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MANILA, MAY 27, 2013 (YAHOO NEWS ASIA) Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom - . By Kim Arveen Patria | Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom – Winners in the party-list race have yet to be announced eight days after the May 13 elections, but a poll commissioner has bared 25 groups leading the count so far.

The Commission on Elections has already canvassed about 95 percent of the total votes cast during the midterm elections, Commissioner Grace Padaca said.

Groups need 2 percent of the total party-list votes cast to secure one seat in the House of Representatives. A maximum of three seats may be allotted to each group.

"Based on our initial computations with 95 percent of the total party-list votes, 2 percent will not be lower than 200,000, " Padaca said via Facebook.

Leading the race so far are the following groups:

1. BUHAY 1,255,734
2. A TEACHER 1,033,873
3. BAYAN MUNA 945,639
4. 1 CARE 931,303
5. AKBAYAN 820,351
6. AKO BICOL 761,115
7. ABONO 753,161
8. OFW FAMILY 735,854
9. GABRIELA 706,194
11. COOP-NATCCO 640,180
12. AGAP 588,095
13. CIBAC 578,320
14. MAGDALO 561,613
15. AN WARAY 540,210
16. ABAMIN 465,192
17. ACT TEACHERS 449,710
18. BUTIL 437,084
19. ACT-CIS 371,309
20. AMIN 370,351
21. LPGMA 369,989
22. KALINGA 367,839
23. TUCP 365,299
24. YACAP 364,278
25. AGRI 363,204

Padaca, however, noted that a formula will be followed in determining the number of seats that will be given to the groups.

Votes reaching 400,000 will not automatically entitle a group to two seats, or 600,000, three seats, Padaca explained.

The Comelec en banc, sitting as the National Board of Canvassers, expects a partial proclamation of winning groups by Thursday or Wednesday.

The protracted party-list count was again suspended Wednesday with 68 certificates of canvassed still uncounted.

The poll body began counting party-list votes only on Monday, after suspending it a day after the polls amid questions raised over disqualified groups.

Padaca stressed that the NBOC has already canvassed bulk of the total votes cast for party-lists with only some overseas absentee votes left uncounted.

A total of 304 certificates of canvass should be generated from the May 13 polls. These include 196 COCs from voting centers abroad, about 80 of which had zero votes.

Partylist blues

Philippine Daily Inquirer 8:56 pm | Sunday, May 26th, 2013

MANILA- Apparently, it’s time to update the old saying: If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again—but this time as a party-list group. Politics. It’s certainly more fun in the Philippines.

Take PARTY LIST Magdalo Para sa Pilipino (please—as some of our readers might be tempted to add).

Formed by failed putschists and their allies, headed by one of two former coup plotters whom the people in their pluralist wisdom reelected to the Senate, the Magdalo group is dedicated to representing the interests of “retired and former members of the [Armed Forces of the Philippines], the urban poor and the youth, which are marginalized and underrepresented groups.”

It takes a generous leap of faith to link all these three major sectoral groupings in a politically meaningful way, but it was another issue altogether that caught the attention of the Commission on Elections, which disqualified the group in 2010, and the Supreme Court, which upheld the disqualification in 2012.

Can a gathering of former soldiers who plotted against the government be trusted to join the electoral process? The Court ruled that the group, should the members wish to register it again, ought to renounce the use of force or any illegal means.

Magdalo has dutifully done so, affirming that it did “not advocate the use of force or violence or other unlawful means to achieve its goals.” Having been allowed to run, it has now won at least one seat in Congress.

The former labor attaché and ambassador Roy Señeres (indeed, he is known by the shorthand most overseas Filipinos use to refer to the Philippine ambassador in residence, “Amba”) may be said to have followed the same try-again-as-a-party-list formula. Having ran unsuccessfully for the Senate before, he is set to take a seat in Congress, as first nominee of the OFW Family Club Inc. (His son Christian also ran for the Senate this year.)

