APRIL 5, 2007 (STAR) As President Arroyo turns 60 today, an administration candidate wishes she would find more time to relax but won’t ever find the need for "botox" – a medical procedure to remove wrinkles – as she runs the country.

Re-electionist Sen. Ralph Recto, who will join other Team Unity candidates in Baguio City when Mrs. Arroyo celebrates her birthday, said she should have more time to smell the flowers, play with her grandchildren and enjoy a movie date with her husband.

"May she also find time to laugh with her old high school barkada, read a good book without graphs and numbers and get to have private time that a busy person like her needs in order to be refreshed," Recto said in a statement.

"And may she never find the need for botox," he added, despite having the stressful burden of attending to the affairs of state.

The First Family are set to celebrate the President’s birthday and observe the Holy Week at the presidential mansion in Baguio City.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Arroyo said she wishes for unity and prosperity for Filipinos on her 60th birthday.

"And as an upcoming senior citizen, I will invest in the future of the young people (and) prepare the country for them," she vowed.

Taking off from her pitch for prosperity, Mrs. Arroyo did not fail to come up with praises for the senatorial candidates of the Team Unity coalition.

She said Team Unity exemplifies her vision to sustain the country’s economic growth, which she believes will put the Philippines among first world countries.

Militant groups, on the other hand, wished that Mrs. Arroyo would "grow up" and start "acting her age, for a change."

"We wish that she wakes up from her childhood fantasy world of economic prosperity in harmony and start facing up to reality," said Renato Reyes Jr., secretary general of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan.

And as a "gift" to the President, Partido ng Manggagawa party-list Rep. Renato Magtubo said they are giving her "350 pesos worth of tokneneng, qwekqwek, isaw and goto" – cheap street food that, he said, "have been the daily meal of workers on minimum wage." – Aurea Calica, Katherine Adraneda

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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