A young survivor uses a plastic cover to protect him from rain as he passes by a damaged Boy Scout statue at typhoon ravaged Tacloban city, Leyte province, central Philippines on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013. AP FILE PHOTO

TACLOBAN CITY, NOVEMBER 14, 2013 (INQUIRER) By Tetch Torres-Tupas - The international media slammed the Aquino administration’s “disorganized” aid operation in areas levelled by monster typhoon “Yolanda” (international name Haiyan).

CNN journalists Anderson Cooper in his report said what is happening in Tacloban is a “demolition, not a construction job.”

“There is no real evidence of organized recovery or relief,” he said.

Cooper is among the top international journalists who are in the Visayas region covering the massive destruction inflicted by “Yolanda.”

He said it has been five days since the storm but it is still not clear who is in charge in providing assistance in the area. Fellow CNN journalist Paula Hancocks said the search and rescue never materialized.

Desperate scene

“It is a very desperate situation, among the most desperate I’ve seen in covering disasters…You would expect perhaps to see a feeding center that had been set up for 5 days after the storm. We haven’t seen that, not in this area,” Cooper reported.

He compared the Philippine government’s response to that of the Japanese government during the earthquake in 2011 where after two days, they have barely seen bodies scattered around the devastated areas.

Cooper said even without equipment, the Japanese soldiers used sticks in search for bodies and survivors.

BBC’s Jon Donnison also reported that “there does not seem to be an effective operation to get help to those in need.”

Palace defense

Malacañang, through Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, said relief goods were getting into the city.

But a reporter from the Associated Press who drove around Tacloban for around 4 miles Wednesday reported that “no evidence of any organized delivery of food, water or medical supplies, though piles of aid have begun to arrive at the airport.”

A report from the New York Times said a team from Médecins Sans Frontières, complete with medical supplies who arrived in Cebu island last Saturday have been looking for a flight to Tacloban up to Tuesday but was informed that Tacloban airport is only for the Philippines military use.

Aid accelerated

The administration, overwhelmed by the trail of destruction left by “Yolanda,” has vowed to accelerate relief and disaster efforts as major roads have been reopened and international aid began pouring into the country.

“It’s a logistics nightmare … that’s going to be addressed,” said Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras, admitting at a briefing in Malacañang that the Aquino administration was not fully prepared to deal with a humanitarian catastrophe of this magnitude.

President Aquino himself met with key officials Tuesday night to revise the masterplan for disaster response amid criticisms by local and international media networks of the slowness—if not inadequacy—of government’s aid to the victims.

“We have to adjust; we have to expand (the masterplan). We have not seen anything at the magnitude we’re seeing now. Hundreds of thousands (are affected) now. The magnitude is big,” said Almendras.

The President said in an interview with CNN that “the sheer number of people that were affected in these three provinces is quite daunting.”

Five days after Yolanda struck, the national government has yet to reach all areas affected by the typhoon.

“Now, we will (not) deny the fact and we will not insist that all have received (aid) because there are those who have not received any. What we are saying is we need help in reaching all these (people) who have yet to receive (aid),” he said.

But Almendras said disaster response would be intensified with new directives from Aquino following the meeting.

Limited transport capabilities

“Well, this is the first time we are going to try it at this magnitude. So far, things are moving. So far, goods are moving.

So far, the numbers are beginning to accelerate, we are stepping up. So it’s really the resources. You cannot imagine the degree of—you cannot imagine the magnitude of resources that need to be made available to do this,” said Almendras.

Almendras cited limited transport capabilities of the government and other logistical problems for the failure to get food packs, medicines and other relief goods to the people in the Visayas soon after Yolanda left the country over the weekend.
“How we wish … (but) we cant’ fly,” he said of only two of three C-130 transports planes currently working, and the safety issues in Tacloban City airport, which has no night-flying/landing capability.