Despite its name, which rather sounds like that of a warehouse discount store, the OFW Family Club is a decade-old organization dedicated to helping overseas Filipino workers, by fighting for their benefits and funding scholarships for their children. Unfortunately, the group is also facing accusations that its second nominee used to work for Smartmatic, raising conflict-of-interest or unfair-advantage questions. Talk about fighting benefits.

These first-time party-list winners were joined by more familiar names: Buhay Hayaang Yumabong (Buhay), Advocacy for Teacher Empowerment Through Action Cooperation and Harmony Toward Education Reforms (a group that seems to have been named by a Chinese communist bureaucrat but which is better known by the more convenient A-Teacher), 1st Consumers Alliance for Rural Energy (1-Care), Abono Party List (Abono), Cooperative Natcco Network Party (Coop-Natcco), the Agricultural Sector Alliance of the Philippines (ASAP—but not the weekend variety show) and the Citizens’ Battle Against Corruption (Cibac). The political appeal of at least two groups that made it in the first cut—three, if Magdalo, which started as a regional party, is included—was regionalist: the Ako Bicol Political Party and An Waray won at least one seat each.

The robust ideological parties with limited national popularity which the Supreme Court, in its recent and dramatic overhaul of the party-list system, included as among those deliberately favored by the constitutional provision on party-list groups, did well as expected. Bayan Muna, Gabriela, and rival Akbayan Citizens Action Party were returned to Congress again, in an unbroken string of party-list victories.

Which leaves us with: More of the same. It is good to note that farmers and teachers continue to enjoy representation at the highest levels of government, but many of the winners in the Comelec’s first list leave us unimpressed.


These are THE 136 nominees of the parties participating in the Philippine House of Representatives party-list election, 2013.

The parties are ordered by the appearance on the ballot. A voter can vote for only one party, and a party can only win up to three seats. The winning nominees are determined by the order of which they are listed by the party (closed list). The party may submit a list of up to ten nominees; only the first three nominees (the maximum a party is allowed to win at any one time) are listed here.

There are instances where a party submitted two or more lists. In this case, the Commission on Elections shall determine from which amongst the lists would be used to determine which nominees win the allocated seats.


1. Consumers Alliance for Rural Energy (1-CARE) 1.Edgardo Masongsong 2.Michael Angelo Rivera (incumbent) 3.Concordio Quisaot

2. Arts, Business and Science Professionals (ABS) 1.Catalina Leonen-Pizarro (incumbent) 2.Michael Angelo Rivera 3.Concordio Quisaot

3. Pasang Masda 1.Roberto Martin 2.Ferdinand Topacio 3.Raul Raquid

4.OFW Family Club (OFW Family) 1.Roy Señeres, Sr. 2.Juan Johnny Revilla 3.Roy Señeres, Jr.

5.Magdalo para sa Pilipino (Magdalo) 1.Gary Alejano 2.Francisco Ashley Acedillo 3.Manuel Cabochan

6.Alyansa ng Media at Showbiz (AMS) 1.Rolando Gonzalo 2.Leo Martinez 3.Nick Ferrer

7.Abono 1.Conrado Estrella III 2.Francisco Emmanuel Ortega III (incumbent) 3.Erika Caitlin Dy

8.Bayani 1.Guiling Mamondlong 2.Homer Bueno 3.Fitrilyn Dalhani

9.Advocacy for Teacher Empowerment Through Action, Cooperation and Harmony Towards Educational Reforms (A TEACHER) 1.Mariano Piamonte, Jr. (incumbent) 2.Julieta Cortuna (incumbent) 3.Nenita Habulan

10.Pilipinos with Disabilities (PWD) 1.Michael Barredo 2.Manuel Agcaoili 3.Adeline Anchieta

11.Isang Lapian ng Mangingisda at Bayan Tungo sa Kaunlaran (1-LAMBAT) 1.Reynaldo Soriano 2.Eurie Rafael Manalo 3.Eleanor Sanchez

12.Alliance of Advocates in Mining Advancement for National Progress (AAMA) 1.Rafael Baniqued, Jr. 2.Lomino Kaniteng 3.Michael Jobert Marasigan

13.Bagong Henerasyon (BH) 1.Bernadette Herrera-Dy (incumbent) 2.Katherine Rose Ganyanco 3.Redentor Tuazon

14.Sanlakas 1.Marie Marguerite Lopez 2.Flora Santos 3.Jose Aaron Pedrosa, Jr.

