MANILA, APRIL 24, 2010
(BULLETIN) By GENALYN KABILING - “Let’s go green!”

This is the latest battle cry of President Arroyo in the global race to save Earth and ensure the survival of humans.

In a message commemorating Earth Day, the President has ordered government agencies to take steps to protect the environment and prevent its further ruin while urging the citizenry to change their “harmful and wasteful ways” towards a greener Earth.

“Practice solid waste management. Reduce, recycle and reuse wastes. These are small measures but if done together, will go a long way in healing our planet Earth and ensuring human survival,” the President said.

“It is now time to realize the objectives of which Earth Day was conceived 40 years ago. It is now time to change our ways. I hope that this year’s celebration will be the beginning of that change,” she added.

Even after celebrating the annual Earth Day since 1970, the President observed that the world faces growing environmental problems such as global warming, polluted water supply, reduced soil fertility, threatened food security, and various health woes.

Mrs. Arroyo acknowledged there was a need to raise public awareness and appreciation of Earth that needs the proper care and protection.

The Climate Change Commission, which the President chairs, meantime is now finalizing a framework strategy on how to combat global warming.

Part of this is the search for ways to produce clean and renewable energy which we can use to run our industries and make living more comfortable and convenient without harming the environment,” she said.

President Arroyo has devoted every Friday to promote environmental protection, particularly inspecting how green government agencies and local government units are.

During a recent visit in Washington DC, Mrs. Arroyo received the Teddy Roosevelt International Conservation Award for her efforts to protect the marine resources in the Coral Triangle.

But some environmental and religious groups denounced the President’s citation, accusing her of profiting from environmental damage by mining, logging, and unsustainable plantation production. Palace officials defended that the President deserves the award for her campaign to protect the environment.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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