President Aquino delivers his 2nd State of the Nation Address (SONA) in 2011. File photo]

MANILA, JULY 21, 2012 (ABS-CBN) Even before he became the nation's top official, President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III promised reforms in the government to affect change in Filipinos' lives.

More than two years into Aquino's term, renews efforts to track each pronounced promise to see which ones have been kept, and which ones have encountered roadblocks.

Leading up to his inauguration as the country's chief executive, Aquino, during his presidential campaign in 2010, laid out his agenda to rid the country of corruption and to alleviate the lives of the poor.

This agenda translated into statements of promises, which, by's tracking, have numbered over 120, as of July 2012.

With over a thousand man-hours expended to retrace Aquino's more recent promises after his 2011 State of the Nation Address (SONA), now invites efforts to continue tracking Aquino's progress toward his infamous slogan, the "tuwid na daan."

Join as it keeps tabs on Aquino's promised reforms -- even those mentioned in passing in his public speeches -- and revisit his first utterance of his resolve for a corruption-free Philippines. See if, under the Aquino administration, the Philippines is on its way to being rid of the so-called "wang-wang" culture.

Aquino's followers and critics alike can now actively take part in tracking his progress as president.

By visiting's microsite "Aquino Promises Tracker," netizens can see the status of each promise made by Aquino. These promises, rated by in terms of their progress, can be seen vis-a-vis relevant updates or steps made toward achieving them.

Followers of the Aquino Promises Tracker can also play a role in rating the promise themselves.

By following @AquinoPromises on micro-blogging site Twitter, netizens can recommend or contest ratings of promises, and can even refer to relevant updates to existing promises.

As the scope of the Aquino Promises Tracker covers over 120 of the president's promised reforms, efforts to track each promise is envisioned to be consolidated among those whom Aquino, from Day 1, has referred to as his "boss": the Filipino people.

JBC accepts Musngi as de Lima replacement Posted at 07/20/2012 2:19 PM

[PHOTO of March 2012 - showing Malacanang Deputy Executive Secretary Michael Frederick Musngi at left when US-Based actress Liza Dino receives her Ani ng Dangal trophy while National Artist Eddie Romero looks on]

MANILA, Philippines - The Judicial and Bar Council has accepted Undersecretary Michael Frederick Musngi as Justice Secretary Leila de Lima's replacement in the panel.

Speaking to ANC, JBC member and lawyer Jose Mejia said Musngi attended their meeting this morning where they discussed the upcoming interviews of Chief Justice nominees. The interviews will begin Tuesday next week.

He said the JBC accepted Musngi after the President wrote a letter to the council.

"The essence of the request was the President and the executive department did not want to be deprived of its representation, which is embodied in the Constitution anyway," he said.

He said that after a discussion, a consensus was reached to grant the President's request.

Musngi, who works with the Office of the Executive Secretary, has been a lawyer for 10 years now.

De Lima was replaced as she was nominated to the top magistrate post after former Chief Justice Renato Corona was removed from office through impeachment.


SONA could be a wet day for demonstrators By DJ Yap Philippine Daily Inquirer 6:34 pm | Friday, July 20th, 2012

MANILA, Philippines—Protesters at the President’s State of the Nation Address next week should probably bring an umbrella to avoid getting drenched – but not only by the rain.

Some 31 fire trucks will be deployed in strategic locations in Metro Manila, along with nine ambulances, as part of security arrangements for the SONA, an event usually marked by anti-government demonstrations.

The Bureau of Fire Protection-National Capital Region (BFP-NCR) said the fire trucks and ambulances will provide security and support services in case of emergencies.

A total of 283 fire fighters and paramedics will be deployed “to assist and to render medical assistance or first aid in case of injuries and will right away bring casualties if there be any to nearby hospitals,” said Chief Superintendent Santiago Laguna, BFP-NCR director.

Earlier, the Philippine National Police said some 6,000 anti-riot and crowd control troops will secure the Batasang Pambansa Complex in Quezon City, where President Benigno Aquino will deliver his annual address.

On the other hand, the military’s Standing Joint Task Force-National Capital Region, which replaced the National Capital Region Command, will serve as a backup force.

Laguna said the presence of the fire personnel, along with the police and military units, should ensure the safety of the President, members of the Senate and the House of Representatives and other top government officials.

He said that although some fire trucks and ambulances will be stationed as part of the support group of other government agencies, the BFP will be maintaining a sufficient force at their respective districts, ready to respond to fire calls or other emergencies.

The PNP has formed a “super task force” led by the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) and supported by contingents from police regional offices in Luzon and other support units, PNP spokesperson Chief Superintendent Generoso Cerbo Jr. said.

“We are calling it a super task force because it will involve not only personnel from NCRPO. In order to be ready for this even, we have tasked other units like Regions 1, 2, 3, 4-A and the Cordillera region to send their own contingents,” he told a press briefing.

The PNP’s Police Security and Protection Group based in Camp Crame will escort VIPs who will attend the SONA, while the PNPs elite Special Action Force will also be standing guard, Cerbo added.

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