“It’s not within the national government control how effectively we can hit the ground. There are places (that are) very remote. (Government officials) need to know (the victims’ needs) so that we can reach them,” said Almendras.

He said the difficulty of getting aid to the victims was due to the breakdown of disaster response mechanism on the ground, where local executives from barangay to the municipal and provincial levels—who should have been the first responders—were themselves victims of the typhoon.

He said the government was facing “not a small amount of work to be done.” “Admittedly, (in terms of aid distribution) we are at a small level today. We have a dream” to reach all the victims as ordered by the President on Saturday, he said.

Almendras said the government would fulfill the “challenging task assigned to us” in the coming days.

Asked if the quality and speed with which the Aquino administration was responding to the humanitarian emergency would define the presidency, Almendras said:

“I don’t think it is an acid test of this administration. This is an acid test of Filipino people. How well we handle this crisis will matter a lot. Yes, there will be challenges but we will move on.” With a report from Michael Ubac, Philippine Daily Inquirer

Yolanda’ death toll jumps to 2,275 By Julliane Love De Jesus 3:24 pm | Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 39 591

MANILA, Philippines—Only few hours after reaching the thousand-mark, the number of recorded deaths in the aftermath of monster typhoon “Yolanda” (international name Haiyan) jumped to 2,275, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) confirmed Wednesday.

Yolanda, one of the strongest typhoons recorded in history, also left 3,365 injured and 80 remain missing.
No further details were given as of posting time.

Meanwhile, amphibious vehicles carrying hundreds of US Marines have been ordered into action to help relief efforts in the hard-to-reach typhoon disaster zone.

The ships will ferry hundreds of troops into storm-ravaged parts of the country where broken infrastructure is badly hampering aid deliveries and adding to a growing sense of desperation among survivors of the horrendous storm.

The deployment, which will see the vessels sent from southern Japan, is the latest US contribution to the global bid to help the Philippines, which is staggering under the weight of possibly its worst-ever humanitarian disaster.

Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft, which were deployed earlier this week and can land and take off like a helicopter but fly like a plane, and amphibious assault vehicles give the US military greater reach in a region where many communities are still cut off.

Aircraft carrier the USS George Washington, with 5,000 sailors and more than 80 aircraft aboard, along with five warships from its battle group, were heading to the Philippines to join more than 200 US Marines already on the ground. A British warship was also on its way to the Philippines.

The UN estimates that more than 11.3 million Filipinos have been affected, with 673,000 made homeless, since Haiyan — one of the most powerful typhoons ever — smashed into the nation’s central islands on Friday.

The UN on Tuesday launched a flash appeal for $301 million to help with the immediate aftermath of the disaster, which it has said could have already cost 10,000 lives.

Other significant aid steps include:
– Britain said it was offering 14 million pounds ($22 million) in disaster relief and ongoing prevention programmes. A public appeal by an umbrella group of charities in the UK has also been launched, with London committing itself to matching the first five million pounds donated, taking its total commitment so far to as much as $30 million.
– The International Labour Organization said it was working to put in place emergency employment and cash-for-work programmes as part of the UN’s appeal. The ILO estimates that three million people have lost their livelihoods, at least temporarily. It says nearly half of these are vulnerable workers — subsistence farmers or fishermen.
– The Mexican government announced Tuesday that it was donating $1 million to help victims of the super typhoon in the Philippines.
– The United Arab Emirates, Australia and Japan have pledged $10 million each.
– Indonesia has offered $2 million in cash and emergency supplies, along with a transport plane packed with food, medicines, water filters and generators.
– The European Commission said it would give 13 million euros ($17 million).
– South Korea approved $5 million in emergency aid and dispatched a 40-member team including medical personnel.
– Samsung Group donated $1 million dollars through international aid groups and HSBC said it was donating the same sum.
– New Zealand will give NZ$2.15 million ($1.78 million).
– Canada has promised up to $5 million to aid organisations.
– Malaysia readied a relief crew and Singapore offered cash aid, while India said it was sending an aircraft with 15 tonnes of relief materials.
– China, where the typhoon killed several people, is to give $100,000 towards the aid effort.
– Taiwan sent two C-130 Hercules transport aircraft carrying relief goods and pledged $200,000 in cash.
– Vietnam, itself faced with mass evacuations as a weakened Haiyan swung through its territory Monday, has offered aid worth $100,000.
– Germany’s embassy in Manila said an initial shipment of 23 tonnes of aid was being flown in and German rescue teams were already at work.
– UNICEF sent a cargo plane carrying 60 tonnes of aid including shelters and medical kits while refugee agency UNHCR organised an airlift.
– The ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on Disaster Management will send an initial $500,000 in aid from Subang in Malaysia.
– Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) said it was sending 329 tonnes of medical and relief items which will arrive in Cebu within the next few days in four cargo planes. With a report from Agence France Presse

