BANGKOK, MAY 28, 2011 (STAR) VIA PLDT - By Delon Porcalla One thing that remains worrisome for the Philippines’ most eligible bachelor is not the grilling Cabinet members would face before the Commission on Appointments (CA), but the scrutiny any prospective girlfriend of his would face before the public.

In an informal post-dinner interview with Manila-based reporters who covered his two-day official visit here, President Aquino said he has already adjusted to the life of a Chief Executive who will hardly have a private life, considering his tight schedule.

He noted that his female friends are not applying for any government post and are not seeking appointment or election to any position, but the scrutiny they have to go through is tougher than the CA.

Aquino repeated that he wants to keep his private life private.

“Tulungan niyo ako na makapag-asawa (Give me a chance to get married) by leaving us alone,” he said.

The love life issue, again, came about after a Thai reporter, Jane Lim of Xinhua news agency, a Chinese news wire, commented that she could not understand why Aquino remains single when he is good-looking.

“He’s handsome. No, he’s really handsome. But why is he still single? Is he gay?” she asked reporters after the joint press conference of Aquino and Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva at the Government House late Thursday.

Meanwhile, Aquino said he has accepted Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s invitation for him to be best man during her 40th wedding anniversary with husband, Narciso Santiago.

Aquino said he initially turned down the offer for him to become the couple’s wedding sponsor, mainly because his late father, Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. was their wedding sponsor.

Aquino stood as sponsor in the wedding of his former running-mate Manuel Roxas II to newscaster Korina Sanchez, who was his (Aquino’s) girlfriend in the late 80s, when his mother was president.

Aquino mentioned the common belief that if one stands as wedding sponsor while still single, one will no longer get married.

He said he did not believe this and has been sponsor thrice.

“But maybe there is some truth to this,” he noted in Filipino, but quickly clarified, “Wait, it might come out in the news that I’m in a hurry to get married. Hindi ah (I’m not)!”


[Bunny Calica is President Noynoy newest apple of the eye? Photo taken at Hotdog

President Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) is again the talk of the town, the topic is not about his performance survey but it is about his recent date with a pretty woman during the reunion concert of the Hotdog band. The woman was Miss Bunny Calica.

Now, the name Bunny Calica is spreading around the net, from different social networking sites to the headlines. Miss Bunny Calica is trending now. When the picture/photo of the date of President Noynoy and the said woman was shown in the news from there on people started to wonder who was the woman with President Noynoy so that's why President Noynoy lovelife is a hot topic again.

So let's all wait and see for the updates about this rumored Apple of the Eye of President Noynoy Aquino.

Bunny Calica's short profile:

She was Bunny Calica a 27 y/o who is inclined to early childhood education and is working with Korean students. She is said to be the daughter of a former Boeing Executive.

Bunny Calica and President Noynoy Aquino Pictures, photos during the reunion concert of Hotdog. The said photo was the one shown or aired in the news.


Aquino to wed before end of term By Manolo B.Jara

MANILA Philippines President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino said he hopes to marry before his term ends on 2016, while pleading to the media to grant his request for privacy regarding his “love life”.

Aquino offered another snippet of his love life in his speech in the town of Jala-Jala, Rizal province in Southern Luzon during the fish seeding project of Laguna de Bay, considered the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. Aquino said the project is part of his commitment to help improve the lives of millions of Filipinos before his term expires in 2016. But in doing so, he also expressed the hope that he would be married by that time.

At 51, Aquino has complained mediamen have been more interested in writing about his “affairs of the heart” instead of his “affairs of government.”

The issue was again highlighted by media when Aquino showed up with a ‘mystery date’ while attending on May 18 a reunion concert of the Hotdog band in a hotel in suburban Makati City, Metro Manila.

His date was later identified as Bunny Calica, a 27 year-old teacher and described as an acquaintance of the president.

Before Calica, Aquino was also reported in media as dating Len Lopez, a stock broker and member of a prominent family, as well as stylist Liz Uy. Before that, Aquino was a ‘coosome twosome’ for two years with girlfriend Shalani Soledad, a member of the city council of suburban Valenzuela, before they broke up in 2010. OMAN TRIBUNE

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