite.”

Many notice that with him, Cristine mellowed a lot. She’s no longer short-tempered and easy to irk.

“Thank you if that’s the general observation, but in reality, AA is a kind-hearted individual. She’s just very frank at times so she gets misinterpreted. But I can vouch for her being good-natured.”

Does she think Cristine is already the one?

“I hope so! She makes me happy and that’s what’s important. I’m not the type who changes partners as often as I change clothes. I pray that what we share right now is for keeps!”

It’s public knowledge that Cristine and his former girlfriend Sarah Geronimo have already buried the hatchet, so to speak.

“Yes! It’s a very positive development. All of us are fine now. Let’s put a period to that chapter in our lives and move on,” ends Rayver.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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