Updated list of unaccounted persons in Samar, Leyte 9:07 pm | Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

MANILA, Philippine—Below is a partial list of people who have remained unaccounted for as reported by readers since Supertyphoon “Yolanda” (Haiyan) ravaged the central Philippines on November 8:
For information on their whereabouts, or if you have friends or relatives who are missing, email us at
As of November 13, 8:57 p.m.
Richelle Datig and Family, Leyte
Ryan Datig, Leyte
Dexter and Jacquelyn Datig, Leyte
Michael Castil, Leyte
Pablo and Gina Datig, Leyte
(For any info, please contact Joanne Bato at 09176326547)
Mae Talavera
Mai Martinada
For info email <> or call +971556861311, +971506690323
Villa Tamarindo, Naval Biliran, Leyte
Richard Felicia, Naval Biliran, Leyte
Hyacinth Felicia, Naval Biliran, Leyte
John Luis Felicia, Naval Biliran, Leyte
John Zigiro Felicia, Naval Biliran, Leyte
Willie Timkang, Leyte
Paling Tadefa Nogar – Palo, Leyte (Housewife in her 70′s)
Alwin Tadefa Nogar – Palo, Leyte (COA employee, Tacloban. Leyte in his 40′s)
Editha Tadefa-Nogar- Tacloban City, Leyte (in her 50′s)
(Pls. relay information, to: Ms. Nieves Tadefa (Veterans Village, Q.C.) – 9175113799 / 9178090771 or Mr. Victor Tadefa (Banaba, San Mateo, Rizal) – 9216423041 / 9999929344)
Antonio Gutiay
Corazon Gutiay
Michael Gutiay
Jenia Rose Gutiay
Hesil Gutiay
Angelo Gutiay.
Kindly call or txt 09278683533, 09052740108 or 09266691173.
Jomalyne Daileg Santos
Wareza family
Brian wareza and family
Ivy rose wareza Carillo and family
Roel Gallano, Sr.
Rhealyn Gallano, Tacloban
Joselito Gallano, Tacloban
Rodge Gallano, Tacloban
Roel Gallano, Jr., Tacloban
(For info contact Virginia Gallano at 0939-9464628 or 0921-9923538)
Federico Encina
Demetrio Encina
Milanita encina Cabuquit
Lucina encina Tapacion.
Elvie Garzon, and Jovanie Garzon, of Brgy. San Juan Sta Rita Samar (Contact 09998885188)
Noriebelle Bacusmo-Guinto and her kids Billy Bacusmo (son of Ben Tulfo) & Nea Guinto of Baybay City, Leyte
Nicolas Gupit & family from Leyte
Leonila and Joseph Barquin of Brgy Pongon, Mac Arthur, Leyte
Lucena Barquin Guyo and family and Lorna Barquin Cerro and family of Brgy Calsada, Javier, Leyte. Contact: 09226197566
Racquel E. Kilario
Marcelino “Boy” Kilario
Bong Bong Kilario
JR. Kilario
Kyle Mark Kilario
Kent Gabriel Kilario
Marciano Rizalde, 74 years old, Barangay Lat-Osan, Palompon, Leyte
Luisa Rizalde, Barangay Lat-Osan, Palompon, Leyte
Angie Demellites, Barangay Lat-Osan, Palompon, Leyte