15.Aksyon Magsasaka-Partido Tinig ng Masa (AKMA-PTM) 1.Michael Kida 2.Catherine Trinidad 3.Saldamen Limgas

16.Ako An Bisaya (AAB) Disqualified and does not appear on the ballot; its raffled number is skipped.

17.Kabataan 1.James Mark Terry Ridon 2.Asher Allunar 3.Bai Ali Idayla

18.Ako Bicol Political Party (AKB) First list: 1.Christopher Co (incumbent) 2.Rodel Batocabe (incumbent) 3.Alfredo Garbin (incumbent)

Second list: 1.Emilio Ubaldo, Jr. 2.Pedro Ravanilla 3.Rus Kristoffer Parcia

19.Ang Agrikultura Ating Isulong (AANI) 1.Joffrey Hapitan 2.Antonio Gonzales 3.Jose Policarpio, Jr.

20.United Movement Against Drug Foundation (UNI-MAD) 1.Teodoro Lim 2.Maruja Jadoc 3.Harry Lorenzo, Jr.

21.Action League of Indigenous Masses (ALIM) 1.Don Ferdinand Daquial 2.Francisco Muñez 3.Muamar Macaraya

22.Alay Buhay Community Development Foundation (Alay Buhay) 1.Weslie Gatchalian (incumbent) 2.Antonio Sayo 3.Rodolfo Mallari

23.An Waray 1.Neil Benedict Montejo 2.Jude Acidre 3.Victoria Isabel Noel

24.Alagad ng Sining (ASIN) Disqualified and does not appear on the ballot; its raffled number is skipped.

25.Puwersa ng Bayaning Atleta (PBA) 1.Mark Aeron Sambar (incument) 2.Sol Angelie Libanan 3.ZC Torres

26.FIRM 24-K Association (FIRM 24-K) 1.Artemio Lachica 2.Naomi Licuanan 3.Rodolfo Santoyo, Jr.

27.Trade Union Congress Party (TUCP) First list: 1.Raymond Democrito Mendoza (incumbent) 2.Anthony Sasin 3.Miguel Niez

Second list: 1.Roland de la Cruz 2.Alejandro Villaviza 3.Ternistocles Dejon, Jr.

28.Ladlad 1.Bembol Aleeh Benedicto 2.Danton Remoto 3.Raymond Paolo Alikpala

29.Advance Community Development in New Generation (ADING) 1.Fernando Nicandro 2.Eufemia Oliva 3.Herminia Raizama

30.Abante Retirees Sectoral Party List Organization (Abante Retirees) 1.Plaridel Abaya 2.Raul Urgello 3.Aravela Ramos

31.1-Abilidad 1.Puramayer Saquing 2.Wanda Talosig 3.Marichu Benavides

32.Katribu Indigenous Peoples Sectoral Party (Katribu) 1.Beverly Longid 2.Genasque Enriquez 3.Norma Capuyan

33.Philippine Coconut Producers Federation (COCOFED) 1.Emerito Calderon 2.Charles Avila

34.Alab ng Mamamahayag (ALAM) Disqualified and does not appear on the ballot; its raffled number is skipped.

35.Adhikaing Tinataguyod ang Kooperatiba (ATING Koop) First list: 1.Roberto Mascariña 2.Amparo Rimas 3.Lancelot Padla

Second list: 1.Isidro Lico (incumbent) 2.Gloria Futalan 3.Ma. Socorro Calara

36.Association of Guard, Utility, Helper, Aider, Rider, Driver/Domestic Helper, Janitor, Agent, and Nanny of the Philippines (GUARDJAN) Disqualified and does not appear on the ballot; its raffled number is skipped.

