MANILA, JULY 10, 2007
(STAR) By Ma. Elisa P. Osorio - The government has given exporters travel tax exemption in order to help local businessmen expand their international trading capabilities.

Trade Senior Undersecretary Thomas G. Aquino said it is of national interest to exempt exporters and trade negotiators from paying travel tax.

“This is a welcome development for our exporters. With the implementation of Executive Order (EO) 589, exporters’ efforts were given a further boost to participate in trade fairs and similar promotional events,” Aquino, who is also the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Export Development Council (EDC), said.

Under the newly signed EO, qualified exporters participating in international trade fairs, exhibitions, selling missions and trade negotiations are not required to pay travel taxes.

The EDC oversees the implementation of the Philippine Export Development Plan (PEDP) which in turn highlights the importance of the private sector’s full participation in the expansion of the country’s exporting capabilities.

According to Aquino, the export business can reach its full potential through participation in international trade fairs, exhibitions, outbound business matching and selling missions.

Similarly important are the conduct of bilateral, regional, and multilateral trade engagements on occasions with private sector participation as means to gain market access.

“In order to implement these strategies, exporters and trade negotiators have to travel abroad, thus exempting them from payment of the travel tax is of national interest,” Aquino stressed.

Exporters can avail of the travel tax exemption by securing a recommendation for travel tax exemption from the relevant organization such as the EDC.

Exporters are exempted from the payment of tax whenever they travel for first, participation in offshore business matching and selling missions organized by or duly endorsed by the Bureau of Export Trade Promotion (BET) of the DTI.

Second, attendance in international trade fairs and exhibitions organized by or duly endorsed by the Center for Trade Exposition and Missions (CITEM) of the DTI, the Export Development Council, or the accredited umbrella organization of exporters.

Third, participation as official members of the Philippine delegation to trade negotiations and international conferences duly endorsed by the Bureau of International Trade Relations (BITR) of the DTI.

Fourth, participation of agents or office representatives of buyers in promotion and marketing activities of Philippine export products in the international markets.

Fifth, attendance in seminars pertaining to technology, productivity, and competitiveness enhancement duly endorsed by DTI.

Sixth, participation in international conferences relevant to international trade duly endorsed by the DTI.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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