Ronald Silva, Sta. Cruz, Baybay City, Leyte
Nenet Alkuino, Sta. Cruz, Baybay City, Leyte
Edith Alkuino, Sta. Cruz, Baybay City, Leyte
(Contact Lolita Silva, 09263057547 or 09068890758)
Joel “Oteng” Bravo and his family, living in Leyte Jomalyne D. Santos, Samar, Leyte
Mr. and Mrs Glecirio and Reynalda Udtohan and their daughters Ruby and Mylene Udtohan of Brgy. Ada Tanauan, Leyte:
Abezir Solis
Manuelito Alvarez Jr.
Michelle Daculan
Manuelito Alvarez Jr., Michelle Daculan of Catarman Island and Solis from San Miguel, Samar
Anthony Tan- brother
Maricar Ochabillo Tan
Daphne Tan
Aliah tan
Marcelo Altivo and Leonarda Altivo
Mario Picardal & 2 children
Aimee and Edmund Ray
Corazon Infante (mother), Brgy. Pinangumhan, Biliran Island, Leyte
Sofronio Infante (father), Brgy. Pinangumhan, Biliran Island, Leyte
Darwin Infante, Brgy. Pinangumhan, Biliran Island, Leyte
Noel Infante, Brgy. Pinangumhan, Biliran Island, Leyte
Rodesa Infante (wife of Noel), Brgy. Pinangumhan, Biliran Island, Leyte
Andrei Infante (son of Noel), Brgy. Pinangumhan, Biliran Island, Leyte
Sheila Marie Infante (daughter of Darwin), Brgy. Pinangumhan, Biliran Island, Leyte
Sheena Infante (daughter of Darwin), Brgy. Pinangumhan, Biliran Island, Leyte
Cecilia Infante (wife of Darwin), Brgy. Pinangumhan, Biliran Island, Leyte
(Contact e-mail: or at 09062990473. Or Mr.Ariel Infante at 09993633723)
Conge Family – Sta. Rita, Samar
Arpil Lacaba – Sta. rita, samar
Chona Mae Lacaba – Sta. Rita, Samar
Numeriano Meniano – Leyte
(Contact 09286394292)
Palo Leyte
Ricarda Lopez -68
Randy Lopez
Rowena Lopez
Newly born baby
(Contact 09178045626)
Rodrigo Tolentino, Blk 5 Lot 7 Phase 4 Est. Israel St. V And G Subdivision Tacloban City
Elsa Tolentino, Blk 5 Lot 7 Phase 4 Est. Israel St. V And G Subdivision Tacloban City
Karen Tolentino, Blk 5 Lot 7 Phase 4 Est. Israel St. V And G Subdivision Tacloban City
Rey Anthony Toletino, Blk 5 Lot 7 Phase 4 Est. Israel St. V And G Subdivision Tacloban City
Elena Ablanida Agravante & husband, Taft Eastern Samar
Dexter, Ginalyn, Mercy, Taft Eastern Samar
(Contact: Niño Ablanida – 09078305868)
Beth Rojas (mother), Rose Ann Rojas, Jessa Rojas, Jasmin Rojas (Daughters) of Tanauan Leyte
Kate V. Locahin
Nathalie Aguiluz, Fermina Aguiluz of Palompon Leyte
Perpetua Cinco Canonigo and siblings Jose, Nenette, Dina, Riza
Armando Raposas and wife and four children from Brgy.Amandayehan, Basey, Samar
(For any information, please contact this number: 09176291396)
Laila Palines, Brgy. San Francisco, Sulat Eastern Samar