37.Piston Land Transport Coalition (PISTON) 1.George San Mateo 2.Edilberto Gonzaga 3.Edgardo Salarda

38.Agricultural Sector Alliance of the Philippines (AGAP) 1.Nicanor Briones (incumbent) 2.Rico Geron 3.Arnel Marasigan

39.Agbiag! Timpuyog Ilocano (Agbiag) 1.Patricio Antonio (incumbent) 2.Visitacion Ordoveza 3.Jose Antonieto Antonio

40.Association of Laborers and Employees (ALE) 1.Catalina Bagasina (incumbent) 2.Ma. Michaela Magtoto 3.Jane Castro

41.Abya llonggo Disqualified and does not appear on the ballot; its raffled number is skipped.

42.Ang Prolife 1.James Imbong 2.Jeremy Benigno Gatdula 3.Lorna Melegrito

43.Alliance of Volunteer Educators (AVE) 1.Eulogio Magsaysay (incumbent) 2.Jose Baesa 3.Nicolas Braña

44.Partido ng mga Magsasaka para sa mga Magsasaka (Binhi) 1.Ryan Vincent Uy 2.Pacifico Rico Fajardo, Jr. 3.Nelson Villanueva

45.Alliance of Organizations, Networks and Associations of the Philippines (ALONA) Disqualified and does not appear on the ballot; its raffled number is skipped.

46.Ating Guro 1.Benjo Basas 2.Emilio Abelita III 3.Armando Aquino

47.Partido ng Bayan ang Bida (PBB) Disqualified and does not appear on the ballot; its raffled number is skipped.

48.Association for Righteousness Advocacy in Leadership (ARAL) 1.Maria Socorro Malitao 2.Don Desiderio 3.Oncenio Lacsamana

49.Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT Teachers) 1.Antonio Tinio (incumbent) 2.Francisca Castro 3.Mae Fe Templa

50.Butil Farmers Party (Butil) 1.Agapito Guanlao (incumbent) 2.Cecilla Leonora Chavez-Custodio 3.Isidro Santos

51.Cooperative NATCCO Network Party (Coop NATCCO) 1.Cresence Paez (incumbent) 2.Anthony Bravo 3.Herminio Hernandez

52.Veterans Freedom Party (VFP) 1.Estrella Santos 2.Manuel Pamaran 3.Joel Joseph Cabides

53.Anti-Crime and Terrorism Community Involvement and Support (ACT-CIS) 1.Jerome Oliveros 2.Manuel Pamaran 3.Miguel Ortiz

54.GABRIELA Women's Party (GABRIELA) 1.Luzviminda Ilagan (incumbent) 2.Emerenciana de Jesus (incumbent) 3.Lucia Francisco

55.1-A Action Moral & Values Recovery Reform Philippines (1-AAMOVER) 1.Abulkhayer Sambitory 2.Emmanuel Carancho 3.Romeo Valorozo

56.Anak Mindanao First list: 1.Amabella Carumba 2.Acmad Macatimbol 3.Anthony Cuyong

Second list: 1.Sitti Djalia Turabin-Hataman 2.Rowaisa Pandapatan 3.Alejandro Plariza

57.Ugnayan Ng Maralita Laban Sa Kahirapan (UMALAB KA) 1.Maria Angela Esquivel 2.Arnold Castro 3.Edgardo Edwin Segaya

58.Alyansa Ng OFW 1.Abolcair Guro 2.Jauhari Usman 3.Nhazrudin Dianalan

59.Abakada Guro (Abakada) 1.Jonathan de la Cruz 2.Alexander Lopez 3.Rodolfo Tor

60.You Against Corruption and Poverty (YACAP) 1.Artemio Tuquero 2.Benhur Lopez, Jr. 3.Shiela Mae Ruelo

61.Action Brotherhood for Active Dreamers (ABROAD) 1.Danilo Dy 2.Michelle Mabag 3.Diana Rose Delgado

62.Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan All Filipino Democratic Movement (KAAKBAY) 1.Leonor Briones 2.Alain del Rosario 3.Rene Lopez

63.Pilipinas para sa Pinoy (PPP) Disqualified and does not appear on the ballot; its raffled number is skipped.

