FROM CEBU, MAY 11, 2011 (STAR) THE FREEMAN - SHOWBIZ DRIBBLE By Salve V. Asis - Pacmom Dionisia Pacquiao wants a handbag for her 62nd birthday next week. But not just an ordinary bag; Mommy Dionisia wants a Hermes designer bag worth P1 million.

I’m guessing that the particular item that has caught Mommy Dionisia’s fancy is a Hermes Birkin purse, which has a price tag of as high as $150,000.

The purse is named after actress and singer Jane Birkin. The story goes that Hermès chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas himself designed it for Birkin after they sat next to each other on a flight from Paris to London in 1981. Birkin’s straw bag accidentally opened, spilling its contents to the floor. She complained to Dumas that she couldn’t find a leather traveling bag that was to her liking.

Dumas then designed a bag especially for Birkin. Later he named the line after her.

A Birkin purse has since come to symbolize wealth and fashion elegance. A Birkin is crafted from the hide of a calf, ostrich, crocodile or lizard.

Jinkee Pacquiao as promised her mother in law she would bring home a Hermes bag when they return home after Manny’s ring date with Shane Mosley in Las Vegas today.

Nobody doubts that Manny Pacquiao can afford to buy such a lavish birthday gift for his mom. He is, after all, the wealthiest member of the House of Representatives. And ESPN has named him as one of the best paid athletes of 2010.

Why didn’t Mommy Dionisia request for jewelry for her birthday. “Manny’s given me a lot of jewelry already,” she said.

Could it be that the bag will match the gown Mommy Dionisia will wear at her birthday ball? She is said to be designing the gown herself.

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It was Aiko Melendez’s turn to take the hot seat last week following explosive revelations that she was plotting to spread malicious rumors about her ex-boyfriend Bulacan Mayor Patrick Meneses.

Guesting in The Buzz, Aiko declared that she never harbored doubts about Meneses’ sexuality. But she faulted the mayor for readily believing the allegations that she and her gay friend had discussed the plan to plant blind items in showbiz columns insinuating that Meneses was gay.

TV host Cristy Fermin dropped the bombshell on the mayor in Paparazzi two Sundays ago, claiming that she had transcripts of Twitter messages between Aiko and her gay friend discussing the alleged plot.

Meneses has filed a libel suit against Aiko.

The two split up in February after being together for three years.

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Sarah Geronimo will be in the US for one month to take voice and dance lessons.

Voice and dance lessons for the female recording artist of the year and one of the country’s biggest concert performers?

“It’s not enough,” Sarah explained to movie writers who interviewed her during the launch of her latest album, One Heart.

She said she wants to take short courses, but is not yet sure where she would be enrolling.

Sarah has also confirmed that she has talked to Charice about the Glee mainstay’s plan to compose a song for her.

One Heart is a mix of eight original compositions and seven remakes of popular selections. The carrier song, “Sino Nga Ba Siya,” was written and produced by Vehnee Saturno. It was originally released in December as a digital track for a music video.

The second single, “Kung Siya ang Mahal,” is another Saturno composition especially for Sarah.

Sarah’s fans will remember Fallin’ as the soundtrack of her blockbuster movie “Catch Me…I’m In Love,” (which had an remarkable month-long run in the theaters) as well as Sarah’s version of “Fallin’,” the theme from the Koreanovela “Full House.”

She does a duet with concert king Martin Nievera in the George Canseco/Louie Ocampo collaboration, “Ikaw.” Then she pairs up with Kean Cipriano of Callalily for “Bata.”

One Heart will be on sale at record bars beginning May 13.


Mommy Manny Pacquiao – Fairytale Dionisia Pacquiao

Who is Dionisia Pacquiao? She is nobody but not anymore. She is now known to be the mother of pinoy champ, Manny Pacquiao.If people see her image they could not believe that it is Dionisia, who now a sensation product endorser and a talk of the world. No one ever expect her to reign among all mothers, and surely even herself was also been surprised with what she is now.

No one ever known about Dionisia Pacquiao not until her son decided to enter in the boxing arena.

Way back to the history of Dionisia’s family. Aling Dionisia is an abandoned wife, with children who needs to be cared by her. She worked harder to get enough money for food and their immediate needs. When she was interviewed, it was mentioned that she washed clothes of their neighbors so that she can buy foods. She also brought her children to the sea and gets something that her family can get to survive. You can ever imagine what else Dionisia had done to her life in order to surpass her day to day life challenges with her children. But it is Aling Dionisia’s perseverance, strong faith to God, and her loved to her children are her inspiration to get what she deserves now. It is obvious to her strong and determine image.

During her son’s fight you can’t expect her to watch the show live. You can see her praying so hard that her son would not be hurt. Of course, she is praying for a win but above all is her son’s free from wounds or bruises. She don’t focus too much about the money and crown, rather she is wanted to see Manny’s safety. She is the picture of a mother who always loves her children no matter what, either to loss or to win.

Dionisia Pacquiao, I can say deserve for honor being a great mother. With all the hardship she’d experienced, which resulted to have a successful professional boxer son, who also have a strong faith to God. It is enough evidence that despite of her difficulties she never forget to teach her children some beatitudes and good virtues. She taught them to be strong even in the midst of life struggle. Now, you can see all her glory of being a mother of a boxing champion. Abandoned and isolated wife, but now become a reigning mother in the country.

Yu can see her now smiling, happy and a picture of a contented mother. Seeing her children in good life status, sharing her life to fellow Filipino mothers, and even influencing the people her courage, regardless of her gender. She never ashamed to show the world who she is. A province woman, tongue tied, and with slang accent. She is really the example of a courageous Gabriella.

Dionisia Pacquiaois really have a fairytale mother life, where her love of her children is the only investment. You can watch Cinderella fairytale movie, little mermaid, and name others. But the life of this woman is the fairy like story in the real world.

She can smile now, ride expensive car, wearing fabulous jewelries, even wealthy dress and shoes. Surely these are not all she wants but her children.

Certainly Dionisia Pacquiao is the mirror of great survivor and loving caring mom.

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