Nicolas Gupit & family from Leyte
Iluminada G. Cuartero – 71 years old, 14-A P. Burgos St. Pampango Dist. Tacloban City, Leyte
Mrs. Analyn B. Pica 39 years of age from Baranggay Carabasan, Guti Tanuan Leyte
Paterno Logon, Quian Eastern Samar (Please contact us 09159764225 (Therese Cruz) or 09178054523 (Patric Logon)
Felamae Sandoy Caberio from Baras Guiuan Est.Samar.Pls contact Melchorita Sandoy Waing her mother 09324505242
Bobby Cabrera, contact no: 09196256935
Elmee Lumacang, Merry Ann Mendigo and family
Fayree Angelica Antoni
Goldiana Tan
Menchie Daa, Fernando Daa, Pamela Daa, Thresha Mae Daa, Arlen Malazarte Daa, Angelika (8 years old) and Reese Daa (3yeays old), Virginia Castroverde, Anthony Daa, Salvador & Evangeline Castroverde (mga anak Benjie BJ, Vince Ivan, Bea and Angel Castroverde, Emma and Romeo Daa, Paulita and Babay Soledad (mga anak Paul Anthony, Richel Soledad) Edna And Noli Ripalda (ian ian anak), Fidel Daa, Salvacion, Vernady Daa, Winston Linde, Meriel GAtela, Vincent Gatela, Francis Gatela, Lourder and Rey Gatela (all from Brgy 83-B cogon San Jose Tacloban City)
Demetrio Relano, Palompon, Leyte
Domingo M. Delacruz, Barangay Kaluwayan, Marabut, Western Samar
Jennyflor Wagan, Last known location Burauen, Leyte (please call Butch 09176191152)
Imelda Maca, Buruan, Samar Philippines
Cantalisio Marcellano, Buruan, Samar Philippines.
Domingo M. Dela Cruz, Barangay Kaluwayan, Marabut, Western Samar
Eduard Marta Empillo Son, Barangay Colawen Pastrana Leyte
Edwin Maraya Empillo Father, Barangay Colawen Pastrana Leyte
Erlinda Marta Empillo Mother, Barangay Colawen Pastrana Leyte
Erlene Marta Empillo (Crosson) is their eldest daughter & lives in Manila 09998700798
Antonio V. Po III, male, 35 years old
Marjorie S. Po, female, 35 years old
Lily Marcha Bonoson, Salvacion, Basey, Samar
Roger Marcha, Salvacion, Basey, Samar
Mely Marcha, Salvacion, Basey, Samar
Reden March, Salvacion, Basey, Samar
Anita Marcha, Salvacion, Basey, Samar
Benjamin Marcha (cp # 09059749022) of Los Baños for any information regarding his missing relative
Charry Pabello, Guiuan Samar
Winona Pabello, Guiuan Samar
Fridgerard Pabello, Guiuan Samar
Dondon Pabello
Resurecto Abaloyan
Susana Abaloyan
Fidel Abaloyan
Rosauro Abaloyan
Pablito and Leah Payod in Estancia (any info on them please call us at 02-87383 86)
Romeo Lumapak and Fe lumapak, Brgy.Pangpang Calubian Leyte
Willy Talisay
Maricel Talisay
Jun Talisay
Joey Talisay
Jonathan Talisay
Marites Talisay
Maribeth Talisay
Jonas 12 yrs old
