Residents carry relief goods in Tacloban city, Leyte province on Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013. The city remains littered with debris from damaged homes as many complain of shortages of food and water and no electricity since Typhoon Haiyan slammed into their province. AP/Bullit Marquez

MANILA, NOVEMBER 12, 2013 (PHILSTAR) Thousands' searched for their family members in areas desolated by supertyphoon Yolanda--an effort made difficult by paralyzed communication lines

As a result, local governments and private companies and organizations culled lists of victims and survivors of the devastating calamity alongside relief drives.

Google started a service called "Person Finder" as a way to collect and publish names of missing people as well as those came through the storm.

Malacañang similarly released an official list of casualties.

Leyte 1st district Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez also started posting names of victims survivors on his Facebook account.

"We will be posting names of survivors from Typhoon Yolanda.

We will update from time-to-time soon as we get the names," he said. His hometown Tacloban City is among the heavily affected areas attracting international media attention as most homes are destroyed and scores of residents are left dead.

Partial list of survivors (Leyte)

1. Joy Coscos and family 2. Alfred Cuizon and family 3. Francis Gallaron and family 4. Maximo del Pilar and family

5. Leo Bergula and family 6. Gian Jay Colasito and family 7. Harvey Codilla and family 8. Cholo Barcelona and family

9. Fortune Barcelona and family 10. Michael Davilo and family 11. Rodico Cinco and family 12. Delia Colinayo and family

13. Delia Camaoy and family 14. Neneng Eval and family 15. Salvador Cesar and family 16. Virgie Labita and family

17. Val Pamperon and family 18. Lando Quablar and family 19. Clark Pendijo and family 20. Ariel Ugalde and family

21. Leo Bergullo and family 22. Lourdes Faga and family 23. Elvira Portillo and family 24. Manuel Silao and family

25. Bobong Barcelona and family 26. Mercy Basister and family 27. Mark dela Cruz and family 28. Complicado family

29. Jimmy Wilfreda and family 30. Sophia Junio and family 31. Ana Baculanlan and family 32. Dolomeo Penalosa and family

33. Rolando Zambuang and family 34. Noel Claros and family 35. Nino Claros and family 36. Tony Claros and family

37. Inigo Batan and family 38. Jonathan Penalosa and family 39. Joey Oligario and family 40. Flora Bulcase and famliy

41. Michelle Iridio and family 42. Luis Iridio and family 43. Michael Penalosa and family 44. Dennis Gamboa and family

45. Jose Baculanlan and family 46. Juliet Baculanlan and family 47. Joel Penalosa and family 48. Greg Cuizon and family

49. Juanito Martinez and family 50. Cristine Martinez and family. 51. Anthony Claros and family 52. Rudy de Asis and family

53. Lucrecia Mission and family 54. Constancio Baculanlan and family 55. Rico Salodada and family 56. Wilfredo Regania and family

57. Cristita Regania and family 58. Lemuel Regania and family 59. Edgar Martinez Costero and family (7 members)

60. Ronsard & Justerie Granali 61. Rommel Delgado and family 62. Nestor Nirzo 63. Peter Golong 64. Jonelle Cantero

65. Shaquille Erondio 66. Charisse Erondio 67. Gaudioso Erondio 68. Genevive Dela Cruz 69. Regine Dela Cruz

70. Joy Jean Dela Cruz 71. Renato Dela Cruz 72. Rachelle Colmenar 73. Russell Colmenar 74. Henry Mendoza

75. Grace Mendoza 76. John Henry Mendoza 77. Helen Grace Mendoza 78. Lloyd Mendoza 79. Nelibe Alcaraz 80. Ruben de Guzman, Jr. 81. Raymond Mendoza 82. Marvin Balaganas 83. Baby Balaganas 84. Medelina Gadin 85. Shon Mark de Lirio

86. Filomeno Moreno 87. Alpiono Gadin 88. Amelinda Gadin 89. Monalisa Gadin 90. Allan Gadin 91. Gina Gadin

92. Alexander Gadin 93. Julie Anne Gadin 94. Aljean Paul Gadin 95. Am-am Gadin 96. Tamtam Gadin 97. Eliana Gadin

98. Ilajean Gadin 99. Alfonso Gadin 100. Dianne Pacho 101. Ronald Gesalado 102. Emmanuel Tabi 103. Rey Guimaol

104. Kim Ibarras 105. Marisa Nabong 106. Jean Marie Aguilar 107. Ethey Yu 108. Lorissa Sadong 109. Maricel Loyola

110. Nimfa Quilbio 111. Dianne Alfarejos 112. Norisson Estanislao 113. Joana Abarca 114. Roel Candare 115. Ester Montejo 116. Rochelle Anover 117. Miramae Barzana 118. Brenda Ponferrada 119. Gaile Tanggaan 120. Rosbie Balen

121. Jennelyn Velarde 122. Sharon Brillo 123. Esther Faller 124. Ma. Reyna Tioco 125. Rensis Cabacaba 126. Carl Alit 127. Julius Presto 128. Laura Creer - Miralles 129. Sam Llamera 130. Martin Montana 131. Loyel Natividad

132. Rhaizano Batan 133. Albert Mabuti 134. Joey Guyjoco 135. Rey Austero 136. Amabelle Bandalon

137. Claudine Anjero 138. Mylene Gumayao 139. Catherine Badeo 140. Santos Guesalado 141. Rosalinda Guesalado

142. Rosalyn Guesalado 143. Rosalie Guesalado Sacramento 144. Rosalind Guesalado 145. Ron Joshua Guesalado

146. Kurt Santiago 147. Kit Sacramento 148. Carlito Guesalado 149. Honelyn Kalingag 150. Karen Guesalado

151. Rey Kalingag 152. Mario Aguilar 153. Jennelyn Aguilar 154. Marjorie Aguilar 155. Joan Aguilar 156. Rida Francisco 157. Vincent Francisco 158. Gina Francisco 159. Jose Vincent Francisco 160. Alexa Louise Francisco 161. Jay Susayan

162. Bridgette Alapid 163. Leoncio Nabong 164. Maria Elisa Nabong 165. Arnel Nabong 166. John Earl Nabong

167. Jon Dale Nabong 168. Trisha Marie Nabong 169. Marlyn Calilihan 170. Rexter Calilihan 171. Kimberly Gandaingan

172. Rachel Mariaga 173. Tito Bergoncillo


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