ETHEL RAMOS  (‘The 2NE1 concert, ‘The Party,’ marks the return of Sandara to the Philippine entertainment scene albeit briefly.’ )

Sandara Park, a former talent of ABS-CBN and now a member of the all-female Korean pop group 2NE1, is coming back to Manila for a concert.

In 2004, Sandara won first runner-up, next to Hero Angeles, on ABS-CBN’s defunct talent show, "Star Circle Quest."

For a time, Sandara was teamed up with Hero. Their films and shows both did well.

Until one day, Hero quit showbiz to finish college, followed by Sandara, who encountered personal and family problems at that time.

Sandara, now popularly called "Dara," decided to leave the country and returned to South Korea in 2007 with her mother and siblings to "start a new life."

Sandara and her two siblings continued their education there.

In 2009, Sandara went back to the country, trying to revive her showbiz career.

However, she realized that there was no career waiting for her in the Philippines.

But since she was determined to have a career in showbiz, she decided to train with YG Entertainment, a talent agency in Korea.

YGE, after a thorough research of her showbiz background in the Philippines saw potential star in her. So they decided to include her in the group, 2NE1. The rest is history!

On June 4, the 2NE1 will have a concert at the Araneta Coliseum.

The 2NE1 concert, "The Party," marks the return of Sandara to the Philippine entertainment scene albeit briefly.

Top local singer Christian Bautista and popular bands "Callalily" and "Bloomfields" will serve as front acts of the group. Also featured is comedian and TV host, Giselle Sanchez.


Speaking of Christian, he will leave for Singapore the following day after his performance.

He will join Karylle and a fellow ABS-CBN talent, Joseph "Thou" Reyes, in the first ever pan-Asian television musical drama series, "The Kitchen Musical."

The three talents will undergo training at a food boot camp in Singapore to behave, think, and act like chefs before production begins.

"We will stay there for four months, for rehearsals and actual taping of the series," explains Christian.

Other Filipino and Singaporean talents will also join the cast in the series.

One of them is Jaime Fabregas, who will play as Karylle’s father. He also owns a restaurant, where Christian works as a chief chef.

Karylle, on the other hand, plays a new graduate of culinary arts from Paris. She will train with Christian as chef in her father’s restaurant.

While Christian considers the project as a landmark in his career both as a singer and performer, he admits he is taking risk as well.

"Alam ninyo naman dito sa Pilipinas," he stated. "Uso ang kasabihang ‘less seen, less remembered’."

"Four months is a long time. Puwede ka makalimutan ng mga tao lalo na kung may susulpot na bagong talent na magaling. Pero, may kasabihan din na ‘no risk, no glory’."

Aside from this TV musical series, Christian’s first full-length international movie "A Special Symphony," shot, produced and directed by Indonesians, will premiere this August 3 in cinemas nationwide.

"A Special Symphony" follows the story of Jayden, an aspiring Filipino singer, who was forced to go to Indonesia, only to find himself discovering the true essence of his existence.

"It is a heartwarming story of a teacher and his students with special needs," recounts Christian. "The movie has a lot of heart."

Christian said he will make sure that he could attend the premiere of the movie, even if it means excusing himself from the rehearsals and taping of "The Kitchen Musical."

"The Kitchen Musical" will be aired in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia and across 17 other countries.

It premieres this October.


Christian claimed that he has sacrificed so much of his personal life for his profession.

"It’s great that my mom, who was earlier diagnosed with a cancer, is now okay. She’s back working as an NGO employee," Christian revealed.

Christian is still loveless at the moment. He broke up with fellow singer Rachelle Ann Go two years ago.

On the part of Rachelle, well we all know that she is currently playing beautiful music with John Prats.

Asked to comment on Rachelle and John relationship, Christian said: "I am sincerely happy for them."

Christian sings for Kris

The popular romantic tune "Love Moves in Mysterious Ways," interpreted by Asian sensation Christian Bautista, is the carrier single of Kris Aquino’s latest album "My Heart’s Journey," produced by Universal Records.

The single’s music video was shot on May 31 at the posh Edsa Shangri-La Manila. This is the first time that the hotel has agreed for a project to be shot there.

The romantic music video was made possible by the generous support of Edsa Shangri-La, Wine Story, IL Mercante Di Venezia, and LUXE by Goldilocks Bakeshop.

The music video will premiere soon.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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