Maribelle 11 yrs old
Marianne 8 yrs old
Lino Estonio
Kapitan Emie Montalban (please contact me thru 09151333838 any information would be helpful)
Gil Gillamac Sr.
Elsa Gillamac
Gil Gillamac Jr
Eliza Gillamac
Eufimia D. Flosa, Ayisaha Y. Yamazaki, Jamil Galkego, Jamil Gallego, Ruben Sagales, barangay captain of Bolusao and his wife and family in Bolusao, Lawaan, Eastern Samar.
Bartolome “Bebot” Botictic – Anibong, Tacloban City
Paul Botictic – Anibong, Tacloban City
Niceforo Ehim – Jaro, Leyte
Lourdes Ehim – Jaro, Leyte
Mila Parena – Jaro, Leyte
Martin Parena – Jaro Leyte
Three Parena children, 2 boys and 1 girl
Wife Anghela Dagsa
Husband Berto Dagsa
Daughter Jenny Dagsa
Eliza Mejares
Normita Enciso
Francisco Enciso
Rening Lerios
Adam Lerios
Bryan Ajon
Emma Castos
Patricia Jean Ajon (8yrs old) and Sean Gabriel Ajon (9 months old)
Richard Bacunata
Richard Sombise
Casamiro Galangue Jr.
Mary Ann Dumaran
Lenard Tangpuz and family
Erlinda and Buboy Cudilla, Tacloban
Claring Capilos and family, Tacloban
Mary Ann Tapa and family, Tacloban
Gina Bunguyan Dasal, Tacloban
April Dasal, Tacloban
Rey Ricardo Dasal III, Tacloban
Ma. Lenie Dasal, Tacloban
Erika Dasal, Tacloban
Fabian Dasal, Tacloban
Dioreto Dalmacio and family in Burgos St. Sanroque, Tanauan Leyte (contact: +639182784320)
Lucia D. Samiana Family, and Lolit & Larry Barillo Family
Felomina Gloria & Family
Marissa Alday, Mabuhay Lugay ST. Guiuan Eastern Samar
Francisco Alday Jr., Mabuhay Lugay ST. Guiuan Eastern Samar
Francisco Alday Sr., Mabuhay Lugay ST. Guiuan Eastern Samar
Wilfreda Bagaindoc-Babaylon
Apolinario Asis Babaylon
May Grace Bagaindoc Babaylon
Diana Babaylon
Marlena Decena, Barangay Abucay, Tacloban City, Leyte (contact: 09099577394 or 09068184747)
Josephine “Josie” Songalia Allenegui Gotingco, Tanauan, Leyte
Melany Ganton Teroy of Buaya,Abuyog, Leyte. 6510 (contact: +63 91 83670173)
Amelita Sison Reyes, Erlinda Sabalza, Jonamae Sison Pelino of Zone 2 Cabuynan Tanauan Leyte (contact 0939-247-9199)
Delia Gabejan, Janet & Genie Gabejan, or Belen and Keting Gabejan, Divina Dabuet and family of Brgy Bato and Brgy Boray, Paranas Wright, Samar
LuckyLee Ballao of Independencia Street 38 in Tacloban city.
Ma. Luz Loquero Mandreza
Miguel Mandreza
Carl Mandreza and Tristan Mandreza
Maria Percila Espinosa
Milang Cahinde
Rosalio Abad, Ruben Abad, Edith Abad, Amalia Abad anyone from the Abad family from Julita Leyte. Please contact Mark Gary Jr via email: or call my U.S. Cell number: (916) 627-9446 or Oliva Gary at (408) 561-5524.

