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MANILA, MAY 25, 2011 (STAR) SHOWBIZ DRIBBLE By Salve V. Asis (The Freeman) - From high esteem to ridicule.

Arnold Schwarzenegger went from screen hero to zero in just a matter of days. Less than a week after the actor-turned-governor and his wife Maria Shriver announced that they were ending their 25 years of marriage, Schwarzenegger made a bombshell revelation: he had a child by their former housekeeper, recently identified as Mildred Baena.

“After leaving the governor’s office I told my wife about this event, which occurred over a decade ago,” the 63-year-old former bodybuilder said in a statement to the New York Times. “I understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family. There are no excuses, and I take full responsibility for the hurt I have caused. I have apologized to Maria, my children and my family. I am truly sorry.”

More details about the scandal are coming to light. Baena is a 50-year-old Guatemalan, and she worked for the Schwarzenegger household for two decades.

The love child, a boy, is now 13. He was born a week after the birth of Schwarzenegger and Shriver’s fourth child, also a boy.

[The Terminator during younger days]

According to reports, the actor had provided financial support to Baena and her child, and had bought a house for them in Bakersfield City, California.

A tinge of intrigue was brought into the picture by The celebrity website reported that Schwarzenegger fired Baena to save his marriage.

Before the scandal broke out, Schwarzenegger, who ended his second term as governor of California in January, had said he was planning to revive his acting career, beginning with a new Terminator movie. Apparently the events of the past weeks have made him reconsider. Late last week he announced that he was putting his plans for a screen comeback on hold. He’ll probably wait for the storm to subside before deciding what to do next.

Now comedians are having the time of their life targeting Schwarzenegger. He has already been dubbed as the Sperminator.

But don’t count him out yet. Keep in mind his famous line from one of the Terminator films: I’ll be back.

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The no-nonsense campaign to enforce the 60-kilometer-per-hour speed limit along Commonwealth Avenue has netted not a few celebrity violators.

Among them is Richard Gutierrez. Last Wednesday the actor’s car was caught doing 79 kph on what has come to be known as the “killer highway.” Richard’s driver, Loreto Figueroa, was at the wheel when the car was pulled over by an MMDA traffic enforcer.

The story would have not attracted much attention were it not for accounts that Richard lost his cool and cursed the enforcer. All of this was reportedly caught on video by a passing motorist.

In a TV interview, the Kapuso star admitted to getting angry but denied verbally abusing the enforcer.

“The video clearly shows that I was calm, I wasn’t making a scene, I wasn’t cursing,” he said.

What got his goat was when the enforcer radioed his superior that he had apprehended the actor. “The guy at the other end of the line, replied, ‘Okay, issue him a citation so he’ll learn his lesson and we’ll call the reporters,’” Richard said.

“As a passenger, they don’t have the right to do that. MMDA does not have the right to do that,” according to the actor.

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Kris Aquino has said she doesn’t see any problem befriending President Noynoy Aquino’s latest date, if ever he got serious with her.

Kris is referring to Bunny Calica, (photo with NoyNoy 6 days ago) a 27-year-old teacher who sat next to the President during the reunion concert of the Hotdog band Monday night.

In her Twitter page, Kris revealed that her sons Joshua and Baby James had already met Ms. Calica.

“Not that my opinion matters, but a woman who is friendly w/ my sons will find it easy to find a friend in me,” Kris tweeted.

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