MANILA, AUGUST 20, 2010 (GMA-NEWS TV) President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III on Thursday said he does not favor the legalization of divorce, which was proposed by some female lawmakers at the House of Representatives.

At an event in Pasay City, Aquino told reporters he "cannot support" moves to legalize divorce, which Gabriela party-list Representatives Luzviminda Ilagan and Emerenciana de Jesus are pushing, as an option for couples in failed and irreparable marital relationships.

Aquino, the only son of the late former president Corazon Aquino who was known for being deeply religious, said "divorce is a no-no."

"I cannot support something like they do in Las Vegas. The stereotype is you get married in the morning [and] you get divorced in the afternoon," the president said.

Aquino, however, said he recognizes that "there are unions that no matter what interventions are done, no matter what counseling is done, they really cannot stay together and there are dangers to either one or both parties."

For cases such as these, legally separated couples should be allowed to remarry, Aquino said.

"Legal separation, it will be very, very stringent, you really have to ascertain that there really are irreconcilable differences, medyo long period, sa Tagalog parang padaanin sa butas siguro ng karayom. At the end of the day they should be allowed to remarry. Ok lang yun," he said.

Under the Family Code, legally separated couples "shall be entitled to live separately from each other, but the marriage bonds shall not be severed," thereby making them ineligible to remarry.

While Aquino was vocal about his thoughts on marriage policies, he refused to comment on his youngest sister Kris's own marital woes, saying his opinion as president might influence the courts processing the annulment of his sister's marriage to basketball player James Yap.

"I am duty-bound not to comment on that," said the president.

In late June, Kris announced that she has given up on her nearly five-year, often-turbulent marriage to Yap. — LBG/RSJ, GMANews.TV


Kris Aquino seeks legal separation from hubby 07/12/2010 | 03:14 PM

Kris Aquino has begun the process of legal separation from her husband James Yap, two weeks after publicly confirming her decision to end their five-year marriage.

On Sunday's show, The Buzz talkshow host Boy Abunda read from a statement from Aquino's lawyers, Marcos, Ochoa, Serapio, & Tan law firm.

Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa is a partner of the law firm.

"Ms. Kris Aquino has recently announced that she has decided to end her marriage to Mr. James Yap. We shall take the necessary steps at the soonest possible time and we request everybody to respect the privacy of the parties and let the legal process take its course," read Abunda.

Aquino had earlier told reporters that she would no longer talk about the subject.

"My lawyers advised me to not say anything, they are issuing a statement that will be aired on The Buzz," she said.

Aquino has left The Buzz after 10 years of co-hosting with Abunda.

Saying it was a "big sacrifice" for her, Aquino is leaving the show to avoid criticism which may affect the administration of her brother, who is set to give his first State of the Nation Address on July 26.

On the other hand, Yap does not seem to seek separation.

In his statement released on July 1, the basketball star said he had promised his mother-in-law, the late former president Cory Aquino, that he would take care of their family.

“At isa pa, nangako ako kay Mom Cory na hindi ko pababayaan ang pamilya namin. Na-aalagaan ko si Kris, si Josh at si Baby James. Nangako rin kami ni Kris sa harap ni Mom Cory na hindi kami maghihiwalay," he said.

(One more thing, I promised Mom Cory that I will not neglect the welfare of our family. That I will take care of Kris, Josh, and Baby James. Kris and I also made a vow that we will continue with our marriage.)

In the end, Yap resolved to fight to stay together.

“Inuulit ko, it’s final, ipaglalaban ko ang pagsasama ng pamilya natin. At sa tulong ng Diyos, alam kong malalampasan natin ang pagsubok na ito!" he said.

(I repeat. It's final. I will fight to have our family stay together. And with the help of God, I know that we will overcome this challenge.) - Carmela G. Lapeña, RJAB Jr., GMANews.TV


Dear Inquirer: Where were stories like this during the campaign period? Jump to Comments Yes, the Philippine Daily Inquirer suddenly regained its sense of fairness and nose for REAL news. It has, gasp, finally seen reason to publish an article negative to its anointed, beloved Noynoy Aquino.

Belatedly, the rest of the people will see what choosing Noynoy entails. A house in disarray, the LP is composed of so many camps scrambling for power. “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap?” Oh, c’mon. Kung walang Kamag-anak, Inc., walang mahirap. Kung walang Hyatt 10, walang ganid.

We’ve also seen the kind of people Noy surrounds himself with: treacherous, two-faced scoundrels who — after forcing Mar to slide down to vice presidency — junked him like yesterday’s paper.

So, dear Yellow Supporters, sorry if we speak up now. WE TOLD YOU SO. Don’t speak of unity when your own elected president (not ours) can’t get his act and his minions together. Then again, we never expected he could do so.

Let Kris Aquino swear in Noynoy, for crying out loud!

Selling the drama: Are you ready for a six-year telenovela?

Despite the self-righteous proclamations of some Noynoy supporters within the comments section, we have seen Noynoy Aquino’s politics of division from the get-go. Unity? The Abnoy doesn’t know its meaning.

While posturing himself as the one to carry on the fight of his famous parents, Noynoy Aquino has distinguished himself as someone who anything but similar to Cory and Ninoy Aquino.

He crushed the dream of Mar Roxas for the presidency by submitting not to the people’s will, but the will of old opportunistic farts of the Liberal Party.

After hijacking everything yellow and the copyright to EDSA and People Power, Noynoy then furthered his sensationalist, destructive politics by employing against his rivals every dirty trick in the book – fueled and boosted by one-time campaign adviser Serge Osmena.

Polarization, not unity, was in the Noynoy agenda. Polarization, apparently, is still the order of the day.

The irony was there for everyone to see yet, well, there’s no accounting for taste. If 40 percent of the country wants to see a salivating, grass-smoking nutcase rule the country then we have to submit to that.

But the crap has to stop somewhere. I mean, is there such a major need for personal attention that El Drool-o has to refuse taking his oath in front of Justice Renato Corona and make an almost hilarious suggestion to take it in front of a barangay captain?

Why not go all the way and make your oath in front of Kriatch, who will put your hand atop the ABS-CBN/Inquirer script that worked to fool such a big chunk of voters?

Ah, the histrionics and excrement! I thought it would be over after May 10. I was soooo wrong. The guy hasn’t even started his term and we’re already in a pile of telenovela script re-runs!

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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