Cecilio Naing Salamida, 58 years old, Brgy. Surok Guiuan, Eastern Samar
Maria Naing Salamida, 86 years old, Brgy. Surok Guiuan, Eastern Samar
Basilio Salamida and his family, Brgy. Surok Guiuan, Eastern Samar
Atty. Floro “Boboy” Lopega Jr, Joselito “Boyet”Lopega, Bebot Lopega and their mother Eufemia Lopega from Pleasantville, Sagkahan, Tacloban City. (Contact: 02-8062173)
John Ray Sudario, and Allan Sudario and his family (for info: email me at
leyte, fe manatad, caleb, edgar, nita, also Ben Kabingi in Tacloban
Bryan Ajon Emma Castos Patricia Jean Ajon (8yrs old) and Sean Gabriel Ajon (9 months old), From Basaey, Jael, Samar (contact my email add
Mrs Angelina Tobilla & Son Regie Tobilla Almonte of Brgy. Cavite East, Palo Leyte,
Maria Percila Espinosa and Milang Cahinde of Guiuan, Eastern Samar (contact:
Dailyn Arena and Lina Arena from Jaro, Leyte, last known location for Dailyn Arena – Palo, Leyte (contact email – for any information)
Victoriano Naputo Jr. + 2 children– Tacloban City, Leyte
Josephine Gotingco –Tanauan, Leyte
Luz Armi Manatad Abellano from Abuyog Leyte
Kahilig family from Tacloban
Ms. Eva acosta Diaz together with her son Miko and daughter Mara of Sagkahan Tacloban City (contact: 0929-3299941)
Cecilio and Maria Salamida, (xontact: Facebook: Naomi Hutamares
Anecito Irag, Sr from Dulag, Leyte and our friend Mariche Lee, her husband and two kids from Tacloban City
Mr. Edgar Bawagan Fernandez, 53 years old, an employee of the Commission on Human Rights in Tacloban City. He lives in 62-B, Kalipayan Road, Sagkahan, Tacloban City
Ms. Wennie Capones, 66, residing in Omawas street Maydolong, Eastern Samar
Liza Kirsteen Sabas Selso and Aiza Sabas from 18 National Highway, 6503 Tolosa, Leyte, daughters of Alfredo Sabas. Any news about them, please contact Alfredo Sabas 09208689648 or me at 09062572445
Erlinda Cudilla of Brgy.Mohon, Tabontabon, Leyte
Tabontabon, Mohon and Burauen
Ricky Paderna, Aunt Aileen Paderna and two kids Erik and Johnrey”Budoy” Paderna from Palo, Leyte and others live in brgy. Guindapanan, Palo Leyte (contact 09359663668 or my email address
Chrystin Bercero – Palo Leyte
Eloise Bercero – Marasbaras, Tacloban City
Anthony Mark del Rosario and two daughters, Brgy. San Roque, Tanauan, Leyte
Miguel Galicia
Manuel and Catherine Pelayo
Thyrone Mark Arriesgado
Manolito Silva
Christian Chu, Brgy. 80, Marasbaras, Tacloban City
Kelvin Chu, Brgy. 80, Marasbaras, Tacloban City
Lourdes Fabillar-Chu, Brgy. 80, Marasbaras, Tacloban City
Kenneth Rowe, No. 6 Balintawak, Balangiga 6812
Mr. Sidney S. Mas, Blk 3 Lot 13 Villa Dolina Subd., Marasbaras,
Tacloban City, Leyte
Mr. & Mrs. Jun and Joy Tabon, Brgy. Marvel, Culaba, Biliran, Leyte
Mrs. Alicia A. Tambis, Brgy. Villaconsuelo, Biliran, Leyte
Mr. Antonio Henry and Fatima C. Esquivel , Brgy. Bislig, Tanauan, Leyte
Mr. & Mrs. Antonio and Adelma C. Ramirez, 380 P. Burgos St., Brgy. 36
Sabang District, Tacloban City, Leyte
Mrs. Letecia C. Tresvalles, Brgy. San Vicente, Tarangnan, Western Samar
Mrs. Gilda Inalisan, Brgy. Cutay Carigara, Leyte
Mr. & Mrs. Justiniano Tambulogan and Family, Brgy. Matarinao Salcedo,
Eastern Samar
Venancio Pagaduan Sr.
Norma Pagaduan
Salvador Pagaduan & Family
Sanny Pagaduan & Family
Alex Pagaduan & Family
Nora Pagaduan
Venancio Pagaduan
Sammuel Pagadaun
Dacume, Barillo and Gloria family
Moises Padriquez, Guiuan Eastern Samar
Jewish Padriquez, Guiuan Eastern Samar
Jaca Family: Orlando (Lando), Zenaida (Zeny), Jovilito (Emboi), Ronaldo (Botchoy) and Jacquelin (Jackie)
Marcial Navarro Jr. – Catmonan Dulag Leyte
Betty Navarro – Paraiso Tacloban City
Antonia Q. Cinco, Balud Basey Western Samar
Sito Quilitano, Balud Basey Western Samar
Andress Quilitano, Balud Basey Western Samar
Cesar Quilitano, Balud Basey Western Samar
Jimmy Quilitano, Balud Basey Western Samar
Pastor Cinco, Balud Basey Western Samar
Francisco Cinco, Balud Basey Western Samar
Irish Tagana, Balud Basey Western Samar
Victoriano Mansalay Jr. – Tanuan Leyte
Faith Emperio, Tacloban
Felixberta Emperio, Tacloban
Rey Palma
Mariabelen Palma
Sheena & Alexi Palma (For any information about the Palmas, contact us at: 0920-6300455)

