, October 25, 2005
(OFFICE OF THE PRESS SECRETARY) President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo welcomed today WinSource Solutions Inc. as the newest player in the countryís burgeoning call center industry, which has been making dramatic contributions to the economy in terms of investments and job generation.

Determined to reach her target of six million jobs before her term expires in 2010, the President has been encouraging the establishment of call centers in the country, slowly creating the nationís niche as business process outsourcing (BPO) hub in Asia.

The President inaugurated the executive and servicing offices of WinSource at the new Robinsonís Cybergate Tower I along Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong City as part of her administrationís promotion of the offshore BPO industry.

"The opening of your company affirms business confidence in the Philippines as a global force in information and communications technology. We are proud of our highly-skilled and hardworking workforce that is proven to be among the best in the world," President Arroyo said.

WinSource is working on a 1,000-seat plan over a period of five years and plans to hire more than 2,000 contact center workers to man its 24/7 operations and business transactions.

WinSource Solutions Inc. Call Center chairman Teodorico Haresco Jr., president Grant Butsumyo, and Development Mabey Study Foundation chairman David Mabey guided President Arroyo as she toured the premises in the inaugural ceremony.

WinSource Solutions Inc., which is set to become a major player in the offshore BPO industry, offers customer management and accounts receivable management services for companies in the United States.

It will service its customers through digital and electronic software applications and other services and facilities to complete commercial transactions.

Aside from the US, its target markets also include Australia and the United Kingdom-based firms involved in telecommunications and information technology (IT), which have committed to outsource customer-related requirements.

The Philippines ranks as one of the top sites-of-choice for business process outsourcing due to the Filipinosí excellent work ethic, proficiency in English language, strong government support, and low labor cost, among other factors.

At present, there are at least 63 outsourced contact or call centers in the country that make up about 25,000 seats. The industry raked in total revenues of about US$200 million last year and is projected to raise it to US$1 billion for 2005.

The Arroyo administration has declared offshore outsourcing services, particularly call center operations, as one of the developing sectors committed to support and promote the attainment of 40,000 call center seats.

One of the key strategies of the Arroyo administrationís development agenda is to harness the full potentials of information and communications technology (ICT) through digital infrastructure in bringing more investments into the country.

Its priority plan includes measures designed to boost ICT-related industries and establishments, such as call centers located in key strategic business areas in the country, including Metro Cebu and Metro Davao.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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