64.Aagapay sa Matatanda (AMA) 1.Ricardo Agapito 2.Feliciano Rosete 3.Juan Roldan

65.Association Of Marine Officer & Ratings (AMOR Seaman) 1.Christopher Maambong 2.Victory Alviola 3.Cresenciano Elaba, Jr.

66.Ang National Coalition Of Indigenous Peoples Action Na (ANAC-IP) 1.Jose Panganiban, Jr. 2.Rizalino Segundo 3.Nicole Pauline Dy

67.Angkla: Ang Partido Ng Mga Pilipinong Marino (Angkla) 1.Jesulito Manalo 2.Ronaldo Enrile 3.Juan Miguel Manalo

68.Atong Paglaum 1.Rodolfo Pancrudo 2.Pablo Lorenzo IIII 3.Melchor Maramara

69.1-Alliance Advocating Autonomy Party (1-AAAP) Disqualified and does not appear on the ballot; its raffled number is skipped.

70.Alyansang Bayanihan ng mga Magsasaka, Manggagawang Bukid at Mangingisda (ABA) 1.Leonardo Montemayor 2.Antonio Reyes 3.Baltazar Sator

71.Ang Asosasyon sang Mangunguma nga Bisaya-Owa Mangunguma (AAMBIS-OWA) 1.Sharon Garin (incumbent) 2.Geraldine Arnaiz 3.James Garin

72.Isang Alyansang Aalalay Sa Pinoy Skilled Workers (1-Aalalay) 1.Darryl Toledo 2.Michael Mendoza 3.Reynaldo de Leon

73.Abante Katutubo (Abante Ka) 1.Hermenegildo Dumlao 2.Teodorico Calica 3.Hazel Gacutan

74.1 Banat & Ahapo Party-List Coalition (1-BAP) 1.Silvestre Bello III 2.Salvador Britanico 3.Jimmy de Castro

75.The True Marcos Loyalist For God, Country and People Association of the Philippines (BANTAY) 1.Maria Evangelina Palparan 2.Joshua Encabo 3.Rubylyn Echon

76.1 Bro-Philippine Guardians Brotherhood (1 BRO-PGBI) 1.Ronjie Daquigan 2.George Duldulao 3.Bernard Rommel Vargas

77.Alliance For Philippines Security Guards Cooperative (AFPSEGCO) 1.Sotero Leonoro, Jr. 2.Ronnie Inacay 3.Nilo Duka

78.Agapay ng Indigenous Peoples Rights Alliance (A-IPRA) 1.Reynaldo Lopez 2.Ronald Flores 3.Noel de Luna

79.Bayan Muna 1.Neri Colmenares (incumbent) 2.Carlos Isagani Zarate 3.Hope Hervilla

80.Kalikasan Party-list Disqualified and does not appear on the ballot; its raffled number is skipped.

81.Mamamayan Tungo sa Maunlad na Pilipinas (MTM Phils) 1.Renato Uy 2.Joseph Entero 3.Datu Abdelnasser Sultan Esmael

82.Kasangga Sa Kaunlaran (Ang Kasangga) 1.Gwendolyn Pimentel 2.Rene Villa, Jr. 3.Jose Ciceron Lorenzo Haresco

83.Akbay Kalusugan (AKIN) Disqualified and does not appear on the ballot; its raffled number is skipped.

84.LPG Marketers Association (LPGMA) 1.Arnel Ty (incumbent) 2.Miguel Ponce, Jr. 3.Jose Cruz III

85.Sectoral Party of ang Minero (Ang Minero) 1.Luis Sarmiento 2.Horacio Ramos 3.Patrick Caoile

86.Kasosyo Producer-Consumer Exchange Association (AA-Kasosyo) 1.Nasser Pangandaman (incumbent) 2.Raynor Taroy 3.Renato Alano

87.Una ang Pamilya (Ang Pamilya) 1.Romeo Prestoza 2.Baltazar Asadon 3.Reena Concepcion Obillo (incumbent)

88.1st Kabalikat ng Bayan Ginhawang Sangkatauhan (1st KABAGIS) 1.Michael Antonio Magsaysay 2.Paul Vincent Tan 3.Reynaldo Corsino

89.1-United Transport Koalisyon (1-UTAK) 1.Vigor Ma. Mendoza III 2.Orlando Marquez 3.Marieto Garvida

90.Democratic Independent Workers Association (DIWA) 1.Emmeline Aglipay (incumbent) 2.Ramon Bergado 3.Pepito Pico

91.Alliance for Rural Concerns (ARC) 1.Alan Paje 2.Leonardo Odoño 3.Saudi Sapanta

92.Citizens' Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC) First list: 1.Luis Lokin, Jr. 2.Bibiano Rivera, Jr. 3.Antonio Manahan, Jr.