Normalyn Casis and family, contact us: 09175366724.
Perlita Llego
Perlita Elles, 26y old
Mateo Elles
Mariel Elles 6 y old
Cheallsea Elles 4y old
Uleysis Llego and family Llego (contact us: 09156085775)
Eba Riley (maiden name Quinones)
Isaac Riley
Raquel Quinones
Rachel Riley, Conalum, Leyte
Richard Riley, Conalum, Leyte
Reba Riley, Conalum, Leyte
Roxanne Riley, Conalum, Leyte
Socorro Separa Yu (Nanang Sokor), Tacloban City
Violeta Yu Gomez (Mana Violet) , Tacloban City
And any Separa family in Uban, Tacloban City
Madeloso family in San Jose, Tacloban, Tacloban City
Deya Javier with her kids Maan, Maris, and Mickey are in Bgy Guindapunan, Palo, Leyte
Ramsey Barredo Lopena, Marasbaras, Leyte (originally from Taguig City)
Osha L. Osias, Villa Dolina Marasbaras, Tacloban City
Teodoro Tan & Loly Tan
Rica Jean Satore-16
Alicia Satore-12
Rex Satore-5
Severo Alido
Isaka Alido Loyola
For any information please reply to email or at 09185829970 or 09099570214.

Raymund Guarino, 65, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
Estrella Guarino, 62, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
For any information, please contact me at: 09153186604
Jonalyn Ilad Oledan, Brgy Binibihan, Cariaga, Leyte
Yvonne Stefanie Ilad Oledan, Brgy Binibihan, Cariaga, Leyte
Christine Joy Ilad Oledan, Brgy Binibihan, Cariaga, Leyte
Please text me at 09189141239 or my staff at 09484552517
Liezl Pica and her family from Tacloban City
Jhony Cerdano, Barangay Malpag, San Miguel Leyte
Herminia Cedano, Barangay Malpag, San Miguel Leyte
Jhon Mark Cedano, Barangay Malpag, San Miguel Leyte
Ma. Rachel Tan Abrerra, Brgy. Calubian Dulag leyte
Rutchi Abrerra, Brgy. Calubian Dulag leyte
Albert tan Montenegro
Nichole Tan Montenegro
Maribeth Tan Montenegro, Tacloban City (in Tacloban for business meeting)
Alfred Montenegro, Tacloban City (in Tacloban for business meeting)
Maria Abrenio, San Miguel Dulag Leyte
Macario Abrenio, San Miguel Dulag Leyte
Romalyn Abrenio, San Miguel Dulag Leyte
Romajane Abrenio, San Miguel Dulag Leyte
Stephanie Abrenio, San Miguel Dulag Leyte
Sis Lydia Guiamalodin, San Miguel Dulag Leyte

List of unaccounted persons in Samar, Leyte (as of November 12)

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