MANILA, JUNE 16, 2011 (STAR)
By Nathalie Tomada - (Photo - KC Concepcion in Star Cinema’s Forever And A Day, which opens today in more than 100 theaters nationwide)

Without naming names, Forever And A Day star KC Concepcion dropped some telling ruminations on past loves, falling in love and what’s she like when she loves at the presscon for the Star Cinema film last June 10.

The press members threw questions at the stars on love and loving as raised by the film directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, but it was KC who titillated some of our imagination with her answers.

KC has been romantically linked to some popular names from the various facets of the entertainment business (from music to directing to acting), but they’ve been either unconfirmed or placed famously under wraps, except for her current relationship with Piolo Pascual.

Asked if she is the type who still enters a relationship even with the knowledge that it was going nowhere, the Megastar’s eldest daughter revealed, “Yes, parang may ganun po akong topak. That I will still go on with a relationship even if there’s that possibility that it won’t be going anywhere or that you don’t know where it’s headed. It’s because I’m the type who lives for the moment. But who wants goodbyes? But yes, I am capable of doing it, although I don’t want to, but still, I do it.”

Is she sold to the concept that the film is pushing such as “falling in love in a day can result to something lasting”?

She said, “As direk Cathy said, one day can be your forever, but forever can happen in one day. And there are really love stories like that, and they have happened to me — those whirlwind romances. Like one weekend, from Friday to Sunday, nakilala ko at na-in love na ako sa kanya. But I won’t name (him), because it’s past already.”

But KC said that she knows when it’s time to let go. “If the relationship is no longer as passionate, I have to let go.”

Is she anything like her character in Forever And A Day (she is Raffy, a cautious woman whose life intertwines with risk-taker Eugene, played by Sam Milby), who finds it difficult to fall in love?

“Before, it was easy for me to fall in love. Ngayon, it’s harder for me maybe because mas nagiging seryoso yung choices ko sa buhay because we’re no longer teenagers. It’s not good to look at, if you jump from one relationship to another. If you’re more mature, you will do everything to make a relationship work. And I’m at that stage of my life right now. Personally, I would not give up until I have nothing to give anymore. That’s how I look at relationships now. I’ve learned a lot in the years that I’ve had serious relationships.”

She also denied that the breakup rumors now surfacing have anything to do with the film or with her co-star Sam, whom she admitted as someone she has long been close to.

“Diyos ko Lord, wala pong ganun. Totally, this film is separate from my relationship with Piolo. My friendship with Sam goes a long way back. Mahirap po sa mga panahong ito na isipin ang ‘KC and Sam’ but I’ve truly immersed myself in the role. Maybe in real life, I don’t know but I guess friendship is important in a relationship, but at this point, Sam and I are friends, and I wouldn’t want to entertain that question (if I would fall in love with him) while I’m with someone.”

KC, nevertheless, admitted that she drew from previous love experiences in handling some of the scenes in the film. But she said that she went through a lot under direk Cathy. “God knows how much I went through before I accepted it, and how much I opened up to direk Cathy about my fears and uncertainties not just about the film, but also about myself, having been here in mainstream showbiz for three years now,” she said.

Direk Cathy confirmed, “She really went through a lot under me. Lahat ng pride niya inapakan ko. Through it all, I did not hear a word of complaint. And she more than lived up to my expectations as an actress.”

“The first thing that direk Cathy told me to do was to trust her, and that helped me a lot in having that confidence that there’s still room to grow, and that it’s possible that audiences will accept me here more than they accepted me in the projects I did before,” KC said.

Forever And A Day, a Star Cinema 18th-anniversary offering, opens today in cinemas nationwide.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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