Second list: 1.Sherwin Tugna (incumbent) 2.Cinchona Cruz-Gonzales (incumbent) 3.Armi Jane Borja

93.Agila ng Katutubong Pilipino (Agila) 1.Gil Valera 2.Jocelyn Lebanan 3.Elorde Valera

94.1 Guardians Nationalist of the Philippines (1Guardians/GANAP) 1.Ponciano Mapuyan 2.Leonardo Lizaso 3.Edward Baldonado

95.Alyansa ng mga Grupong Haligi ng Agham at Teknolohiya para sa Mamamayan (AGHAM) 1.Angelo Palmones (incumbent) 2.Florentino Tesoro 3.Ruby Ephraim Rubiano

96.Migrante Sectoral Party of Overseas Filipinos and Their Families (MIGRANTE) 1.Concepcion Regalado 2.Garry Martinez 3.Emmanuel Villanueva

97.Anti-War/Anti-Terror Mindanao Peace Movement (AWAT Mindanao( 1.Jose Agduma II 2.Christy Joy Arellano 3.Jose Neodino del Corro

98.Alyansa Lumad Mindanao (ALLUMAD) 1.Julius Mabandos 2.Arthur Alvendia 3.Evangelisto Morado, Jr.

99.Abante Tribung Makabansa (ATM) 1.Allen Capuyan 2.Reuben Dasay Lingating 3.Nouh Daiman

100.Pilipino Association for Country-Urban Poor Youth Advancement and Welfare (PACYAW) 1.Rene Velarde 2.Wilfrido Villarama 3.Antonio Calanoc

101.Manila Teachers Savings and Loan Association Disqualified and does not appear on the ballot; its raffled number is skipped.

102.Association of Local Athletics Entrepreneurs and Hobbyists (ALA EH) Disqualified and does not appear on the ballot; its raffled number is skipped.

103.Kababaihang Lingkod Bayan Sa Pilipinas (KLBP) 1.Maria Carmen Lazaro 2.Mercidita Calingasan 3.Thelma Bustonera

104.Ating Agapay Sentrong Samahan ng mga Obrero (AASENSO) 1.Teodoro Montoro 2.Robert Ganzon 3.Samuel Bumangil

105.Ang Galing Pinoy (AG) 1.Eder Dizon 2.Jerold Dominick David 3.Ryan Caladiao

106.Alagad 1.Diogenes Osabel 2.Hermenegildo Encierto, Jr. 3.Renato Navata

107.Blessed Federation of Farmers and Fishermen International (A Blessed) 1.Expedito Lorente 2.Tapa Umali 3.Jim Garen

108.Ang Mata'y Alagaan (AMA) 1.Lorna Velasco 2.Tricia Nicole Velasco-Catera 3.Vincent Michael Velasco

109.Akap Bata Sectoral Organization For Children (Akap Bata) 1.Arlene Brosas 2.Edgardo Clemente 3.Evangeline Castronuevo-Ruga

110.Social Movement For Active Reform And Transparency (SMART) 1.Carlito Cubelo 2.Joseph Cubelo 3.Marcelino Vergel de Dios

111.Alliance of Bicolnon Party (ABP) 1.Enrique Olonan 2.Neil Vargas 3.Efren Lumbera

112.Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) 1.Pastor Alcover (incumbent) 2.Baltaire Balangauan 3.Pedro Leslie Salva

113.Agrarian Development Association (ADA) 1.Eric Singson (incumbent representative from Ilocos Sur) 2.Eric Singson, Jr. 3.Rodolfo Salanga

114.Alliance for Rural and Agrarian Reconstruction (ARARO) 1.Quirino de la Torre 2.Joel Obar 3.Jose Gamos

115.Kaagapay ng Nagkaisang Agilang Pilipinong Magsasaka (KAP) 1.Jacob Maganduga 2.Paterno Clapis, Jr. 3.Liezl Repatacodo

116.Association of Philippine Electric Cooperatives (APEC) 1.Rolando Reinoso 2.Andres Garcia 3.John Peter Millan

117.Akbayan Citizens' Action Party (Akbayan) 1.Walden Bello (incumbent) 2.Ibarra Gutierrez III 3.Angelina Ludovice-Katoh

118.Social Amelioration & Genuine Intervention on Poverty (1-SAGIP) 1.Erlinda Santiago 2.Edgardo Madamba 3.Camilo Bacha

119.1 Joint Alliance of Marginalized Group (1JAMG) 1.Homero Mercado 2.Shiela Marie Fernandez 3.Julian Eugene Chipeco

120.Adhikain at Kilusan ng Ordinaryong Tao para sa Lupa, Pabahay, Hanapbuhay at Kaunlaran (AKO BUHAY) 1.Miles Roces 2.Percival Chavez 3.Jose Conrado Barker Sabio

121.Adhikain ng mga Dakilang Anak Maharlika (ADAM) 1.Al Makram Arbison 2.Kadirie Sahali 3.Abdulbasar Abdula

122.Ako Ayoko sa Bawal na Droga (AKO) 1.Ma. Corazon Sarmiento 2.Rodolfo Caisip 3.Francis Rico Javier

123.Abante Mindanao (ABAMIN) 1.Maximo Rodriguez, Jr. (incumbent) 2.Virginia Sering 3.Irenetta Montinola

124.Append 1.Pablo Nava III 2.Eduardo Jimenez 3.Raineer Chu

125.Agri-Agra na Reforma para sa Magsasaka ng Pilipinas Movement (AGRI) 1.Michael Ryan Enriquez 2.Janice Cruz 3.Mindalisa Takeuchi

126.Aangat Tayo 1.Daryl Grace Abayon (incumbent) 2.Teddie Elson Rivera 3.Patricia Mae Veloso

127.Ang Nars 1.Leah Primitiva Samaco-Paquiz 2.Lydia Palaypay 3.Chris Sorongon

128.Green Force for the Environment Sons and Daughters of Mother Earth (Green Force) 1.Ramon Ignacio 2.Nino Ignacio 3.Freddie Feir

129.Coalition of Association of Senior Citizens in the Philippines (Senior Citizens) First list: 1.Francisco Datol, Jr. 2.Amelia Olegario 3.Efren Santos

Second list: 1.Godofredo Arquiza (incumbent) 2.Milagros Magsaysay 3.David Kho (incumbent)

130.Ang Laban ng Indiginong Filipino (ALIF) 1.Abdul Tomawis 2.Agakhan Tomawis 3.Raima Cali

131.Kalinga-Advocacy for Social Empowerment And Nation-Building Through Easing Poverty (Kalinga) 1.Abigail Faye Ferriol (incumbent) 2.Irene Gay Saulog 3.Uzziel Caponpon

132.Anakpawis 1.Fernando Hicap 2.Joel Maglunsod 3.Randall Echanis

133.Isang Pangarap ng Bahay sa Bagong Buhay ng Maralitang Kababayan (1-PABAHAY) 1.Nereo Joaquin, Jr. 2.Juveley Panganiban 3.Kenway Tan

134.Kapatiran ng mga Nakulong na Walang Sala (KAKUSA) 1.Ma. Jesusa Sespeñe 2.Romeo Jalosjos 3.Cipriano Robielos III

135.Buhay Hayaan Yumabong (BUHAY) 1.Mariano Michael Velarde, Jr. (incumbent) 2.Lito Atienza 3.William Irwin Tieng (incumbent)

136.Abang Lingkod 1.Joseph Stephen Paduano 2.Patrick Leonard Lacson 3.William Saratobias

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